Cricket 2004

Easy scoring:
     Select  "Team  Management"  and  from  there,  "Copy Base". Next,
select  a team and a player from there. After doing so. the player can
be  seen  in "Create A Player" mode. Then increase all his batting and
bowling  abilities  to 100, and then go to "Add To Data Base" mode and
replace  the  player you selected with the original player. Repeat the
same  process with all other players on the same team to create a team
which  will  be virtually invincible. By doing so, you will be able to
hit  6s  and 4s easily, and thus score a lot of runs and take a lot of

Winning tournaments in a short time:
     Use  the  "Easy  scoring"  hint,  then enter a tournament of your
choice. After doing so, when you win a toss, take bowling first. Then,
without  bowling  a  bowl, select "Autoplay". Usually most of the time
the target will be small, like 50 or 60. Sometimes it can be a big one
but  will  not  exceed  130. You can reach the total within 5 overs by
hitting  6s.  Doing  so  will  have you win matches and thereby finish
tournaments  in  a very short time. If you do not win a toss, put into
batting  first.  Then,  score  about  80  runs  in  4  overs  then use
"Autoplay". If you do not lose any wicket before autoplay, you will be
successful  in  giving  a reasonable target. After that, give autoplay
when  you  go  to  ball. Your opponents will not be able to reach your
target and you will get easy wins.

To Get Shane Warne:
     Go  to  a test series and play as Australia vs India in India and
open  the  batting with Glenn Mcgrath then make more then 10 runs with
him  and Richie will say "Got Him" then next time you play Shane Warne
will be in the squad.

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