1  -  Search beach thoroughly and pick up any items (important to
get  conveyor belt (looks like a towel & found to left of path through
jungle). Enter ship & get crowbar & candlestick. Click crowbar on clam
shell (to open clam the mouse click must be on ex actly the right spot
on the clam - very frustrating).

     2  -  Head  up path to first village (Hatchery) and click on door
near  where  2  children are standing. Talk (click) to old woman & get
dinosaur  ABC.  Open  it  and  use  it  to decipher all letters of the
alphabet  (write  them down to translate messages later). You will now
be  able  to  click  on  people & dinos & understand them. Go to first
house  (windmill)  and  use  conveyor  belt on gears. Show people your
sister's  picture  &  be told to go to next town - Pumicetown. Talk to
dinosaurs  attached  to carriage (they will me ntion a gramaphone) and
get transported to Pumicetown.

     3  -  Pumicetown  - Play cards with dino in the fairbooth (put an
object  in  the offer box eg. candlestick). If you win you get a metal
item.  Find  stairway  to  smithy and melt metal item. Pour metal item
into  key  mould, cool & get key (you will get verbal ins tructions if
you forget to use gloves, tongs, etc). Talk to everyone & show picture
of  your sister & you will be told to go to Waterfall City. Go back to
Hatchery first via dino carriage & then walk to beach.

     4 - Beach again - click key on trunk to open it & get time-piece.
Then back to carriage to go to Waterfall City.

     5  -  Waterfall City - You can waste a lot of time here wandering
around  so look for areas where blue octagonal squares are part of the
pavement  (indicates  a  place you can enter). First find museum after
meeting  dino  friend. It is across the bridge (S) and then far right.
Talk  to  curator  &  enter slide room. Clean slides & look at them in
projector.  Talk  to  curator  again  about  the  gramaphone - he will
mention  a gear, a trumpet & a recording device. He gives you the base
model.  Find  building  across bridge ( N) you can enter. Dino outside
window  will  sing  a  series  of  musical notes. Repeat first note on
xylophone  and  then  each additional note. If you succeed you get the
recording  device  & a nice fanfare on exiting the building. Head back
across  bridge  (S)  and then West to find glasshouse. Enter & talk to
dino then water flower with can. Cut large trumpet flower with shears.
Head back to carriage & go to Pumicetown.

     6  - Pumicetown again - Back to smithy & melt key. Then pour into
gear  mould,  cool  as before. Click on all components of gramaphone -
base,  recording  device,  gear  &  trumpet.  Give gramaphone to dinos
pulling  carriage  & a new location appears on the map - Old Ruins. Go

     7 - Old Ruins - find big dino & talk to him. He will give you his
insignia  (looks like tusks) & ask you to find his nephew in the World
Beneath.  Enter  ruins  and find hole in wall near back & to the East.
Follow  path  to  stairs going down. Enter. After wal king underground
you  come  out  on  mountain plateau. Talk to woman & stand on carpet.
Wait until flags stay still for just a moment (in downward position) &
then  walk  off  cliff. Never fear if you have timed it right you will
end   up   on  the  back  of  a  flying  dino  (your  next  method  of
transportation). Fly to Savannah.

     8 - Savannah - talk to dino at entrance to factory. Walk on metal
paths  inside factory or just slog across the muck to find entrance to
machine  room  at  rear  near far left. Enter & pull levers to get the
same  sequence of musical notes as previously done a t Waterfall City.
You will head downwards & get a scroll. Exit factory. Fly to Treetown.

     9  -  Treetown - To save time wander around & find Fireweed (near
canal  -  approx.  center).  Then  find moss on tree - it has a yellow
cloud  of  bees  on  it.  Go  to next tree (in front) and click on sap
collecting  cup  -  sap  pours out & cloud of bees moves from m oss to
cup.  Now  get  moss. Climb ladder into tree and wander around (to the
right) to find big dino. Talk to him & show him all pictures. He has a
cough & sore throat. In front of him is a flask. Click on moss then on
flask (now you can pick it up). Then click fireweed on flask - cough &
sore  throat medicine. Clicking the potion on the big dino then didn't
work  for me but clicking it on my dino friend did (weird!!!). The big
dino will give you a prism. (Note: to find out about the description &
use  of im portant items like the prism click them on your little dino
friend). Exit & fly to Alpine.

     10  -  Alpine  - It is not necessary but you can go to the nearby
hut  and trade any unimportant item for a pick. Climb the mountain but
take  care  to  cross  the  mountain  slides by the ice bridges. Enter
monastery and talk to monk. He will give you a red sunst one. Exit and
for fun slide down the mountain. Fly to desert.

     11 - Desert - Talk to old dino at oasis or far NW of desert where
there  are  buildings.  He  wants you to find another dino & bring him
home.  Go  to  far  NE to find him and then he will follw you back NW.
Enter  building,  climb ladder, go E, descend ladder to another beach.
Examine  sundial.  Put  prism  on  central column of stones. Now click
scroll on you to read it & arrange central stones of sundial according
to  the  scroll.  Click  also on SW and SE outer stones to light them.
Decipher  wording  on  scroll  'give  yo  ur  time  to  another'. Give
timepiece  from  trunk  to old dino and suudenly a hole appears in the
sundial. Descend ladder and enter submarine.

     12 - Sub - remove old used sunstone and replace with new one from
monk. Click on levers to right of sub - cutscene. Interface changes to
arcade  sequence  now.  Hold  mouse button down and drag to descend in
sub. Go to left of screen and follow underwater pa ssages continuously
to  the  W across several screens as far as possible. May need to move
fish,  sharks & jellyfish with lever to far left (electricity) or next
lever  (smoke).  Then  ascend in sub (don't ever exit as you will find
yourself  back at sundial an d will need to repeat sub sequence again)
until  you  reach surface & a new temple. Move sub near open doorway &
click  on  doorway.  Cutscene  follows  with sister & dino's nephew in
World  Beneath.  Then you click on one of two choices to return to the
normal  w  orld  or  stay  in  Dinotopia. The latter seems the obvious
choice leading to a final cutscene.

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