Command&Conquer: Generals

Play as Russia:
     If  you  open  the command console and type "Russia:Yuri_Relived"
you get units that have the same names as those from older cnc games.

Change Cost of weapons:
     It  is  possible to edit the INI.big file in your game directory.
But you have to use a Hex-Editor. Do not change the lenght of the file
or the game will not boot again.. Just Overwrite the Text you need.

Search for "BuildCost" and overwrite it like
"BuildCost = 2000" Orig.
"BuildCost = 0000" Faked.

Do not DELETE anything.

How to blow up a battalion of infantries:
     If  you  are  the Chinese make at least 10 inferno tanks and send
them  all together at once and park them somewhere where your opponent
love to send you those rebels or rangers or red guards to sneak on you
and  once  they  pass  you you can watch the fireworks blow!!! inferno
tank works great with their technology too!!! now you know how to beat
those scums! [note: this works too with the GLA toxic truck.]

Get Old Unit Names:
     Bring  up the console and type in Russia:Yuri_Relived to get unit
names from older C&C titles (No new graphics though)

How to win against turtling opponents:
     Well,  tired of those online players that do nothing but build up
there  defenses?  Well  here's the solution! all you have to do is, if
your  usa, send raptors to eliminate there defenses and supply centers
as  necessary,  try  going for the power supply first, and use the A10
strike to weather down there defenses more. Then after there power and
supply  center  is  out they will have trouble knowing when you coming
and  creating  new  defenses.  At  this point simply send in a sizable
force of humvees with the tow missile upgrade and full of rangers with
capture  building.  Simply send them in unload the rangers and capture
and sell there base.

Airfield Tip:
     When  you  are  china,  build an airfield and put a speaker tower
right  behind  it. So when your planes have got damaged in battle they
heal faster. To make it even quicker upgrade the speaker towers in the
propaganda center.

Destory ULA bunkers:
     If  your  sick  and  tyered of thouse annoying ULA stinger sites.
Well  there  is a simple and cheap way to clear them out. All you need
is about 3 USA rangers with the flash grenades upgrade. Then send them
to  the  bunkers  and  tell  them  to  aim there flash grenades at the
bunker.  This  will kill the 3 rocket soldiers inside and you can then
use  your  rangers  to  finish off the stinger site with there machine

The only 4 tanks you will ever need:
     It  doesn't  get any easier than this. Build four Overlord tanks.
The  big ones China has. Two of them must have Propaganda upgrades and
the other two need the Chaingun upgrade. It,s also helpful to have the
two  Nuke  upgrades, but thats optional. Because of the Propaganda the
Overlord  is  un-killable in a small group. I took out aprox 400 enemy
units and 46 buildings with these bad boys. Its best not to use faster
units  in  this group because they get too far away from the overlords
and get killed. Have fun.

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