When  in  MS-DOS  or DOS go in the C&C directory and type in "C&C
FunPark". This cheat gives you hidden levels with dinosaurs and barbed
wire in 2 Player mode.

Sell Units - Part 1:
     Send  the  guy or car right next to a sandbag wall and then click
the sell button. The $ icon will come up. Put the $ cursor as close as
the  unit  as  you  can without it becoming crossed out, then click to
sell. Voila!

Sell Units - Part 2:
     If  you  are short on money or don't want the tank just put it on
the  repair bay. Then select the Sell button and move it on top of the
tank.  The  cursor  should  turn  into a green "sell" cursor. Then you
click  and  it  sells  the  tank.  This also works for Orcas, Apaches,
harvesters, APCs, and APCs full of infantry units.

Sell Buildings:
     Build  a turret, obelisk, or tower. Sell the building, but cancel
the sale before it disappears. You get a few minigunners every time.

Sell silos:
     When  you  have  more than 1000 credits, buy a silo. When it gets
more than three squares filled up sell it. You will not only get money
for  selling  it, but also for the stuff inside it. Can be repeated as
many times as you like.

Build anywhere:
     After  building Com. Center, click on a moveable unit. Then build
a  structure,  but  don't  place  it.  Scroll the screen so there is a
building  with  enough  cells on its right side to place the structure
you  have  built,  with  one  cell of that space separating the placed
building  and the map. Click to place the structure and move it to the
space  next  to the map.You should see white hash marks. Then move the
cursor  onto  the  map, where it should show as a green 'move' cursor.
Click on the map where you want to place the structure...

     If  you're having trouble versus the computer and have some extra
money,  just  expand  with  sand bags. Move towards the enemy base and
sell  the  bags  behind  you. When you have reached the enemy base(s),
just  put a 'cork in the hole' by putting sand bags in the entrance of
the  base.  Now  the  computer is trapped, unable to do anything. Gain
control,  build  a devastating army, raise some towers in front of the
base  to  weaken  the  enemy,  put  sand bags over the destroyed enemy
towers' spots, just kick ass. It works every time!

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