Discworld 2

     Warning:  The  following  is  a  walkthrough  of Discworld II. It
contains information that will help you solve the game. Please, DO NOT
READ FROM START TO FINISH. If you do, a terrible curse may befall you.
Maybe something involving locusts or an angry mob or something.

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     This  as  a walkthrough for Discworld 2.. it's pretty much a bare
bones  walkthrough;  if  you want a more explanatory guide, you should
try  Psygnosis'  Discworld  2  Hint Book, which should be out shortly.
Unless told otherwise, all objects in this game should be put straight
into  the luggage. Should you have any further problems, queries, etc,
you  can e-mail me on Or check out the
Discworld  Game Faq, and the Discworld Web Page, which I spookily also
write...  is  a  good  place to

     And  also,  feel  free  to propagate this, stick it on web sites,
etc, just as long as you let me know where you've put it. If there are
any  magazines  that  want  to publish all or part of this, consult me

ACT 1: The Rite Stuff


     You  start off in the university. Go to the High Energy Facility.
Get the magnet, testube, and the bellows. Go to the university garden,
and  use  the magnet on the imp. Leave the university. Go to the small
travelling  shop.  Get  the flamingo, incense,and the fish, and try to
get the candles. Ask the old woman about the candles. Go the plaza.

     Talk  to  Dibbler, using the 'sarcastic' icon, and the corn icon.
Go to the shades. Take the saw and the clay pot from near the beggars.
Go  into  the morturary, and look at the Granny Weatherwax (the witch)
on the slab. Get the knife. Go to Mrs Cakes. Get the scissors. Get the
dummy's petticoat. Open the closet, and get the ironing board. Use the
saw on the dummy. Look at the Genie Bottle.

     Talk to Mrs Cake. Use the sarcastic icon. Use the sarcastic icon,
then  the  question  mark  icon, then the thought icon, then the smile
icon.  Ask  her about the genie bottle, and ectoplasm. Go to the Fools
Guild. Get the hooter. Talk to the fool, using the question mark icon.
Get the brick at the bottom left of the screen. Use it on the fool.

     Go  down  the  hole, go left to the grate. Use the bellows on the
grate.  Go right, and leave the sewers. Go to the High Energy Facility
at  the  University.  Use the brick on the accelerator. Go back to Mrs
Cakes'. Give her the ectoplasm.

     Go  to  the beggars, and use the imp boots on the bottle. Use the
bottle  on  Foul Ole Ron's smell. Go to Gimlets. Get the chili powder.
Use  the  menu.  Talk  to  Gimlet,  using  the  smile  icon,  then the
mouseburger icon.

     Go to the Trolls Head pub in the Shades. Talk to Casanunda, using
the  question icon, then the ladder icon, then the witch icon. Get the
matches. Talk to the troll. Go to the docks. Use the knife on the net.
Get  the  hammerhead  shark. Use the stuffed fish on the bird. Get the
bird. Go to the University gardens. Use the beer on the corn.

     Use  the  drugged  corn  on  the rooster. Use the flamingo on the
Dean,  the  shark on the Bursar, and the wading bird on the Librarian.
Go  over  to  the beehives. Use the clickies booklet on the beekeeper.
Use  the  chili powder on the flowers. Use the petticoat on Rincewind.
Use the matches on the incense.

     Use the lit incense on the bees. Use the clay pot on the beehive,
and  also  double  click  on  the  hive  to  get  some  wax. Go to the
travelling shop, and give the wax to the old woman. Go to the beggars,
and use the rooster on the coffee can.

     Go  to  the  troll pub, and use the rooster on the vampire. Go to
the  cemetary.Get  the  pick. Go into the crypt, use the ladder on the
coffin, climb the ladder, and get the false teeth. Use the false teeth
on the mouse. Use the test tube on the fangs. Go to the Dining Hall.

     Give the mouse blood, mallets, smell, glitter, and candles to the
Arch Chancellor. End of Act I.

ACT II: Come Die With Me


     Go  to  the fools guild. Go down the hole. Go right. Go up to the
warehouse. Use the pick on the ice. Go to the shades, and speak to the
dead collector, using the question mark icon. Go to the morturary, and
ask  the  mortician about getting a death certificate. Get the mirror,
use  it  on  the bunsen burner, then put it back on the bench. Use the

     Use  the  dummy's  hand  on  Rincewind. Use the ice on Rincewind.
Click  on  the  mortician.  Go  to  the  dead  collector,  and use the
certificate  on  him.  Go to Djelibeybi. Go to the camel park. Talk to
the  salesman, using the smile, and then the camel icon. Leave, and go
to the hill.

     Talk  to  Bone Idle using the musical icon, then use the knife on
him.  Go  to  the  pyramid.  Get the glue, and use the scissors on the
bandage.  Use  the bandage on the wooden arm. Go to the oasis, and use
the  bandaged  wooden arm on the rotten arm. Go to HolyWood. Go to the
costume  room.  Look  at the horse outfit. Talk to the dwarf about the
horse  outfit.  Double  click  on the rotten arm. Give the ring to the
dwarf.  Get the weight. Get the 10 off the mail box. Use the 10 on the
weight.  Go to the make up room, just next to the piano. Go to the imp
trainer, get the camera.

     Ask him about getting an imp. Go to XXXX land (off the map). Look
at the sticks. Talk to Point-Me-Own-Bone. Look at the baskets. Talk to
Point, using the basket icon. Go to Ankh-Morpork. Go to the University
gardens.  Get the hoops. Go to the dining room. Talk to the Librarian,
using the horse icon. Use the picnic basket on the food.

     Go  to  Djelibeybi, and enter the shop. Take the poster.Go to Uri
Djeller.  Talk to him and use the music icon. Give him the hoops. Look
at  the  Candy Rock. Talk to the rock seller. Go up the street, to the
stoning  area.  Take the stake. Go to the cartwheel in the desert. Ask
him   about  the  music.  Go  to  the  Unseen  University  Garden,  in
Ankh-Morpork. Use the stake on the compost heap. Go to the Shades, and
enter  the mortuary. Talk to Casanunda. Talk to Granny Weatherwax. Ask
her about elves.

     Leave,  and  go to the docks. Use the weight on the hook. Get the
snow  storm novelty. Go to Djelibeybi, and use the Suffrajester on the
hole  in the stoning area. Get the rope. Go to HolyWood. Go to the imp
area,  use  the  boomerang on the paint, then use the boomerang on the
imp in the set. Go right, to where the troll is.

     Give  him  the candy rock. Try to open the trailer door. Speak to
the  troll,  and  ask  him for the key. Open the trailer door. Use the
rope  on  the troll. Enter the trailer. Talk to the girl. Give her the
troll's  tooth.  Go  to XXXX land. Go to the right, and use the picnic
basket  on  the  anthill.  Go  back  to  the beach. Use the saw on the
ironing  board.  Use  the  glue  on the ironing board. Use the ironing
board  on  the  surf.  Use the camera on the cave paintings. Go to the
elven circle.

     Put the camera in your inventory, not the Luggage's. Use the glue
on  the hooter. Use the hooter on the horse costume. Use the Librarian
on  the  costume.  Put the costume in Rincewind's inventory. Enter the
circle.  Use  the  costume  on  Rincewind. Use the camera on the Elven
Queen. Go to Unseen University, and enter the High Energy Facility.

     Use  the  ant  filled  basket  on  Hex.  Use the wire bits on the
pyramid  plan.  Use  the honey on Hex. Use the Pyramid on Hex. Talk to
Skagg,  and pick the universe icon. Go to the hermit, and give him the
answer.  Go  to  Dibbler,  at Holywood, and give him the band, jingle,
novelty,  and  babe.  Go  the  make  up room, and give the elven queen
pictures to the make up girl. Talk to Dibbler again. Go to the shades,
and  use  the  dead  certificate  on  the  door at the far left of the
shades,  up  the  steps. Talk to the sheep, using the stunt icon. Give
the  sheep  the  cave  painting  photos.  Get  the reel, use it on the
device. Use the elven queen film on the device.

ACT III: The Grim Rincewind


     Go  to  the  house, and get the key from under the mat. Enter the
house. Go upstairs, into the hourglass room. Get the ink, and ring the
bell.  Go  downstairs,  and  go  left  into the kitchen. Get the sugar
cubes,  the  oily  rag, and then open the stove door. Go back into the
hall, and get the curtains. Get the scythe from the umbrella stand. Go
upstairs,  and  into Susan's room. Get the rabbit from the bed. Double
click on it, to get the pyjamas. Get the string. Go downstairs, and go
right into the book room.

     Get Rincewind's book; there are three being written.. Rincewind's
is  the  middle  one. Go to the kitchen, and talk to Albert. Go to the
stables.  Get the rope. Give the sugar cubes to Binky. Use the glue on
the  saddle. Use the saddle. Use Binky. Go to the back garden. Use the
matches  on the oily rag. Stand near the hives, and use the pyjamas on

     Use  the oily rag on the hive. Get the wax from the hive. Use the
pot  to  get  some  honey from the hive. Use the string on the wax. Go
right  to pond. Get the fishing rod from the gnome. Use the rod on the
honey.  Use  the rod + honey on the dots in the soul pool. Look at the
cart.  Talk  to  the  little girl and ask her about the cart. Give her
your book. Use the ink on the pond. Use the curtains on the pond.

     Go  to  the  book  room.  Use  the matches on the candle. Put the
candle  in Rincewind's inventory. Use the key on the alcove. Enter the
alcove.  Use the candle on Rincewind. Get the tablet. Go to the garden
and give the tablet to Susan. Use the boomerang on the rope. Go to the
front of the house, and use the boomerang/rope on the chimney. Use the
chimney.  Go  inside,  and show the robe and scythe to Albert. Use the
cart  on  the  scythe. Use the scythe/cart contraption on the corn. Go
and see Albert. Give him the ant souls.

ACT IV: Till Death Us Do Part


     Go  to  Bonestock.  Get the cork. Go to Djelibeybe. Wait till the
prospector  arrives.  Get the canteen from his saddle bag. Use the arm
on  his  saddle  bag. Go to the fountain of youth. Use the cork on the
fountain. Use Death's hourglass on the sand.

EPILOGUE: Queen Kong


     Look at the raven. Ask Granny Weatherwax about the raven. Get her
broomstick.  Talk  to  Dibbler,  using  the  smile icon. Ask him about
bladders.  Use  the  canteen  on  the  bladders.  Put  the bladders in
Rincewind's pocket. Use the broomstick on the tower. Fini!

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