Close Combat

Close Combat

Close Combat tactical tips
     1-  Be  patient: Choose your point of attack (my preferred is the
church)  and  supress  the  defenders  for  a  while  with  some  fire
concentration:  you  have more teams, more MG, more mortars, and maybe
one tank. The germans AI just can't hold the ground after a while. You
can see the germans have problems from the color of the shooting line:
if you can see more blue shooting then the german are beeing softened.
If  you  see  many  red  shooting  lines  never, never move your units
especially  using  the  fast  move  mode.  You can also (k inda cheat)
looking  the  statistics  of  enemy teams, if you have troops close to
them you will get a lot of info about enemy teams.

     2-  Concentrate  your  firepower:  You want to attack the church?
Fine have the majority of your troops in the southern woods. Just keep
a  few  teams/MG  north  to  help  supressing  other  german  teams in
different  building  and  avoid  cross  fire. Do not move the northern
teams, just keep them sh oting from good defensive terrain. Soften the
defenders  with  mortars/bazooka/MG/Rifles  fire  concentration in the

     3- Be very very conservative with your tanks: Stay in good cover,
far  away  from the front until you have spotted all the panzerschreck
positions.  Once  it  is  done just move them into blind panzerschreck
spot  and  use  your  tanks to supress/kill German MG or Teams. If you
only  have half tracks just hide them until you have spotted/supressed
all panzerschrecks *and* all MG. Remember it is much better not to use
them  than losing them since it will influence your moral and moral is
much much more important than victory hexes in this game.

     4-  Use intermediate objectives: For assaulting the church a good
intermediate  objective  is the wall. Once the defenders are supressed
move  your  troops  to the wall and concentrate a few teams here (take
care to supress also all flanking shots).

     5-  Use the overwatch technique: During the assault on the church
send  a  team to assault and have the rest supress the defenders. Drop
some smoke on the flanks for good measure.

     6-  Assault  *only* with fresh troops: The color of the team must
be  green.  Fresh troops assaulting fatigued supressed enemy will make
great  job  without any casualty. The reverse will end with no results
and  a bloody mess (for you, not for the opponent). If you haven't any
fresh  troops  let  th  em  rest before assault. Also you assault team
should  have  some  grenade  left  therefore be sure it didn't assault

7-  Reinforce
     immediately  after the assault has been succesful: The german may
organize  a  counterattack  against your succesful team, therefore you
should  immediately  send another fresh team to help repelling the bad

     8-  This  one is very important. Focus on making enemy casualties
and  avoid  casualties  on  your side: You are not in a hurry. You can
take  all  the  time  you  need to soften the defenders before moving.
Controlling  objectives  is  not  important  for wining *provided* you
manage  to get the enemy in the "red". You will get a decisive victory
and save many good guys lives.

     9-  Try  to  save  ammunition: When shooting make sure the LOS to
target is bright red, not dark red you will get more efffect from your
very  limited  ammunition.  If  the  line is not bright red try moving
(very   carefully)  to  better  shooting  places.  Use  the  overwatch
technique during the move: one team moves others give protective fire.
10-  Try  to  get  flanking shots at enemy teams: Teams can't get good
cover  from  every  angle therefore try to maximize cross fire at wide
angles against enemy teams.

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