To get all your stats as high as you want: 
     Click  on  your  portrait.  Next,  click  on  one of your stats -
strength,  agility, endurance, etc. After you do that, click on the up
arrow to add your bonus points when you gain a level. Add all you can,
then  exit.  You can do this as many times as you want. Here is a good
one to get you started. When you are customizing a new character, pick
the  Elves with Invulnerability to Paralysis. Then choose the handicap
Critical  Weakness:Paralysis.  The  weakness  will be cancelled by the
immunity, but you will still get the bonus for choosing that weakness.

To get items from the stores for free, go to a shop, loiter till a 
     little after midnight, save, then load that game. The shop keeper
should be gone and everything on the shelves is free!

     Here's  a  way  to  get  quite a bit of cash. Do the 'loiter in a
store'  cheat.  Make  sure  it  is a general store. Find a shelf, take
everything,  and  sell  it back to the shopkeeper! Then , click on the
same  shelf. The horse and cart will always be there! Take them, click
on  the  shelf,  get  about  20  of  both.  Then  ,  sell  them to the
shopkeeper! This guarantees a great amount of cash (most in letters of

     You  want  to  get rich fast? Go into any tavern with treasure in
the  attic,  pick  up  the treasure, and save the game. Then, load the
game  and the treasure will re-appear! You can get all kinds of stuff,
including  things  that  are worth up to 8000 gold pieces! It helps to
have a horse and cart...

     When  making  spells  in  the spellmaker - Putting a $ before the
spell name greatly reduces the spell casting cost after purchase.

     Casting  an area affect spell centered on you when you have spell
absorption gives you back most of the spellpoints when cast

     Go  to  the  Odd Blades of Daggerfall (the town) and loiter for 3
hours,  then  loiter for 3 hours again, then loiter for 3 hours again.
After  doing  this,  save and load the game. If the shopkeeper is gone
(if  he  isn't,  you  probably looked at the shelves earlier that day)
look at the shelves and there should be AWESOME WEAPONS!!!!

     If  you  feel that weapons and armor weigh too much here's a neat
little  trick.  Go to any weapon store and click on the shelf you wish
to  view. Now open your wagon menu. The wagon menu will be to the left
and  the  items  menu will be to the right. Select the weapon or armor
you want and it will go to your wagon. Select it again from your wagon
and  you  will  equip  it.  Pay  for the item (or steal it if you feel
confident). You'll have the weapon/armor equipped, but the weight will
stay  on  the wagon. You can use this for other items too, but weapons
and armor weigh you down the most.

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