Cobra Mission


     The  whole  interface  is  pretty  simple, but don't try and play
without  a  mouse.  When fighting, move the icon over the enemies body
and  left click. A right click will go to the options. Otherwise, left
click  is  retrun,  right  is escape. To search things, just move into
them.  To  enter a house or move something like a statue, move in from
the  south. When fighting, have J.R. (the guy) use a bat until he gets
an  Ax,  then  the sword of Gaia. Have Faith (the chick) use a dagger,
pipe, or antique sword, and when necessary, a gun.

Anyway, have fun..

Central Cobra

     Kill  the  gang  after looking through the telescope. Don't worry
about  saving  bullets,  as  your gun will be empty after the fight no
matter what happens. Go to the shop in the NE corner of time (behind a
water  way)  and  buy  a wooden baseball bat. Now go to the bar in the
south  (about  the center of the map) or town. Talk to everybody there
(search  the  place  too) and keep talking until you are sure that the
messages  will  not  change.  This game has a lot of things in it that
cannot  be done until you are told about them, or you do something and
get  a  different  message somewhere about anything (allmost always in
the  bars).  Kind  of  similiar to Ultima 7, where you can't ask about
something until someone tells it to you. You should find a dart in the
SE  corner, $20 in a plant in the SW, a vitamax in the NW table, and a
pocket  knife  in  the NE plant. Have faith use this as a weapon. (You
should  use  the  bat).  Now  go  and  get a job a the rocket delivery
service (L shaped building just east of Faith's house). Put on the red
hat  they  give  you and now "use" the "goods". They will you tell you
who  to  deliver  them  to and the map you get will tell you where the
houses are. (AT the end of this section will be a list of where hidden
stuff  is  in  each  of the houses). When you are doing deliveries, be
sure  to explore all the areas of the town. You will find all kinds of
stuff  and  usually in the remote areas and fountains you may find gun
ammo.  When  you  do the delivery in the house in the SE corner of the
map,  go  E  from  the  house  to the next one and enter. Tell the man
inside  that  you  are the gardner. Inside is a metal bat (NW) and $20
(NE). Equip the metal bat.

     Some things you need to do but in no particular order (at least I
seemed  to  be  that  way)  are as follows: Go to the pharmacy (N) and
accept to try the medicine. Go to the train (NW). Right before you get
there,  you  will get really sick. Go back to the pharmacy and get the
antidote. Attempt to break down the gate over the tracks in the center
west.  Try  to  jump  the bridge in the center east. And once you have
$3000  (it  won't take too long), go the store where you got the first
bat  and  buy  an  M10 pistol. Also, in the house just west of Faith's
house  is  a  guy  who will take womens clothes and give you pictures.
Doesn't have anything to do with the game, get the point.

     After  all  that,  go to city hall. Eventually they will tell you
that  they  cannot  fix the bridge to the east until they have workers
from  the  south.  Go to the bar and talk to everybody. You should get
anymore  messages  about  Tacker breaking you bat and they SHOULD tell
you about seeing him selling abunch of girls somewhere. Goto the club.
Faith  will  get  in  and to leave you have to fight a bunch of Karate
gangs to leave. Go to the bar and talk again until they tell you about
delivering  goods  at  the  back door of the club. Go back to the club
(make sure you have some goods from the delivery agency) and go to the
front  door.  The  receptionist will tell you to go to the door on the
right  side  of  the  building.  Go  to the receptionist inside and go
through  the door to the left. Search the plant and get the key. Enter
the room in the north and kill Tacker (nows a good time to use the M10
and  any  ammo  you've picked up). After words get faith from the room
north of the desk. Note: Theres ladies clothes in the sofa of the room
where Tacker is, and under the window where Faith is.

The Houses

     Pharamacy,  vitaup in north table, vitamax by the SE doctor (both
on  the  second  level.  B.  Thompson:  steel  pipe due north of door,
panties  on  bed in west room, fire cracker in the plant to the north.
J.  Class:  Dart  due  north  of the door, bra in wardrobe of SE room,
vitamax+  on  shelf  in NW. O.Pow: $20 in SE room under carpet, bra in
tub  in  the east, vitamax under table in NW. K. Stein: Vitamax++ (use
them carefully, there are few but they restore a ton of hit points) in
bed in west room, lingerie in wardrobe of east room.


     When you finish the area of town, you will be able to call a girl
from  Faith's  apartment,  and  try  and fuck her. You will be able to
figure  it  out.  Basically  use  the  left  button  to  touch  or use
something,  and  the  right  to change actions. Sometimes, a red light
will come up on the meter at the top of the screen, otherwise, if your
actions  "don't make it", a white light will appear. If you get enough
red  lights  without  running  out  of time or chances, you will go to
another  screen,  and so forth.. Anyway, heres a working order for the
first girl: Hand on breasts, lips on breasts, lips on mouth, lips/neck
lips/breasts, ready to go.

West Cobra

     Basically  you  have to go the delivery place, and continue doing
deliveries until Winter lets you into the back half of his house. Then
go to the adult toy store in the SW corner of town and talk to the guy
there.  Go  to  the SE corner to the dowzing club (Four houses next to
each  other  with  a fence), and have Faith (in the third house to the
right)  take the first lesson. Then to the bar just NW of the club. Go
to  the ho in the north end and have fun. (I might add this is some of
the  best  Japanimation I've ever seen.) Go back to and get Faith, and
go  to  the toy store again. Search the wardrobe in the NW corner, and
continue  on until you have two bottles of Cognac. Then go back to the
guy  at  the desk. He will give you a bottle of gin. Go to the bar and
get the guy at the left end of the bar drunk. Just keep talking to him
until  he  gives  you  his membership card to the House of Leather and
Chains.  Go to Winter's house and give him a bottle of Cognac. He will
give you a magazine. Go to the House of Leather & Chains.

House of Leather and Chains

  1st west room: M10 round, 1st east room: $20, 2nd west room: $50
  2nd east room: $50,
  3rd West room: $20,
  3rd east room: small key.

     Continue North along the main corridor and get past the S&M chick
(just  keep attacking) and go to the east. Theres a vitamax+ and a bra
in  here.  Tell  the girl to leave. Go back to the west door and fight
the  guy  there. Be sure to throw the gin on him before he can attack.
Search the room: Shannel 555, vitamax++, bra, M10 round.

     Go  the area in the NW where the engineer was (park with a fence)
and  search the fountain behind where he stood and get the ring. Go to
the delivery place and get the map of South Cobra.

Winter's: M-80 in the west plant.

Witt's: panties in bed/east room, vitamax+/table in north.

Adult toy store: Be sure to buy a vibrator here.

     Grandma's: A small yellow house just SW of the center of the map.
$50 in SW corner.

     NE  park:  An  area surrounded by trees with no entrance. You can
walk through the tree just west of center on the north wall.

     Owen's:  Leather  coat  in  center  room,  vitamx+ on sofa in the

     House west of school over waterway: $150 and a vitamx++. Offer to
mow lawn.

     Bettime's: Bra in the NE tub, vitamax+ on shelf in the NW.

     Bar: $50, NE plant, rotoray vibrator in the SE corner.

     If  you  get  stuck,  talk  to  everybody  in  the bar or try the
engineer in the NW. After that, go to the train in Central Cobra.

South Cobra

Things to do immediately:

     Go  to the store in the NW and buy an orchid brooch, the store in
the  SE and buy an Ax and tons of M10 ammo. Then take the path through
the  trees  along  the  East  wall (enter near the store) and continue
north  and  talk  to Melissa. Also try to get in the police station in
the west part of town. (The guard will send you away).

     Go  to  the  bar  and  talk  until somebody tells you about a guy
recruiting  for  the army. Then walk around town (usually in the east)
until  you  find the guy standing in the street. After talking to him,
go  back  to  the  bar.  After  one  of  the  guys tells you about the
wherehouse.  Equip  the  ax  and  go  to the where- house (SW of town,
fenced).  Search  the  four groups of boxes until you have boots, cap,
jacket and pants. Also in the eastern half of the building, one of the
walls will have the black "boarders" missing. You can walk through and
into the black area behind. Inside are four cases of M10 ammo.

     Go to the police station in the uniform and get turned away again
(you have to do this), and then go to the bar. Talk until you are told
about  some  guy  that  leaves a bunch of uniforms and medals in town.
Then  go  to  Mick's house (NW of town). Take the stairs to the second
level.  Turn  off the TV in the NW corner and then try and wake up the
kid.  Then  go  the  room  just  south  of  the  stairs and search the
wardrobes.  One  will  have a key on it. Unlock the door just south of
the  wardrobes  and  search  the  room  until  you  find the colonel's

     Go  to  the  police  station and kill the guy in the NE room. The
search  the  room  in  the  far  NW until Faith leaves for the dowzing
school.  Then  go to the bar and get fucked again. Then take the train
back to Central Cobra, and walk to West Cobra and get Faith at the far
east  building  of  the school. When you get back to south cobra, keep
talking  to  the  lady  at  the  construction  co. until she gives you
several maps.Return to the police station and search the NW room again
until  you  trigger the stairs to open. Take the passage east and keep
close  to  the south wall. You will find a doorway going south. At the
end  of  the  corridor is a megatech torch. Continue east and take the
stairs  up. Go due east of the stairs until you find more stairs. Take
these.  You  will  come up in a room of squares inside of squares. You
need  to  walk around each square until you find a key and then a door
to the next smaller square. You may have to fight a dark knight to get
a  key.  You must hit (or shoot) them right below the helmet. Anywhere
else  will  have little or no effect. Inside the inner square are four
knights.  Kill  each  one  and  touch  the  lights  behind them. After
touching  each,  they  will turn black. Walk over one. Go due north of
where you land and fight.

     Go back to Faith's in central cobra, go to city hall, and then go
back over the bridge you came on originally.


     The     bar:    M-80/bathroom/SW    corner,    vitamax++/sw/sofa,
lighter/chair/right  side  bar,  $25/plants/east  wall, Sherr spray/SE
     Fritz's: Enter from east side of house. Map of E.cobra/just south
of  door  on  other  side  of  wall, porn mag/book cases of same room,
poison dart/SE corner, dart/just south of entrance.
     House  along  north  wall: Box M10 ammo/entry hall, $50/NE plant,
vitamax++/in toilet-north, vitaup in NW toilet.
     House west of tracks/NE of wherehouse: Lingerie in NE wardrobe, 4
M10 rounds in SW room.
     Blue   house   just  south  of  Fist's:  Vitamax/North  of  door,
vitamax+/NW shelf, dart/plant on west wall, 4X vitamax+'s/ on tables.
     Red house next to^^^: jean skirt in tub in west room.
     Also: power capsule just SW of train station, opposite side of tracks.

Remember:  If you ever get stuck, try going to the bar and talking.

More chicks:

     Yvonne:  Hand/hair,  lips/mouth,  whisper, lips/mouth. Lips/mouth
(hidden   behind   shoulder),   hands/hair,   hands/tits,   lips/tits,
lips/kunt.   Hands/tits,   lips/tits,   rotory   vibrator,   vibrator,
lips/mouth, hand/hair, ready to go!

     Melissa: Lips/tits, lips/mouth, lips/hair, lips/mouth, lips/neck,
lips/mouth,  lips/neck,  lips/tits.  Hand/tits,  hand/hair,  hand/leg,
hand/snatch,   whisper   rotory   v.,  vibrator,  whisper,  hand/tits,
lips/snatch, ready to go!

East Cobra (A little more walk-through here)

     Go  north  along the west edge of the area. You will see a store.
You can stock up on ammo here. In the fountain next to the shop, there
are two .44 rounds. (no, not M10's) Continue north to the house in the
NW  corner.  Talk  to  Duncan.  He will send you away. His house: tear
gas/NW/TV, Gin/NW/shelf.

     Go  east  along the north border. Stop at the small yellow house.
Vita++/NW /shelf.

     Continue  east and stop at the red house. Talk to woman in the NW
of  house.  Vitamx/NE/shelf,  lingerie/NE/wardrobe, shannel 555/NW/TV.
Note  there  is  a  room here you cannot get in. Contine east and then
south  along  a  fence  blocking a beach. Enter the house on the beach
near  the  break  in the fence. Talk to the guy here. 1st level: power
capsule/SE/plant.  2nd  level:  power  capsule/boxes/ north of stairs,
vitamax++/NW corner.

     Go  north  along the beach to the next house. When you get out of
the  dream,  take  the  stairs  down,  and  wake  up  the  man. Stuff:
panties/NW/bed, bra/NW/bed, shannel 555/SW/box, Gin/SE.

     Go  back  to the red house and go into the room you could not get
to before. Talk to the man. Lingerie/NW of new room/bed.

     Go  to  the house in the NW corner. Talk to Duncan and and put on
the winter clothes he gives you.

     Go  to  the research center (roughly NE) and walk around the maze
until  you have touched eight blue lights. They will individually turn
red,  and  then  green when you've touched them all. Head NE to a door
and  a  robot  guarding  a  passage.  Kill the robot and mess with the
computer  behind him. Go back to the door and open it. Kill the cyborg
and head west to the stairs. Find the terminal on the new level, touch
it,  and go back to the door you passed to get to the computer. Enter,
talk  to  Donna,  and  take  the  door out in the SE. In the SE and NW
corner  of  this  area  are vitamax++'s. In the square north of the SW
corner are the stairs out.

     After  that,  go  back  to  Central Cobra, go to city hall, go to
Faith's, go back to city hall again, go to the train, fight, then take
it to the cemetery.

     Also:  House  in  SE  Vitamax++/NE/shelf,  $100/N/plant,  leather
coat/NW/wardrobe, leather pants/NW/wardrobe.

     Bar:  (you  do  not  have  to go here at all in East Cobra) Ninja
star/SE/plant,       M80/SE/bathroom,       ninja       star/SW/plant,
vitamax++/SW/plant, $50/carpet.

One more babe:

     Donna:  All lips: mouth, hair, mouth, neck, neck, tit. Lips/right
tit,  lips/left  tit?, hand/pussy. Hand/tit, whisper, rotory vibrator,
vibrator,  hand/hair, whisper, hand/tit, hand/leg, mouth/snatch, ready
to go!


     Go  south of where the train drops you off in the cemetery to the
red  house.  Kill  the guy there and talk to the mayor. Go back to the
city  hall in central Cobra, and then go to the house in the NW corner
of  East  Cobra.  Give  Duncan  the  winter  clothes  back and get the
pendant.  Go  back to the cemetery and the mayor. Search the statue to
the west of the house. Take the ladder down.
     This is rather difficult to try and write down, because the rooms
are  very irregular in shape. But it isn't to tough to get through, so
if you get lost, just keep going and you'll figure it out.
     Follow the north wall of the room you appear in to a man who will
give  you  a  map.  In  the SE corner is a box of .44 ammo. Follow the
north  wall to the east, then go NW. Talk to the man in the corner and
get  the  esper rod from the box next to him. Follow the north wall of
this area then south along the east wall. Pass the hall going east and
continue  south.  Talk  to  the  man in the SE corner of the area. YOU
to  the  east passage and talk to the man in the NE of the room. Go to
the  stairs  in  the  SW  corner.  Go south on the surface to the next
     Talk to the man by the stairs you appear by. Go east and then NE.
Talk  to  the  man  there  and get a vitamax++. Go south to stairs. Go
south, then west, then north to the next statue.
     Go to the SE of the new room. There is a porno in the box. Follow
the  south  wall  to  the west, then north, then man at the end of the
passage gives you a map. Go west to stairs up. Go north on the surface
to next statue. Follow the north wall of the next area and talk to the
man  in the NE corner of the room. Follow the east wall going south to
a  box  with  a vitamax++. Follow the south wall to the west. When the
wall  bends south (you will see another doorway going to the NW with a
man  standing by it), continue west. You will find two sets of stairs.
The left stairs take you to Gaia's workshop. Get his sword and then go
back  and  take  the  other  stairs.  It will lead to a grey building.
Inside  are  a dart, lighter, and a hand grenade. Go back to the place
with  the  hallway and the man standing by it, talk to the man and get
another  map. In the SW corner of the new area is a ninja star. In the
NW  is  a  man  that sells all kinds of drugs. In the NE is a man that
sells  both  M10  and .44 ammo. The .44 is much more powerful than the
M10,  but  more  expensive. He also has "fighting outfits". Follow the
east  wall  along  (it will bend) to the last stairs. Use the sword on
the  gate  of  the castle outside. AT this time Faith should use a gun
and you should use the sword.
     I'm  not  even  going  to try and explain this, but just remember
that  you  have  to  find  four crystal balls, and place each one on a
different triangle statue. This will let you get passed a area blocked
by  four seperate lasers and finally to the area where Kaiser is. Kill
him,  his  guards,  etc..  and  get  to see some awfully dissapointing
animation compared to wht we've seen before. Oh well, That's it!

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