Deja Vu 2: Lost in Las Vegas

     DEJA  VU  II:  Lost in Las Vegas is a sequel to ICOM Simulations'
DEJA  VU: A Nightmare Comes True!, and uses the same windowing system.
Because  DVII  is  a  sequel, playing DVI first is helpful (e.g., it's
nice  to  know  some  areas  that you will be exploring, in this case,
"Joe's Bar" and its vicinity). But it's not an absolute necessity.

     Moves  are  made  by choosing from a set selection of options and
pointing/clicking  on  the option. Some of the commands serve multiple
purposes.  For  example  OPEN  not only serves to open items, but also
means search (as in OPEN BODY). When you open an object , a new screen
window  appears  and shows the contents. Objects are moved by pointing
and  dragging  from one window to another. Your inventory is always an
open  window,  while  your current location is another. I played on an
Apple  IIgs,  and  the  game used the built-in windowing abilities. On
other systems, this support is simulated by the program itself and may
work  slightly  differently.  Read  your manual and experiment (as the
manual  directs)  to  see  how  your implementation works. In movement
directions  in  th  is  walkthu,  I will identify the correct exits by
reference  to  the  exit  boxes  in  the EXITS window (which shows all
currently visible exits).

     You  are  a  private  detective  (and  former boxer) in the early
1940s.  In  a  prior  case  (the  one in DVI), you were framed for the
murder of Joey Siegel (underworld type). It turns out that Tony Malone
(his  boss) is blaming you fo the disappearance of some Mob money that
Joe was responsible for, and has kidnapped you and given you a limited
amount  of  time  to  find/return  it.  He has assigned one of his men
(Stogie Martin) to keep you under surveillance.

Bathroom, Hotel Room, Casino (1st Floor)

     First,  drag  the  trench  coat  and  pants  into your inventory.
OPERATE  each  on the YOURSELF icon in the upper right of your screen.
This causes the program to cause you to "wear" them (see -- a multiple
meaning command with almost the first move of the game) . Now click on
the  trench  coat twice (or click on OPEN and the trench coat -- there
are  alternate  ways  to issue the same command) to see what is there.
Looks  like  a  pack of cigarettes. If you OPEN it, you will find that
you  are  all  out.  There  will  be  no way to find another pack, and
periodically  you  will  get  the  urge to light up, but you know that
smoking  is  bad  for your health [the preceding is an (anachronistic)
Public  Service  announcement  from  the  Surgeon  General]. Close the
trench  coat  window to kee p the screen clear and (more important) to
speed  up  the  game, since it takes time to maintain and scan all the
open windows.

     Go  through the same OPEN procedure with the pants. You will find
your  house  key  and  your  wallet.  OPENing  the  wallet reveals two
newspaper clippings, $12 in bills, and a quarter. If you want, you can
explore  this  room,  but there will be nothing that will be needed to
finish  the  game.  Open  the  door  and  exit.  Looks like you have a
visitor.  It's Stogie Martin, with a warning and an ultimatum. He then
leaves (but leaves behind something on the floor). Examine it, and you
will  discover  it is a cigar band. Dra g it to your inventory. On the
dresser  is  a  folded  object  that turns out to be a train schedule.
Opening  and  reading it informs you that the cost of a one-way ticket
to Chicago (where you must go to investigate) is $20. Add the schedule
to  your inventory . If you want, you can examine/open the ashtray (on
the  dresser), the dresser itself, the night stand, and the wastepaper
basket.  None  will  produce  items  that will be needed to finish the
game,  but  some (such as the Bible moving to your inventory or bein g
read)  produce  interesting  (and  non-fatal) responses from the game.
Exit the room to the left and enter the Casino though the casino door.

     You  are  now in the Lobby. Look at that picture and remember its
subject and description. Exit left to the cashier. Since chips are $5,
buy  two  with  your  $10  bill. Move left to the first 21 table. That
dealer looks familiar, so check out his name tag. Yes , it's Rudy your
old  sparring  partner  (you  did  read those clippings, didn't you?).
Note:  It  is  possible  at  times  for  the  game  to place Rudy at a
different  table, so keep heading left until you find him. OPERATE the
clipping  on him (i.e., show it to him) to get a smile and a wink. Bet
your  $10 and draw cards until you have 16-21, then stand. Save before
each round in case you overdraw. Rudy will draw and either bust or get
less than you. Move one chip on the table to show that you are betting
the  full  am  ount  in the next round. After you win three times, you
will  draw  some heat from the pit boss, and Rudy will take a break to
be  replaced  by  a  blond-haired dealer. Take your $80 and cash it in
your chips. Return to the Lobby and exit down.

Train Stations, Cab

     Now,  go  right  to the Las Vegas Train Station. Enter it and you
will  be  in  the Waiting Room. Gates are numbered clockwise (from the
left)  6-9,  and in the lower right is the Baggage Office. Examine the
Lower  Board  in  the  Baggage  Area  to  get  the Departure G ate for
Chicago.  If  it is not listed, examine it again and it should then be
there.  Go  to  that  gate.  If  the train is not there, exit down and
reenter;  otherwise  enter  the  train on the right or left. Trying to
cross  the  track  to  the upper exit when no tra in is in the station
will  get  you  run over as the train enters the platform. You will be
confronted  by a conductor asking for the $20 fare to Chicago, so drag
a  $20 bill onto his hand. Waste some time (until the train pulls out)
by  examining  the  window,  seats, etc. The game will go on automatic
until you get to Chicago, so click on CONTINUE when needed.

     You  are now on the Arrival Platform in Chicago. Exit down to the
Chicago Waiting Room. Since you have been away, you should catch up on
what  has  been  happening.  Buy  a  paper from that blind newsdealer.
Warning:  His  seeing-eye dog moonlights as a member of the K9 section
of  the  Chicago  Police, so first pay the newsdealer (use either your
quarter  or  a  $1 bill). Take a paper, read it (looks like there is a
gang  war  on or something), and store it in your inventory. Exit down
and enter the cab.

     The  driver  is an ex-client and friend. As noted by the game, he
will drive you anywhere in Chicago for free. His name is Gabby (so, as
is  usual  with na describing an ex-basketball star as "Shorty," a fat
man  as  "Skinny,"  and a hirsute fellow as "Baldy," the cab driver is
deaf).  Thus,  the  SPEAK option will do you no good. What will you do
now?  If  you  give up, why not just try SHOWing him something with an
address?  The  first  place  you  should  go is home, so show him your
driver's  license  (OPERATE LICENSE o n DRIVER). Exit the cab from the
left (the right door is smashed shut).

Home, Joe's Bar, Sugar's Home

     Enter  the  building  and  use your house key on the upper (i.e.,
far) door, th enter. Looks like someone has been ransacking your house
(and this cigar band on the floor says who). OPEN the suit on the wall
an  get  your gun and the money. On the floor is a d rawer, so OPEN it
and  then  the box. Now OPEN the gun and drag the six bullets from the
box's window to the gun's window and close the gun. You are now armed;
this  is not required, since there will be no use for the gun, but why
not  look  the  part  of a PI? Drag the flashlight and knife into your
inventory (and if you want, the two keys). Exit. If you took the brass
key  and  want to see your mail, OPERATE it on the right-hand mailbox.
Read your mail (nothing there is going to be useful). Exit and reenter
th e cab.

     Use  the  other  newspaper  clipping  to go to Joe's. Once there,
enter  the alley and climb the fire escape. EXAMINE the boards and you
will  notice  that  one  is  loose.  OPERATE it and you will create an
opening that you can enter. Enter the opening and OPEN the wall phone.
Get  that  odd-shaped  key.  Go  back out the window and down the fire
escape.  Go  further into the alley by selecting the bottom box in the
EXITS  window.  While there are items to investigate here (such as the
trashcans  and  that  carton), they will not be required. EXAMINE that
door.  The  game  says the lock should be easy to pick. OPEN the knife
and try to pick the lock with it. It works! Enter the door.

     It  is pitch dark. Looks like your flashlight is going to come in
handy,  so  turn  it  on.  Enter  the bar via the door and go into the
cellar  via the door to your left. On your left is a wine rack. On the
right  side  of  the  wine  rack  is a bottle in its own com partment.
Examination  reveals that there is no dust o it, so OPERATE it to open
the  secret  door. Enter and go through the door on the left. Use that
odd-shaped  key  from  the  phone in the office on the right-hand slot
machine.  Open  it  and  examine  the  conte nts. Looks like a list of
payoffs  and a card from an ex-girlfriend. Take them and return to the
cab  (turn  off the flashlight when you get to the alley; you may need
it again).

     Show Gabby the card to get to Sugar's Home. Exit and try the door
in  the basement (that bum is a red herring and there is no way to get
past  him).  Her  door  is  locked, so try out your lockpicking skills
again  to  get  the  door  open. You can investigate the room, but the
important  location  is  that dresser on the left. Open it to reveal a
police  uniform. Remove (but keep) your pants, and put on the uniform.
Now  for  a  very important step. Scroll the dresser window to see the
right  side. On the bottom row is a vacuum cleaner. Open it and try to
open  the bag inside. It will not open, so use your knife for its real
purpose  by  cutting  the bag open. Inside is an envelope. Examine the
envelope  and  then  open  it.  Read the letter to find out some vital
information.  C  lose the envelope and move it to your inventory (with
the  letter  inside).  Examine that newspaper to find out that someone
important to Sugar has died.

Morgue, Train Stations, Casino (3rd Floor), Laundry

     Return  to  the  cab  and,  using the newspaper you bought at the
Train  Station,  go  to  the  Morgue.  Enter it, open the gate, and go
through  the  far  door. Open drawer 5 and examine the body. It is the
bag  man from that letter at Sugar's. Read and take his toe t ag. Exit
and  speak  to the clerk. Tell him "Bondwell" to get the property that
was on the body. Open the box to find some keys and a wallet. Open the
wallet  and  there  will be a driver's license and a claim check. Take
the  wallet  and  its contents, especial ly the claim check (it may be
good  at  the  Baggage Claim area at the Las Vegas Station). Close the
box and return it to the clerk. Return to the cab and, using the train
schedule, go to the Train Station.

     If  you  want,  you  can first use Bondwell's driver's license to
check  out  his home, but there will be nothing of use there. Read the
lower  board  to  find  the  correct  platform, and go there (they are
numbered  from  2-5 clockwise). Go through the same routine as you did
in  Las  Vegas.  Go to the Baggage Office. Give the claim check to the
clerk  and  get a bag. Open the bag and explore the clothing. You will
find a picture and an envelope. The picture is of Joe and someone else
outside  Reliant Laundry. The letter is addressed to Tom Malone at the
Casino.  Opening  it  up  reveals what is going on and where the money
"disappeared"  to.  Take the picture and the envelope (with the letter
included)  and put them in your inventory. Close the suitcase and just
leave it there.

     Return  to the Casino and enter the Hotel Section (to the right).
Press for the elevator and enter it. Examine the elevator panel. There
seems  to  be space for a 5th button, but none exists (remember this).
Press for the third floor. Exit the elevator when it reaches the third
floor.  Look:  There  is  a laundry hamper from Reliant Laundry. Let's
play  Trojan  Hamper  by  hiding in it. Open it up and climb in. Waste
some time by examining the laundry. After a few moves, the hamper will
be  closed  and  transported  t  o  the Laundry. Looks like the Trojan
Hamper was a success!

     Oops!  I spoke too soon. You have been discovered, searched (some
items  have  been removed from your possession), and tied up. From the
comments  of those two goons, your life expectancy is not too hot. You
must  get  free.  Examine  the crate to your left. It looks useful, so
OPERATE  the  ropes  on  the crate. You just got free, but you are not
safe  yet.  Go  up  the  stairs (to your right), open the door (on the
left) to make it look like you got free and escaped, and return to the
cellar  via  the  door  at  the end of the hall (top). Pull the Trojan
Hamper  routine  again and wait for the goons to discover your escape.
This  time  it worked. They found the open door, and after finding you
gone (they do not look in the hamper), they assume you left.

     Now  return upstairs, open the gate in the counter, and enter the
Office.  Look  at  the  tape on the floor (and remember it for later).
Open  the  desk  and  get  the contents. There is a box with something
inside  it  and  a  key. Take the key and open the box. It's a magnet;
take it. Exit the office and go out the open door.

Casino (5th Floor), Secret Office, Endgame

     Head  right  until  you get to the Casino. Enter and go right and
enter  the  elevator  again. This time, place the magnet on the top of
the  panel (where there should be a 5th floor button). It worked! Take
back  the  magnet  and  exit  at 5. Look at the picture on the wall (a
Godfather...looks  like you are in Mob territory, so watch out). Enter
the  left  door  (the right door is for later). Open the desk, and get
the  contents.  Try OPENing that desk ornament. It comes apart! One of
the  two  pieces is a disguised dart ; take it. Exit and return to the

     Use  the  key  from the Laundry office on the gate on the left of
the  building.  Enter  and go to the office. Remember that tape on the
floor?  Try  throwing  the  dart at the dart board and you will find a
secret  door.  Enter the Secret Office and look in the des k. You will
find  (and  should recover) the picture and the letter that were taken
from you by the goons. Also take the real books. Now to implement that
idea  from  the  picture  in the Casino Lobby (to get the two to shoot
each other).

     Leave a cigar band in the drawer before you, and close it to make
it  look like Stogie (i.e., Malone's Man) removed the items. This will
put  Malone (and Stogie) on the spot. Leave (taking the dart back) and
close  the  Secret  Door  (not  needed,  but be neat a nd make it look
good). Return to the 5th Floor.

     Now  go  the  right Office and open the drawer. Put the following
items  in  it:  picture  of Joe and DV, the real books from the Secret
Office,  the fake books from DV's Office, Joe's diary, the letter from
Bondwell,  the letter from Sugar's vacuum cleaner (with envelope), and
the  Bondwell toe tag from the Morgue. Close the drawer. There is some
overkill  on  these  items,  but I do know that some (for example, the
Sugar letter) are required. You have now given enough evidence of what
is  happening to tip off Malone and prove it to him (try _not_ leaving
that  Sugar letter and see what I first!). Now, your final
task  is  to  avoid getting caught in the crossfire. Head straight for
the Train Station and catch a Chicago-bound (or anywhere else if there
is  no Chicago at the station) train. Once you are on the train and it
has  pulled  out,  lean  back  and  watch  the fireworks. Turn on your
printer and save a copy of the canceled contract as remembrance.

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