Directions through Maze: are
     (North,  West, North, East, East, East, North, West, West, North,

(Congo) After Maze: And Ending.

     Before  you  start,  take pictures of all inscriptions you see on
the walls as you explore the inner city.
We will call this room (Starting Point)
     There  are  5  openings  in front of you, I will Number them from
left  to  right  (1=left  opening), (2=left hole), (3=center opening),
(4=right hole), (5=right opening).

     Go  into  opening#1  In  that  room  there will be a lever set at
(west) position (don't touch it yet) turn until you find another path,
take it.

Next room:
     You will find 3 buttons on the wall, from left to right, push #1,
#3, #2 in this order, turn around you will see a bridge, cross it.

Next room:
     There is another lever set at (east) position, move this lever to
the (west) position. Go back to the starting point.
     Go  into hole#2, you will half to find your own way to get to the
room with the bones (Try different directions until you find it)
     Once  there  take the bone, exit the room by placing your hand on
the Ice pedestal. You will be in the room with the bridge.
     Cross  the  bridge  again, move the lever to the (east) position,
exit the room, then exit the next room, you should be in the room with
the  first  lever, I told you not to touch, move this lever now to the
(east) position, exit the room go back to starting point.

     Go in to hole#2 Again find your own way to the new room, with yet
another  lever,  that  is broken, use the bone on the lever, then move
the  lever  to  the  (west)  position,  exit  the room, go back to the
starting point.

Opening #3 (center):
     Go  into  #3  opening,  turn  till you see the bars, click on the
bars, Get Amy's backpack, exit bars turn and go down the stairs.

Circle room:
     Move room so you can get to gong room, enter gong room turn right
(do  this  fast) touch gong turn right, enter circle room turn to face
gong  room, when you see the (Beast) put your hand on the Ice pedestal
and  click mouse, it will cut his arms off, pick up arm.(Use beast arm
to open door with Ice pedestal with Beast Hand
     You  will  find  one picture that the Comp. can't read or have no
information  to  give  you.  (Critical-find this drawing in your Comp.
and(  Draw  it on paper), it will have a cross in each corner pointing
in  different  directions,  A  sun  at  the  top center, an eye in the
center,  and  waves at the left, bottom, and right) You will need this
later in the game. Go back to starting point.

     Go  into  #4  hole, find the room with the bars on the wall and a
lever to open bars (don't open the bars) instead put Amy's backpack on
handle(lever) next to bars, then exit room.

Amy's Room:
     Turn  around till you see Amy, (do this fast) touch Amy, she will
speak  turn  around until you see bars, touch handle(lever), bars will
open, go through the opening.

New Rooms:
     (There  is  nothing  you  can  do  in these next 3 rooms you will
encounter but get killed, this will happen 3 times until you are safe)
     This  is  what  you do, turn around look at Amy, look at her long
enough to find out what room is safe to go into,(Two thumbs up) is the
opening to go into, go into the safe opening, do this 3 times.

Room with Raft, lighter, glasses:
     Take all, exit room, go back to starting point.
     Go  into  #1 opening, First lever, move lever to (west) position,
exit room, go back to starting point.
     Go  into  #2  hole (Try these directions West, East, West if this
don't work try different directions till you get to the new room.

Room with Laser, Explosives, etc:
     Take  all, use explosives with keypads on wall. Next you will end
up back in the gong room, turn around, pick up stone disk, turn right,
go through the opening that reads (the tears of the gods)

Room with water:
     Use  raft,  get  on  raft,  use stone disk with wall, go down the
canal,  (look  at your glasses in your inventory while you are moving,
you  will  hear a sound of a bat that will break the glasses, You will
need to record that sound.)
     When  the  raft  stops  turn left, you will see 2 bats upper left
screen,  touch  both  bats,  record the sound you heard that broke the
glasses (check your Comp. to see it has been recorded.) turn right, go
forward twice.

Room with more water:
     Use  raft,  get on raft, turn right, take stalactite hanging from
cave,(lower  right screen) turn right, go forward, turn right, Red (X)
on  wall,  use stalactite with Red (X) on wall (Important Pick up rock
or check inventory for rock (burnt Stalactite))
Lava will flow into next room, turn right twice.

     Gas  is  coming  up  from  the crack's on the ground, there is an
opening there, a beast is hiding in there, use lighter on gas crack's,
turn left, go forward.

Room with no water:
     There is a box pedestal here; use beast arm on handprint.

Box Puzzle:
     You  will  half to do this on your own, Just keep trying you will
get  it. (Remember the picture diagram I told you to draw this is what
the box puzzle should look like) after the puzzle go forward.

Diamond Room:
     Use  recording  of  bat  on  big  Diamond,  pick up diamond, turn
around, exit room.

Lava Room:
     You  might  half  to do this a few times until you find the right
pattern  out,  look  at  the  first row of rocks the one with no smoke
coming  up  from  it  ti  the  one to jump on. (note: write it down on
paper) keep doing this till you get across.

     Note:  (SAVE  YOUR  GAME AT THIS POINT) don't save over this save
game,  there is two different endings. I will show both of them. There
is only one way out go that way until you find the helicopter.

     Put  diamond  into case, (do this fast) after conformation remove
diamond,  put diamond in Laser, then put rock in case, after video use
Laser on helicopter. You win but you still Die.

Restore Game:
     Do  the  same  thing, but don't shoot the helicopter, instead aim
the  Laser at the top right section of the screen (SKY) move the cross
hair around till you hear a steady sound. When you hear the sound fire
the  Laser  (click  mouse)  you  just shot down the Comp. Satellite in
space. End Game. You Win.

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