Civilization: Call to Power

Unlimited Gold
     First make a backup copy of the file script.slc, which is located
in  ..ctp_datadefaultgamedata. Then open up the original with any text
editor and add the following lines:

trigger 'DOR_T_Give_Gold' when (IsHumanPlayer(g.player) && 

     Now  everytime  the  human player runs out of gold (< 200000), he
gets 1 million more.

     Tip: Save early and save often in multiple slots. Not only do the
occasional  crash and the lack of an autosave make for a lot of wasted
time  if  you don't save every ten turns or so, but sometimes the game
will crash during a save, corrupting the save file itself.

     Tip: The game is heavily weighted toward the defender. Unless you
are  facing  a  very  weak  enemy,  there is little point in attacking
fortified  enemy  cities  unless  you have at least two full stacks of
nine units each.

     Tip:  The  Ship of the Line is the perfect sea invasion platform.
Create  a  stack  of seven to nine Ship of the Lines, and load them up
with troops. Once you get to the enemy cities, drop off the troops and
then  use  your  ships  for artillery support. Blast away at the enemy
cities before sending in the boys.

     Tip:  Go  for  the gold. Go to Trade and Banking. Build banks and
marketplaces  in  all  your  cities.  Use  the  gold to do slaving and
convert cities.

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