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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Diablo 2

Автор: Recacmis
Diablo 2 is much more complex than the first game. Also much more gameplay is involved. You find yourself looking for better items, and when you find them you need more. There are literally hours upon hours of gameplay. This is a game you could play for a week straight, then put it down and pick it up 5 months later, and pick up where you left off. It's just that good.

Автор: Kara
It's a good game, with great replay value. Not only are there three different levels of gameplay, but there are seven playable types (if you have the expansion), which means there is something like twenty-one 'games' you can play. The enemies in Nightmare and Hell (the 'medium' and 'hard' difficulties) are much harder than the Normal difficulty, and the whole thing has different items and different things to find - although the missions and enemies remain the same. They're higher-powered, though, which means that you stand just as much a likelihood of getting killed the second time through (with a level 30+ character) as you did at a level 1-10 character.

However, I do not give it a 5, because the AI for the mercenaries isn't all that good, and sometimes your character doesn't do what you want her/him to do - frequently, even with a brand-new disc and a good computer, my game would just...stop...and when it started moving again, I frequently found myself a corpse on the ground.

Otherwise, it's a good game, and has great replay value. :)

Автор: Medivh
A great improvement from the original. The gameplay kept the good playability that Diablo one had, but nixed some annoying parts, i.e. inability to run, small world, lack of items to buy, et cetera. The game has massively replayable, since there are 5 worlds (with expansion) and 3 different levels, with 7 different characters to use, added to that the distinct strengths and weaknesses each one has makes you use a different strategy to whatever you happen to be fighting. The only fault I can see in it is maybe that it doesn't seem to leave an opening for Diablo 3 at the end. Oh, well.
My compliments to Blizzard for an extraordinary game.

Автор: killerbarette
Diablo II is one of the greatest games I have played. There is a lot of adds from DI to DII like the ability to run instead of always walking which was so long in Diablo I, the number of different weapons and armors in the game is really extraordinary, and the game never gets you tired with 7 characters, 5 acts and 3 difficulty levels. And one of the first in a game is the maps of the worlds change every time you start a new game which is great because you don.t know where you are going all the time. It's been 3 years since I'm playing the game and I'm just not getting tired of it. Blizzard you are the best. See you soon on the B-Net.

Автор: D2 Master
Diablo 2 is the greatest game that I have ever played. It is great because you can play it again and again and never get the same thing (map wise). It is extremely fun because the amount of items you can find and buy and the strengths and weaknesses of each item and character. This game is five stars.

Автор: Cammy
This would have to be the longest but best game that the world has ever produced! Although the graphics aren't exactly world class rating, the game play is really captivating and IT IS SO AWESOME! I would totally advise Diablo 2 to anybody.

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