Championship Manager 3

Control English Team
     At the team select screen pick any team. Now click on any English
player  on  the  team and click on "English". You now have the English

Good Players
     Sign  these  players  because either straight away or in the near
futre they will be 1 of your top signings:

Vance Warner
David Woozley
Dean Chandler
Malcom Christie
Carl Laurie
Peter Prospar
Jamie Shore
Daniel Montenegro
Martin Palermo
Leyder Preciado
Pablo Aimar

Free Players
     First,  when  you find a player you want, start a second team who
have enough money to buy him (Arsenal, or Man Utd are good bets) then,
with  the  team you want to buy him for, place an offer of ?0 for him.
Then, with the second team, place an offer of the amount the club want
for  him. Having done this, go to adjust offer with the same team, and
near the top left corner will be a little arrow click it and your team
name  should be there, click that, and hey presto, you have control of
whether to accept the first offer or not. But don't forget to withdraw
the second offer of the right amount.

Players for free
     Go  to  the  player you want to buy. Put an offer in for twice as
much as his value,they will accept, you go to 'adjust offer', put your
offer down to free and press cancel.

International managers
     To  become  an  international  manager type in your name and pick
your  nationality. Chose a time from the league of country you wish to
control  and  select  a team. Pick any player from the team that is of
the  required nationality (eg. ENGLAND- choose NEWCASTLE and then ALAN
SHEARER)and  click  on  their nationality. This brings up the national
team list and simply click the take control button.

Free Transfers For Every Team
1. Go to the player you want to buy e.g. Michael Owen
2. Bid NO Fee
3. Add another manager
4. Chose a team
5. Bid for Micheal Owen (NO Fee)
7. Click on the Arrow in the top left hand corner of the screen and 
   select the original team.
8. Now go to "ACCEPT"
9. Withdraw the transfer offer from the 2nd team
10.The transfer will now be complete if the player and team can agree 
   personal terms 

Hint for goals
     Make  your  striker  mark  the  opposition's  keeper. It is quite
effective, and the striker will score alot of goals.

Unlimited Money
     To have an unlimited cash reserve, enter the name: JIMMY RULES or
try Erdil Yasaroglu.

Good Season
     Type the CHAMPION in tactics menu.

Easy Wins
     First  choose  the team you are playing against (has to be in the
nation you selected earlier) Then take control of that team as another
manager.  During  the game move all the players from the team you want
to lose up to attack then your players should have no problem scoring.

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