Death in the Caribbean

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     The  object  of this adventure is to find a treasure chest. Start
out   with   "N","E","N","E","Get   Wagon".   Then  "W",  "S","E","Get
Rock","E","Open Box", "Get Key", "N". You are now at the anthill which
you  must  plug  up.  So,  "Plug Hole", it asks you with what? and you
answer  "Rock".  Then "N", "Get Ring". This is a magic ring which will
transport you from one place to another if you have been to that place
before. (you can't go anywhere you haven't been).

     Continue  with  "S","W","N","N","E".  Then  "Drop  Key".  You are
leaving  the  key here for future use. Then "W","W", "Get Shovel". You
are  in  the graveyard. Occasionally there is a ghost that appears who
will hide any of the items you are carrying. If he does this, then you
will find the items here, but you must dig the grave to get them.

     Now  go  "E","N","W","Get Rope","S","W", "Tie Rope", (it will say
to what?),you say "Tree", then "Tie Rope" again, to "Wagon", and "Drop
Wagon"  and  "Climb Down", "Rope". You are at the bottom of the cliff,
so  "Get  Wagon",  "W","S",  "S","Get  Life-belt",  "Wear  Life-belt",

     At  this  point  it would be a good idea to save game because you
have  to  cross  the crevasse by jumping it and occasionally you don't
make  it.  Now  "Jump  Crevasse","N","Look Sign", "Get Corkscrew","N",
"Get Bottle","S","S". Then save game before trying the crevasse again.
Now  "Jump  Crevasse",  "S","W","W",  "Read  Printing".  There  is  an
incripted  message  on  the  base of this monument which translates to
"Pyramid Marker Guards Buried Chest. Excavate with Great Care".

     Now  go  "N",  then  "Cross  River". It will ask in what? and you
answer  "Wagon".  Then it will ask you what do you use as a paddle and
you  say  "Shovel". Now you are across the river, so "Drop Life-belt",
"Drop  Shovel",  "Drop Ring", "Drop Bottle", "N","E","E" "Get Amulet".
This amulet will keep the ghost from stealing your goods, however, now
that  you  no longer have the wagon, you can only carry four items, so
you won't be able to use it very much.

     Continue   with  "E","E","S","Get  Lantern"  "N","N","N","W","Get
Matches","S","W",  "S","Drop  Lantern",  "Drop Matches", "Get Bottle",
"N","N".  You are now at the fog. At this point you have to empty your
wine  bottle and fill it with something you can use. So "Open Bottle",
"Spill  Bottle".  The  fog  automatically  fills  the bottle so "Close
Bottle"  to  keep  it  in. Then go "S","S", "Get Ring", "Get Lantern",
"Get  Matches","Light  Matches","Light  Lantern","Drop  Matches","Drop
Amulet".  Now  you  need  to use the ring to get back to the church so
"Rub  Ring" and it will ask you where you want to go. Answer "Church".
Then  go  "E", "Drop Ring", "Get Key", "Unlock Door". It will say with
what? You say "Key".

     You  are  inside the church, so go "S", then "Look Music". Notice
what  key  the  music  is  written in. Now go "N", "Open Trapdoor","Go
Down".   You   are  in  the  maze  beneath  the  church.  Go  "W","N",
"W","N","N","E","S","E","N","W", S", "E","Get Sword", "Drop Key". Then
go back with "W","N","E","S","W","N", "W","S","W","S","W","W".

     You  are  now in a room with a zombie. This is where you use your
bottle, so "Open Bottle". At this point it tells you the fog hides you
so  you  can escape. Continue with "N","N","N". You are now out of the

     Now    go    "W","N","W","S","W","S","S",    "Get   Shovel","Drop
Lantern","N","N",  and  you find yourself back at the fog. Now use the
sword to "Cut Fog". Then go "N","E". You have found the pyramid marker
referred  to  in  the message. So, "Dig Carefully", "Unlock Chest". It
will  say  with  what key? You answer "G". (remember the key the music
was  written  in?).  You  have  now  opened the chest and finished the
adventure - congratulations!!

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