Combat Task Force 121

1. Start the game.

2. Begin a New Game or Load a Saved Game.

3. Open the game Console: Hit the key " ` " or " ~ " (tilde). 
A CONSOLE window should open with a cursor.

If you do not get a CONSOLE, then there may be a game event occuring 
at the moment (such as a cutscene). Wait and try again later.

4. Enter your codes.

     Note:  You can hit the UpArrow key to cycle through old Codes you
have entered before.

Cheat Codes (case insensitive): FreezeFrame [#]
     Freeze  Frame after delaying # seconds Seems to put the game into
Pause  mode  (not  sure  if you can resume normal gameplay after this)
Maybe this is useful to take ScreenShots? Example: FreezeFrame 2

     Teleport to surface player is looking at Note: put your Targeting
Reticle over the Ground of where you wish to teleport to.

ChangeSize [#]
     Scale  the  player's size Makes your Character larger or smaller.
(2 seems normal) Example: ChangeSize 3

     Breath under water for 999999 seconds.

     You feel much lighter. Enable Fly Mode.

     Disable Fly Mode and Disable Ghost Mode.

     You  feel  ethereal. NoClip, meaning you can move through objects
and walls.

     AllAmmo Grants maximum Ammo for all of your weapons.

     Infinate Ammo Clips for all Guns. Means you will never run out of

     God (Invincible). Toggle God Mode ON or OFF.

     Reincarnate  mode  (you  come  back  to life when killed). Toggle
Reincarnate Mode ON or OFF.

SetGravity [#]
     Set  Gravity.  Example:  SetGravity  1000.  Every  number I tried
resulted  in  me  flying to the top of the game world. So, use at your
own risk.

SetSpeed [#]
     Set  Game Speed. Example: SetSpeed 2. ^ 2x Normal Speed. Example:
SetSpeed .25. ^ 1/4 Normal Speed. Try any numbers you wish.

     AllWeapons  &  AllAmmo.  Grants All Weapons and Maximum Ammo. You
seem  to  already  start  with  All  Weapons (so this may not have any

     Grants  All  Weapons.  You seem to already start with All Weapons
(so this may not have any effect).

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