Clive Barker's Undying

Various cheats

     Press [Tab] to open chat window, then type any of the following

Code                              Result 
eh                                God Mode 
clive                             God Mode X2 
gniydnu                           Secret Level (UK Version) 
houndog                           Howlers Don't Attack 
satan                             Infinite Health 
bring #                           Get Item # (ie: manawell) 
slomo #                           Increase Speed of the Game (#=1 - 5)
addall                            Get All Weapons and Spells 
set aeons.patrick health 999      Add 999 to Health 
set aeons.patrick mana 999        Add 999 to Mana 
AmpAttSpell                       Increase Level of Selected Spell 
assall                            Create Donkey 
infiniteMana 1                    Unlimited Mana (0=Off) 
becomeLight 1                     Gives Light (0=Off) 
flight                            Activates Flight Mode 
showfps                           Show Framerate 
behindview 1                      Third-Person View 
setjumpz #                        Set Jump Level (0 - 1000) 

Problem Fighting Bosses with Cheat Codes
     If  the  game  detects  you  have  a  health  over  100, the Boss
Creatures  will  not  attack. Since you must exploit weaknesses during
their  attack,  you will be unable to proceed. Use the health cheat to
set your health back to 100 before confronting bosses.

Map Names
     Using  these  map  cheats,  you  can jump to any level within the
game. The "CU_nn" maps are cutscenes, and "playground" and "SmokeTest"
are test levels. Enter these cheats the same way as other codes.

start Aeons
start Catacombs_Cisterns
start Catacombs_Cliffs
start Catacombs_Entrance
start Catacombs_Exit
start Catacombs_Exit_After
start Catacombs_LairOfLizbeth
start Catacombs_LairOfLizbethPostCU
start Catacombs_LowerLevel
start Catacombs_SaintsHall
start Catacombs_Tunnels
start Catacombs_WellRoom
start Catacombs_WindChamber
start CU_01
start CU_02
start CU_03
start CU_04
start CU_05
start CU_06
start CU_07
start CU_08
start CU_09
start CU_10
start CU_11
start CU_12
start CU_13
start Entry
start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Arch
start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Arena
start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_ArenaBattle
start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Ruins
start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Airie_Interior
start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Bridge
start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Chase
start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Chieftain
start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Forest
start EternalAutumn_Transition
start EternalAutumn_Waterfall_Dwellings_Lower
start EternalAutumn_Waterfall_Dwellings_Upper
start EternalAutumn_Waterfall_Gauntlet
start Grounds_Cottage
start grounds_dock_night
start Grounds_Lighthouse
start Grounds_Mausoleum_Approach
start Grounds_Mausoleum_Entrance
start Grounds_Mausoleum_Tunnels
start Grounds_OldCemetery
start Manor_CentralLower
start Manor_CentralLower_After
start Manor_CentralLower_night
start Manor_CentralLower_storm
start Manor_CentralUpper
start Manor_CentralUpper_After
start Manor_CentralUpper_PostOneiros
start Manor_CentralUpper_storm
start Manor_Chapel
start Manor_Chapel_night
start Manor_Crypt
start Manor_EastWingLower
start Manor_EastWingLower_After
start Manor_EastWingLower_night
start Manor_EastWingUpper
start Manor_EastWingUpper_After
start Manor_EastWingUpper_night
start Manor_EntranceHall
start Manor_EntranceHall_FromKitch
start Manor_EntranceHall_Intro
start Manor_EntranceHall_Night
start Manor_EntranceHall_night_ReturnfromCove
start Manor_EntranceHall_Storm
start Manor_EntranceHall_ToKitch
start Manor_FrontGate
start Manor_FrontGate_night
start Manor_FrontGate_Night_Return
start Manor_Gardens
start Manor_Gardens_night
start Manor_Gardens_storm
start Manor_GreatHall_night
start Manor_GreatHall_Storm
start Manor_InnerCourtyard
start Manor_InnerCourtyard_Storm
start Manor_NorthWingLower
start Manor_NorthWingLower_After
start Manor_NorthWingLower_night
start Manor_NorthWingLower_storm
start Manor_NorthWingUpper
start Manor_NorthWingUpper_night
start Manor_NorthWingUpper_PostOneiros
start Manor_NorthWingUpper_storm
start Manor_PatricksRoom
start Manor_TowerRun_night
start Manor_TowerRun_storm
start Manor_WestWing
start Manor_WestWing_Hall1
start Manor_WestWing_Night
start Manor_WidowsWatch_storm
start Monastery_Past_Church
start Monastery_Past_Exterior
start Monastery_Past_Interior
start Monastery_Past_LivingQuarters
start Monastery_Present_Church
start Monastery_Present_Cove
start Monastery_Present_Entrance
start Monastery_Present_InnerSanctum
start Monastery_Present_Tunnels
start Oneiros_Amphitheater
start Oneiros_City1
start Oneiros_City2
start Oneiros_HowlingWell
start Oneiros_Intro
start Oneiros_Oracle
start Oneiros_RetreatBath
start Oneiros_RetreatExterior
start Oneiros_RetreatSecondFloor
start Oneiros_RetreatStudio
start Oneiros_ZigguratInterior
start Oneiros_ZigguratLower
start Oneiros_ZigguratUpper
start PiratesCove_Barracks
start PiratesCove_Exterior
start PiratesCove_Pier
start PiratesCove_Pool
start PiratesCove_TreasureRoom
start playground
start SmokeTest
start StandingStones_FirstVisit
start StandingStones_KingFight
start start 

Easter Eggs 

Shooting Gallery
  -Begin the game, walk into the house, and get the short tour from the maid.
  -Afterwards,  walk  to the end of the hall, towards the door near which
   there lies a health pack.
  -Shoot the two square panels near the top of the door.
  -The door should open, and inside you'll be treated to a 10 level
   mini-shooting gallery. 

Miniature Theater
  -Hit Tab
  -Enter "Open Manor_EntranceHall_FromKitch"
  -Head towards the paintings on your left
  -Jump and try to reach the top of the two outermost paintings.
   They will become slightly recessed and you will hear a click when
   you're successful.
  -Watch the show! 

Giant Sheep
  -Hit Tab
  -Enter "Open Monastery_Present_Cove"
  -Play through the level until you have jumped into the ruined building
   (from the barn)
  -Head to the upper level of this building
  -Look for a plank that is extended towards the farm
   (this is where some howlers were jumping around when you first got
   into the building)
  -Jump up and down at the end of the plank a few times, and you'll see
   our version of the staypuft marshmallow man... 

Disco of Death
  -Hit Tab
  -Enter "Open Oneiros_HowlingWell"
  -Fly up to the big building. Walk in, and down the stairs.
   Look for a square button on the wall (near the big purple magic field
   thingy). Uh, push it.
  -Go back outside. Fly up onto the roof of the building and scrye.
   Look for a small purple haze, and fly towards it.
  -Getchur groove on... 

Patrick Strikes Out
  -Hit Tab
  -Enter "Open Manor_Entranchall_night_ReturnFromCove"   
  -Walk through the first set of doors, and hang a left. A maid will come
   After you've talked to her, follow her and hang around for a bit.
   Perhaps she's not doing anything later tonight.. besides exercising,
   that is. 

Ultimate Beast Friend
     Start  the game in nightmare mode (the hardest level). As soon as
you start your new game immeditaly supply yourself with all the spells
and  flight  mode.  If  you  have  enough  time use the amp up spell "
ampattspell"  on  the  Invoke spell. Turn immeditaly around and if you
wait long enough.. approximately 3 minutes, you will see a giant beast
run  by on the other side of the main gate. Quickly jump over the gate
using  flight and kill the beast (use lightning, its the fastest way).
Once  the beast is dead, quickly use invoke. Now you have the ultimate
beast friend which will follow you to every level in the game and kill
everything  you  come  across.  Do not fire weapons at the beast or it
will die. Do not warp levels or this beast will not follow you.

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