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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Crysis

Автор: Rolzen
I've played the game, ABSOLUTELY NEVER got tired of it. The map editor is just GREAT (yes, there is a map editor, in the Crysis bin32 folder, but it has to be installed first). Crysis has excellent graphics, everything - it's almost like real life, there can be found even birds and chickens, trees fall, pick them up or chop them to logs with your weapons, or throw them at buildings or on live things such as enemies and animals (this will probably kill them). You can even pick up items that your hands can get in to, throw them, hit with them (you can throw away your weapons, or hit with them, too). The best part of it is the 'NANO suit', which is TOTALLY AMAZING and GREAT, a lot of fun. I recommend you play it now!

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