You  must  talk  to the people on your own. This is to provide an
outline  for the story, but you won't have the complete picture unless
you talk to people yourself. Despite that most people are generic, the
innkeepers tend to be more knowledgable.

     Remember,  that  even  though  you can probably skip through some
parts of the game, things are event driven. Meaning certain things and
people   won't   be   in   certain  locations  unless  something  gets
accomplished  first.  For example, Abdula won't be in Morgan until you
chase him off Barchetta.


     You  start the game off at the "Pigge and Ballbearing" inn in the
besieged  city  of  Tormis.  Look  around  you and talk to the several
characters  in  the inn. You should pick up two companions here, Anvil
and  Jeremiah.  Both  of  them  are  excellent  fighters.  It  is also
suggested that you rest here, and bring your primary weapons skills to
the  max.  Also,  at  the first opportunity teach (and bring up to the
master  level) Gustavus the skill of lock picking. You will be doing a
lot  of that in the game, and it will free up your party from dragging
an otherwise useless thief along. You should also locate the Mercenary
Guild in Tormis. Go there, and pick up Dark Sky (awesome fighter), and
Cyless.  You can also pick up Grom and Grim, the two thieves, but they
generally  suck.  Its  a  good  idea to ask someone about inns, to get
names and relative locations of all the city's inns.


     Your  mission  is to get the hell out of Tormis. Not an easy task
considering  the  city  is surrounded by Daemonic Hordes (TM), and you
cannot  just  walk out the front gates. You should walk around and ask
about  Thieves  or  Thieve's Guild (a good idea is to ask a guard or a
jailor  or  any  other  "government" figure) until you get the message
that  you  should  go  find  Moll in the "Harvester of Sorrow" inn. Go
there  and  find Moll. Ask her about the Thieve's Guild. She will tell
you  to  wait  till  midnight the next day. Just buy lodgings and rest
till  the appropriate time (anywhere past the midnight of the next day
is fine, Moll will wait for you), talk to Moll again. Follow her a few
blocks  north,  and  she  will  take  you to the current leader of the
Thieve's Guild. The leader will tell you that one Travis Sewer breath,
is  being  held  in  a  city jail, and you gotta spring him. Go to the
sewers  beneath the Thieve's Guild and take them to the city jail. You
will have to fight a few guards, but they are quite easy (don't forget
to  take  the  guard's weapons for some $$$), free Travis. Travis will
tell you to meet him at the "Harvester of Sorrow".

     Meet  him  there,  and  he will tell you that he wants you to get
Heinze's  ring  off  the  current  Thieve's  Guild  leader.  Go to the
Thieve's  Guild  and the leader will attack you. Kill him, collect the
ring, go to Travis, give him the ring. Travis will give you a key to a
passage  outside.  You  can also take Travis along if you want. He has
some useful abilities, but he isn't much good in the long run. Go back
to the Thieve's Guild, go downstairs, and head through the locked door
in  the west part of the sewers. Unlock the door and continue down the
passage  You  will make it outside. You can revisit Tormis as often as
you  want.  Now  you have to start heading for Attiea, which is to the
far  north  west  of  Tormis.  Also,  you might as well buy some Black
Blower  Ale  from  the "Dark horse Brewery" as you shall need it later


     Now,  that you arrived in Attiea, ask around about Elsopeans. You
will  be told that there is one in the "Quaffing Pig" inn. This inn is
right north of where you first enter the town. When you go to the inn,
ask the owner or a barmaid about Elsopeans. They will tell you that he
is  gone  but  his  servant  Theodore  Mcalstre  is still around. Find
Theodore  in  the  same inn, and ask him about Elsopeans. He will tell
you  that  his master, Alathon has been abducted by Hellast (the ruler
of  Attiea)  and that only the Warriors of Light can help you. Ask him
about   Warriors  of  Light,  and  he  will  tell  you  a  key  phrase
Incontinence.  Go  to the "Laughing Heretic" inn, which is on the east
side  of the main road leading through the walled part of Attiea. Talk
to  the  barkeep  about  Incontinence.  He  will tell you to go to the
leader  of  the  Warriors  of Light, through the fake wall by a cuckoo
clock.  Talk  to  the  leader,  Francisco  Antonio, about Alathon, and
Hellast.  Leave  his  secret  room,  and  you  will be captured by the
Attiean  secret  police. They will put you in a jail cell. In the jail
cell  pick  up  the lock picks on the bed, use them to get out of your
cell.  Since  you  have  been stripped of your possessions, find them;
they  should  be  all  on a table in the north west corner of the jail
compound. Now, get out of the compound. Head towards the north eastern
part  of  the city, where Hellast's palace is. Enter the palace (note:
just  about  everyone  in the palace will attack you) and find Hellast
(he is in the south western part of the palace), kill him, and Alathon
will  teleport himself away, saying he will meet you at Jornuli Point.
Now get out of the city, and head for Dryleaf; a port city on the west
coast, far to the north of Attiea.


     When  you  enter  Dryleaf, find the tavern, which is located just
east  of  the  marketplace,  and talk to the ship's captain there. Pay
them  for  a  passage to Jornuli Point. Remember to click on the price
while  conversing,  to  buy  the passage. Leave Dryleaf, and board the
ship.  Note:  you  may  be attacked by several assassins on the way to
Jornuli Point. When you arrive, in Jornuli, go to the scholar's hostel
to the east of the main entrance, there you will find Alathon. Talk to
him.  He  will tell you to obtain his master's notes from Tan-Eldorith
in  the  far  Elsopea.  You  can  also see the dean of the scholars of
Jornuli, he is in the most south eastern building in the city. He will
give  you  some  items,  and  he can provide information on almost any
subject. Prepare well for the journey ahead, for its a long one.


     You  must  venture  far south. Preferably hugging the east coast,
move  south  until you find the city of Tan-Eldorith. In the centre of
the city, on top of a tower is the Daemonsgate. You cannot do anything
about  it  just  yet. The notes you seek are difficult to locate, they
are  in  the  Elsopean  Academy  of  Magic  building.  It has a lot of
pentagrams drawn on the ground. There is a large daemon sitting on top
of  the  notes so you can't see them until you kill him. Get the notes
and get out. Return to Jornuli Point. Go to where Alathon was staying,
and  talk  to  the  maid about him. She will tell give you a note that
will  say  he  left for Trade Town. In Trade Town you can also pick up
Two  edge,  an  awesome  magic  user. Return to Dryleaf and head north
along  the  western  coast until you come to Trade Town. Alathon is in
the  inn  in  the  very  north  eastern part of town. Give Alathon the
notes,  and  he will tell you that you need to find out about a device
called  "Matrix  Configuration".  A set of 5 magical towers created by
the  Kzzir,  which  when  activated form a barrier, that would prevent
daemons  from  reinforcing their armies at Tormis. If you activate the
barrier, Alathon may be able to help you shut the Daemonsgate. Alathon
also hints that you need to find a mystical capital of the creators of
"Matrix  Configuration" -The Yelda. Yelda promises to hold the answers
to how the "Matrix

     Configuration"  is  operated. A proper way to search for Yelda is
to  return  to Jornuli Point and inquire about Kzzir. That would yield
information  about  one  Roberto Zildar in Vorsai, who is an expert on
the  subject.  You  can  skip that part, and move straight to Vorsai-a
city north of Tormis just west of the Sisters (mountain range north of


     Upon  arriving in Vorsai, search out Roberto Zildar (if you want,
he  is  in  the central library) and inquire about Yelda. He will tell
you  that a book called Examination of Elder Races is in possession of
Ludovic Gruber. He lives in the eastern part of the town. You can also
pick   up   some  rumours  saying  that  Gruber  is  an  experimenting
daemonologist.  When you go to Gruber's house you will find his diary,
and  a  book called Codex Deamonicus which when read can bestow Spirit
Lore on the reader.

     NOTE:  If  you  examine this book, you will get information about

Staff. This is a subplot and can be skipped. 


     Ask  around  about the owner of the staff (Moebius Holtsweig) and
you shall be told that he was last seen at Sayville Town in the middle
of  the  stumps (small hills that fill the centre of the continent) go
there, and inquire about him.

     You  will  be directed to his house, and therein you can pickup a
rusty  amulet  and his diary. Read the diary and it will tell you that
he  ventured  to  a  barrow,  and  never  returned. Ask around for the
location  of  the barrow, and you will be told its south east of town.
Go  there  (on the map it looks like a clump of trees) and open one of
the  tombs (only one opens) with the rusty amulet. Go in, and you will
have  to  fight  a  ghost  prince and his ghost cronies, including the
ghost  of  Moebius.  After the fight you can retrieve his staff, which
can be used to banish daemons.

     Now,  you  have to go to Gruber's basement, and as you go towards
east, you will encounter a Daemon Lord - Lab. He is very powerful, and
unless  you  have  a  powerful weapon, such as an Elemental Sword, you
have to successfully run away on him. In the chambers beyond, you will
find  the  book.  Upon  its  examination  you  will find that it hints
Cooltag's  Rest  to be the location of Yelda. Go there (Cooltag's Rest
is  in the middle of the stumps, slightly west). Once in Cooltag's you
will  find out from people that the mines are closed due to mysterious
hauntings.  Gather  gossip  about  an alleged affair between Francisca
Whiplash  and  the  mayor  of  the  town.  Confront the mayor with the
information  (you  may have to talk to him a few times, and/or talk to
his wife). He will give you the key to the mine.

     Go  to  one  of  the  warehouses near the mines, and retrieve one
lubricant  and one lead weight. You can get the weights in the mayor's
office,  too.  Enter  the  mines,  go down to the third level (use the
lift)  of  the  mines,  and  in  the eastern part, you will find Yelda
through  an  illusionary wall (it is kind of obvious, though). You way
will be blocked by a rusty door. In the inventory screen, use the lead
weight and the lubricant on it. Go through and explore till you find a
book  called  Translation  Notes.  Therein,  you will be told that the
first temple of the "Matrix Configuration" is on the island of Scaeth.
Go  to  Pestur's  Wake. (Pestur's Wake is on the eastern coast, in the


     Once  you go into Pestur's Wake, you should be met by a messenger
from  Councillor  Pestur.  He will want you to meet him in a "Broone's
Bane"  inn.  Go  there,  and  follow  the messenger to Pestur. Ask the
councillor  about  Scaeth.  He will tell you that he wants you to do a
mission  for  him,  and rescue a lost diplomat - Hans Middle thorn. He
will  tell  you  about  the  situation in Essam (on Scaeth) and how he
intends to restore order by completing the Wheel of Essam (which is in
fact the Matrix Tablet-a device needed to activate the temple) a piece
of which is held by each of the three main gangs on Essam. He will now
provide  you  with  a  piece  of the Wheel of Essam (which is actually
fake)  and  transportation  to  Scaeth. You will also be told that the
diplomat  was  last  in  Hotel Essam. Take the ship, go to Essam. Find
Hotel  Essam  (North of the central market), inquire about Hans Middle
thorn,  you will be told that he went for a meeting in "Spiting Camel"
inn  (which is by the southern docks). Go there ask about him, and you
will  be  told  he met with Gray Stalkers, but was captured by someone
else.  Now,  go  to the Gray Stalkers headquarters, and ask about him.
They  will  tell you he was captured by the Assassins Guild. Go to the
Silver  Garrote,  and  ask  the  proprietor  about  Hans.  Pay for his
release.  Go upstairs, talk to Hans. He will meet you at Gray Stalkers
HQ.  Go  there, and you will be given 3 letters to be taken to leaders
of  the  other  3  gangs. Use the underground tunnels beneath the Gray
Stalkers  HQ  to  visit  the  other  gangs HQ. Give the letters to the
messengers  (the  people  that  talk  to  you) and make sure you stick
around  till they tell you that the message will be received. Once all
3  are  delivered  go back to Hans, and he will to meet the leaders at
the  city  graveyard. Go there, find the leaders (in the north part of
the  graveyard)  they  will attack you. Kill them, and collect their 3
pieces of the tablet. ( Hans will offer to join you now, let him in if
you  want).  Now  walk  around and ask around about the Wheel of Essam
until  someone mentions that the leader of Silver Talons lost a piece.
Ask about Silver Talons, and make sure that you get the name Joolz the
Blade before you leave Essam.

     Leave  Essam, find the temple on the south end of the island (its
a  small  skull  on  the map) and tell the Jolly Beardy Man that he is
"Joolz  the  Blade". He will give you the real 4th piece of the tablet
(the  Bannar). Go to the top level of the temple and drop all 4 pieces
on  the  top of the column (right in the centre of top level). Now the
temple  is  active, and you will receive the location of the next one,
on the island of Garl east of Anchor.


     Go to Anchor (which is on the east coast, south of Pestur's Wake)
and  you will be met by a messenger that will ask you to come along to
Lord Hooley. Follow him, and ask Hooley about Garl. He will ask you to
retrieve 3 items from Eloran. A document, a coin mould, and a notebook
belonging  to  Karlos  Slumm.  Go  to  Eloran  (which is south east of
Anchor)  and  find  the Foreign Offices building (its in the centre of
the  town) and get the document from one of the desks there. Now go to
"The  Prince" inn, and inquire about coin moulds (you can retrieve one
yourself,  from  the  royal  mint of Eloran but you may be forced to a
fight) and someone will offer to get them for you for a price.

     Pay  them,  and  meet that person in the south east corner of the
town, outside the gate to the slave pens. You will get your mould. Now
comes  the  hard  part.  Go  to  the Eloran jail, and ask about Karlos
Slumm,  they will tell you he was transferred to the slave pens. Go to
the  slave  pens,  and  (during  the  day)  you  can  find a guy named
Theodore.  Ask him about Slumm, and he will tell you that he can check
his  ledger (for a price) do that and you will find out that one Peter
Helbar bought him. Go to the "Forgotten Heroes" inn and ask the rumour
monger  Erwin  about Peter. He will tell you that he hangs around that
inn often. Find him, and ask him about Slumm. He will tell you that he
gave  him  to Joseph Traal-a slave trader. An alternate way to get the
topic  of Joseph Traal in your vocabulary is to go to "The Prince" and
ask  a  girl named Ferrit about Peter Helbar. Either way, you must ask
Ferrit  about  Joseph Traal. She will tell you that he went to Halfway
with  his  slave  caravan.  Go  there  (its located between Tormis and
Eloran)  and  inquire about him in the local inn. You will be directed
to Graybrook. Its a city on the west coast, barely north of Tormis. Go
there, and once again, inquire about Traal. Now you will be told to go
to Attiea. Go there and ask about Traal, and you shall be told that he
went  on  to  Dryleaf.  Go there, and ask about him again, you will be
told  to ask Arienne Toogal. Ask her about him, also ask Ivan Helmhand
(captain  of  the  Northern Rangers-located just east of the Dryleaf's
only inn) about Traal. You won't be told anything conclusive, so go to
Trade  Town and ask people there about him, then you shall be directed
to his villa, just east of Trade Town.

     Go  there,  and  you  will find Traal's journal in a house in the
south  west  of the compound. Upon examining it, you will find that he
is immortal now, and only a spider can kill him. Get the spider dagger
from  the  bed nearby, and proceed to the north of the building. There
you shall find Traal. Kill him, and retrieve Slumms notes.

     If  you want you can turn in the Traal's Journal to Ivan Helmhand
in  Dryleaf  for a lousy reward. Return to Anchor. Return the items to
Hooley  in  Anchor. Board the ship he gives you. Go to Garl. Go to the
tower  there,  and  you will encounter a mad scientist who will want a
brain in exchange for a Matrix Tablet he is holding. Make sure you get
the  topic  of bodies before your return to Anchor. Go back to Anchor,
and  visit  the Medical College. Ask the dean of the college (he is in
the  eastern  building  of the college) about bodies. He will tell you
that he obtains them from one Axel Forkbeard. Ask around, and you will
find  out that he is hanging around the "Daemon Bell" inn. The "Daemon
Bell"  and  "Black  Spot"  are both in the south east of town near the
docks  there,  with "Black Spot" being just slightly north east of the
"Daemon  Bell".  Go there, and talk to Axel Forkbeard about bodies. He
will  get pissed off, and tell you off. Then he will send some heavies
to  rough  you  up.  After  dealing  with them, go to the "Black Spot"
tavern,  and  take  the  stairs down to the passage to the lighthouse.
Take  the  passage,  and in the lighthouse you will find Axel, and his
cronies.  Beat  them,  get  the brain from the floor, and Axel's notes
(which you can bring to the medical college for a lame reward). Return
to  Garl,  give  the  brain  to  the  mad doctor. He will give you the
tablet.  Go  to  the  temple  (just  south of the tower) and drop your
tablet  in the centre of the top level again. The location of the next
temple (in the Border Peaks) will be shown.


     This  is  probably  the easiest temple. Go to the Border Peaks (a
massive  range covering the most of the south and Elsopea) and in them
find a large lake, which has a village beside it (if you find Hope-the
stronghold  of  the  Hillcats  -where  you  can pick up Shadwell for a
valuable  addition  to your fighting force -then you are quite close).
It is almost in the centre of the border peaks. Enter the village. You
will  find  its  quite  burned  down, but in the east part, there is a
large, black building. Enter it. Find your way to its centre, and talk
to  the  Kzzir  leader there. He will tell you that he needs an energy
crystal from the middle level of the temple. Go there, and after a few
fights  you  should  be  able  to  reach the crystal. Return it to the
Kzzir.  He will give you the Matrix Tablet. Go to the third level, and
use  it in its centre (just like the previous two temples). The temple
will become active, and the location of the next one (on the island of
Barchetta)  will  be revealed. Go to Dryleaf. Ask about Barchetta, and
take the ship to Mashan, the city on the island.


     The  city of Mashan is ruled by pirates. Gather enough rumours to
get the topic of Rebel Pirates in your vocabulary. Now find the leader
of the city, Friday the Sword (he should be in the middle of the town,
in  the town keep) and ask him about Rebel Pirates (make sure you have
Abdula  in  your  vocabulary  before  you  leave  him) and about Skull
Mountain  (you  should have this topic from the Translation Notes). He
will  tell  you about the Catacombs. Ask him about those, and in turn,
he  will  tell  you  that the key to the catacombs is with the jailor,
Bruno  of  Mashan. Go to Bruno, and ask him about the Catacomb Key. He
will give it to you, and since the entrance to the catacombs is in the
keep,  return  there and enter them. Make your way roughly towards the
south eastern corner of the catacombs. You should find the exit to the
main part of Barchetta there. Explore Barchetta down the eastern coast
until  you  find  a  small  port. Enter it, for its the hideout of the
Rebel  Pirates.  Fight  the  guy  right  in front of the exit (Gus the
Helmsman),  and  you  will  be  told that Abdula sailed away, with the
Matrix Tablet needed to activate the Skull Temple/Mountain west of the
port.  Now,  you  must  return  to  Dryleaf.  Ask around Dryleaf about
Abdula.  You  will  be  told  to ask a scholar. Ask any scholar in any
town,  and  you  will  be  told  that  this sort of information can be
obtained through a Daemon Oracle. You can buy those at any major store
for  a  hefty  price. Use it. BUG WARNING: THE DAEMON ORACLE CAUSED MY
SYSTEM  TO  CRASH  Thus,  I  had  to  search blindly for Abdula. Go to
Morgan,  a small fishing village, just south of Dryleaf. Go to the inn
in  that village. In the backroom of the inn, you will notice a person
that  looks like your party. Talk to that person (named Ulweyrn) about
Abdula.  It  will turn out that this person is in fact Abdula, and you
will  be  attacked.  After  the  fight  collect the Matrix Tablet, and
return  to  Mashan,  go  through  the catacombs again, and install the
tablet  in  the temple like you did before (third level, middle-top of
energy column). The location of the last temple will be revealed to be
on the island of Soramuth. Return to Dryleaf.


     Once  you  returned to Dryleaf, go to the local inn, and find the
man called Harald Half Troll. Talk to him about Soramuth. Give him the
Blower Ale you obtained from the "Dark Horse" brewery in Tormis. Board
his  ship,  and  you  will  be  attacked by a Leviathan on your way to
Soramuth.  After you wash up on shore, follow the western coast, until
you  come  across a tower. Enter it and talk to the man inside it. Ask
him  about  Skull Mountain. He will tell you that he will give you the
tablet  needed to activate it, if you accomplish a series of tasks for

     He  will  tell  you  that  the  first  task  is to deactivate the
Leviathan  (which  of  course is basically a submarine). The way to do
this is to shut off the valves inside it, in a specific order.

     To do that enter the underground complex beneath the tower. First
of  all,  you  will  have  to  retrieve  a  set  of keys to access the
Leviathan.  They  are  in  a  room,  in  the north part, marked "Gorak
Halan". Next, proceed to the south eastern part of the complex and use
the  keys on the door, to get to the Leviathan. Once inside, go to the
central console, and the screen should turn to display of symbols with
gauges  beside  them. Clicking on a symbol will disarm that particular
part  of  the  Leviathan.  You're expected to disarm the valves in the
following  order:  Armory Systems, Energy, Navigation, Propulsion, Air
Ballast,  Brain. I will try to draw in ASCII what those symbols looked
like, however, yo can deduce it for yourself, for the same symbols are
used  by  doors to rooms that store certain items (example: the Armory
symbol is used by the door to a room full of weapons).

     `Armory  Systems:  `  O  <-its just a circle `Energy ` || | <-two
bars,  one  thick,  one  thin `Navigation ` X <-almost like "x" with a
flag on one end. `Propulsion `___ | | __|_|

     `Ballast  `  |  `  O <-a circle with a line above it ` `Brain ` F
<-looks almost like letter F

     Once you disarm the Leviathan, return to the man in the tower. He
will  ask you to close off some air vents. This is done by finding the
keys marked I, II, III, IIII and using them to LOCK the doors with the
matching  markings.  Once all four doors are locked, return to the man
for  your final task, which is to blow up a d*ke. To do this, you must
find  several  items  in  the  compound  below  tower:  a wire fuse, a
gunpowder,  a  cork, and a clay jar. All the items are there, although
they  are  a  bit  strewn  about.  Use the gunpowder, fuse and cork to
create  a  bomb,  and  use  the bomb by the d*ke (which is next to the
Leviathan).  You  will  have  a  few minutes to make it back up to the
tower, before the bomb explodes! Hurry back to the man, to receive the
Matrix  Tablet  and  a Jet Statue. Go to the temple (slightly north of
the  tower)  and  use  the  tablet in the manner you used the previous
ones.  Now use the Jet Statue to return to Dryleaf. You have activated
the Matrix Configuration!


     Go  to  Trade Town, to the inn where Alathon was staying. Ask the
barkeep  about  him.  You  will  be told that he went to an inn in the
Campps, called "Master of Puppets" and that you're supposed to ask the
proprietor  about a keyword Rabbits. Go to the city of Slime (which is
the  easternmost  city  right  below the great Wall) and find the said
inn.  Ask  the  barkeep of Master of Puppets about Rabbits and he will
tell you that Alathon left with a group of Njord Wolfraven's people to
go to Rowche. Go to Rowche (first city west of Slime) and find the inn
there, go in and Njord Wolfraven will hand you a message from Alathon.
Read  the message, and go to Hajak (Hajak is west of Rowche), and find
the house of Svein McDoogal (its more less in the centre of the town).
Talk  to  Svein  about  Njord  Wolfraven.  When  you leave you will be
attacked by him. Slay him, and you will be attacked by Njord Wolfraven
(turns  out he tricked you to slay McDoogal for him-there is no way to
avoid  it).  This  is a tough fight, so prepare well before you do it.
Slay  him,  and  pick  up his notes and his magical axe, Groinsplitter
(not  a  bad  weapon). Read his notes. Now you know you have to search
out Edric in Eloran to find Alathon. Go to Eloran. In Eloran, you will
have to find the house of the family Torano, that's where Edric is. As
you  as  you  find  him, he will teleport away, after telling you that
Alathon  is  dead. Go around the house, and find a bottle on a desk in
the  north-westernmost room, pick it up (it may be slightly hidden, so
just  use  the pick up option by that desk). Alathon will float out of
the bottle, and tell you he has been killed, and his spirit is trapped
in  the  bottle. Now you will be told how to shut off the Daemonsgate:
you will need a Lore Master that is willing to sacrifice himself (that
would  be  Alathon  in  the  bottle)  and  a  Daemonologist capable of
summoning  a  Daemon  Prince.  You will also be told to search out the
sword  of Karadith from the Elsopean city of Helladi. Your first order
of business should be to get a Daemonologist to join your party.

     You  will  told  that a Daemonologist lives in Dryleaf. Go there,
and in the first row of houses (northernmost) in the westernmost house
lives  one  Nikolause Krippe. He will tell you that he shall join your
party  if  you bring him a book called Summoners Almanac. This book is
in  possession  of  a  Daemonologist  living  in a tower just north of
Tormis. Go there, and the book is lying on the floor there. Pick it up
and  the  Daemonologist  will attack you. Slay him. Return to Dryleaf,
give  the  book  to  Nikolause,  and get him to join you. Now you must
venture to Elsopea for the final time.


     If  you  follow the western coast south towards Elsopea, you will
come  to the city of Helladi. Go in, and in the tower in the centre of
the  city  is  the  city's  mayor.  Talk to him about Karadith and his
sword.  He  will say that you will be allowed to recover it, under the
condition  that  you first get him two power crystals, from the cities
of  Ast and Doorkannen. Leave the city and follow the west coast south
(Ast  is  on the west coast of the eastern peninsula). Eventually, you
will  come  to Ast. The crystal is in the city tower, in the centre of
the  town.  Keep  following  the  eastern  coast, and you will come to
Doorkannen. The crystal is again, in the centre of the town. Return to
Helladi  with the crystals, and give them to the mayor. He will inform
you that the tomb of Kadarith is now open.

     The  tomb  is slightly east of the central city tower. Go in, and
pick  up  all the energy crystals you find there. Now drop the two jet
crystals on top of the statue of the black hero, the amethyst crystals
on  top  of  the statue of the purple hero, rubies on top of red hero,
emeralds  on  top  of green and sapphires on top of blue (order is not
important).  Karadith  will awaken, and challenge one of your party to
single  hand  to  hand combat. Slay him, and you will be rewarded with
two potent weapons: Spirit Sword and Karadith's Sword (the only weapon
capable  of slaying Alkat). Now you're ready to close the Daemonsgate.
Go  to Tan-Eldorith, and step through the Daemonsgate (which is on top
of the central city tower).


     Once through the Daemonsgate, you will be in the Daemon dimension.

     Immediately  use  the  Ornate  Bottle (the bottle with Alathon in
it).  This will trigger an explosion of the Daemonsgate. You will also
receive  a  Golden  Master Key. Now, you must head north east till you
hit the giant citadel of Alkat. Enter it and use the Golden Master Key
to  unlock  the door. The general idea of the citadel is to go around,
and  find  bosses which carry Master Keys of different colours to open
successive doors of the palace. However, this last level is VERY BADLY

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