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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction

Автор: Wancho
It's the best role-playing game for me. It has many cool items, character abilities and many kinds of monsters. It's way too much better than Diablo 1. I love this game!

Автор: Demon_Slayer
This is a really good game and all, but it has flawes. The main thing I hate is the amount of hackers! Open is so boring and pointless to go on if you're legit.
Another thing, the new patch is way to hard (for legits). The monsters defense is to high. My friend has 1000 something attack rating in act 5 and his chance to hit a death mauler is 80 (that is alot of attack rating for that level). But then he got combat shrine and his attack rating was over 10,000 and hit chance to hit was only 86 or somethig close by.

Автор: Ogre
This game is awesome! I thought it was dumb at first, but my nephew made me an account and I started playing. I got addicted to this game. I have spent alot of fun hours playing it!

Автор: Moldybagel
This game is a rare one of a kind treasure. You would have to be Helen Keller to not like this game. Tons of items, lots of creatures, great RPG. I have spent so much time on this game and it is still great. It is a must have!

Автор: Thrcral
I got Diablo 2 when it first came out, and I started playing immediately, then I fell out of it for a while, then the expansion came out, and I spend at least 10 hours during the school week playing, and easily 20 hours on the weekends. This game makes you wish you could stay awake forever to play it! It is also a great way to kill time.

Автор: Gator327
This game is awesome! It's definitely a game to play if you're bored. I begged my brother to teach me how to play! Eventually he gave up. When I started playing it was even better then I thought! In Diablo II: Lord of Destruction you go on a miraculous journey to slay Baal with a range of 7 classes to choose: Amazon, Assassin, Necromancer, Barbarian, Paladin, Sorceress, and Druid! Who wouldn't like it?! I can't wait for Diablo III comes out!

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