Dark Seed

Complete solution:

Day 1:
     When you wake up go through the right-hand door into the bathroom
and  take a shower. Open the cabinet on the left hand wall and pick up
the  tablets  and  then eat one. Go through into the spare bedroom and
look  at  the  overcoat  in the cupboard twice. When the bulge appears
look  again  and  take the library card from the pocket. Go downstairs
and  into  the  study.  Pick  up the map from the desk and look at it.
Press  the  panels  on  the  right-hand  bookcase to reveal the secret
passage.  Walk  down  it and climb the ladder. Pick up the rope and go
through  the  door.  Walk  back downstairs and wander around until the
doorbell  rings. Answer the door then go back upstairs climb up to the
attic  and  push  the chest handle on the right-hand side of the chest
three  times so that you can get out onto the balcony. Use the rope on
the  gargoyle  in  the corner and climb down to the ground outside the

     Open the car boot take out the crowbar then get into the car open
the  glove  compartment take out the gloves and play with the radio if
you  want.  Go  out  of  the garage. In front of the house pick up the
newspaper  and  read  it. Go inside the house into the living room and
read  the  note  that's on the front of the mirror. Go back up the the
attick  and use the crowbar on the chest. Take the journal from inside
it  read it and then walk into town. The phone will ring at 12:30pm so
make sure you are around to answer it - the librarian has an important
message.  Go  to  the  shop and see Klug. Buy some whisky from him and
speak  to Delbert who should give you his card and arrange to meet you
later.  Walk  to  the library speak to the librarian and read the book
that  has been reserved for you. Give her your library card and follow
her  directions  to the book you're after. Take the book then take the
pages  which  are  hidden  inside  and  read  them.  Go  back  to  the
librarian's  desk  pick  up  the pin that's on the floor and go to the
cemetery.  Have  a  chortle at Guybrush's tombstone and then go to the
crypt. Press the left stone then the centre stone then the right- hand
stone.  Go  inside  and  look over the shelves of urns. The urn in the
bottom  left-hand  corner  contains a clock key so pick it up. Go home
open the grandfather clock in the lounge and take note of the previous
owner's name. Time to go to bed.

Day 2:
     When  you  wake up take another shower abd get the pills from the
bathroom  cabinet.  Wander around until the doorbell rings this should
be about 10am and then take the chard and place it in the crack on the
mirror. Walk through the mirror and into the dark world. The rooms are
a  reflection  of  their  real world counterparts so it's easy to find
your way around the house. Go to the study in the dark world wahl down
the secret passage and into the transporter. You end up on the balcony
pick up the binoculars and look through them at the mountains.

     Put the gloves on and pull the lever on the wall. The door should
open.  Go  back  inside  the  dark  world house and go out through the
front-door.  Go to the cemetery pick up the shovel return to the house
and  then  go back to the real world by walking through the mirror. Go
to  the real world cenetery and dig up J McKeegan's grave. Pick up the
journal  page from the grave and read it. Go back to the house and get
arrested  by  the local cop who takes you to the jail. Hide your money
gloves and pin under the pillow before hitting the tin mug against the
bars  to  call  the cop. Give him Delbert's card and you are released.
Before  leaving  the  police  station take the gun off the wall and go
back  to  the  house. Wait outside for Delbert to arrive at 6pm as you
arranged yesterday.

     Follow  him  into his garden and give him a drink of whisky. When
he leaves for his dog pick up the stick and go back to the dark world.
Walk  to  the  right throw the stick into the abyss for the monster to
retrieve  walk over the bridge and go to the dark world jail where you
get  arrested  again.  Look  under  the pillow to find your real world
possessions.  Use  the  pin  on the cell door and speak to your fellow
inmate.  Set  him  free  and  he  gives you a headband which makes you
invisible.  Put  this  on  go  into  the dark world library switch the
computer  on and look at the screen. When you've got the microfilm get
back to the real world as fast as you can there's a danger that you'll
fall asleep and get captured. Go to sleep.

Day 3:
     Wake  up  take  a  shower  and  take  a  tablet from the bathroom
cupboard.  Make  sure  you  are  around at 10am to answer the door and
collect  the  handle  of  a  hammer.  Go to the library to look at the
microfilm. Then go to Klug's shop and buy another bottle of whisky. Go
home down into the basement and pull on the stone in the middle of the
floor.  Pick up your keys and the flagstone then go the the garage and
use  the  whisky  on  the car. You can now start it. Turn the radio on
before  heading  back  through  the mirror and into the dark world. Go
towards  the cemetery and keep going until you reach the room with the
throbbing  brain. Use the flagstone on the power source to energise it
then  use  the  flagstone  on  the hammer handle. Go back until you're
outside  the dark world house and enter the alien ship. Put the gloves
on  tug  on the lever and leave the ship immediately preferably before
you  get  locked  in. The ship takes off go back to the real world and
smash the mirror. And at last the world is safe.

The End

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