Carnivores: Ice Age

Debug Mode
     Type  in  "debugup"  during  play to get debug mode. You will see
coordinates  appear in the top right hand corner and Dinos will ignore
you unless you shoot them.

Keys to use while in debug mode:

Code                   Result 
CTRL                   Run Faster 
SHIFT+S                Slow Motion 
CTRL+N                 Long Jumps 
SHIFT+T                Show Frame Rate 
SHIFT+L                Fly Mode 
TAB                    Full Map 

File Hack for All Hunts, Animals and Weapons
     Open  the "_RES" file located in the "Huntdat" folder of the game
directory  on  your  hard  drive.  The  "_RES" file contains specs for
weapons, characters and prices. Changing the values in the "_RES" file
will change the values in the game.

the following weapons values can be changed: 

     power:  changing  this  value  to  20 will kill anything with one
shot.  rate:  the  higher  the value the faster the weapon will repeat
fire.  shots:  number  of shots or ammo reload: some weapons have this
option and a higher value allows for faster reloading

     I  didn't  see any need to alter the values of the characters but
these  could  be  played with as well to control aggresiveness, health
and other things listed in the "_RES" file.

     Prices  for  everything  can  be lowered to a value of 10 and the
start  value  raised  to  what  ever  you  like,  I  used  500 so that
everything  could be purchased right away. One thing I noticed is that
purchasing  multiple  weapons  in the selection stage doesn't give you
multiple weapons during the hunt.

Hex Cheat
     Open  your  save  game  in  any  hex  editor  and  find  location
000000806.  Insert  an 0F there and you'll have all the cashpoints you
need  to  go  anywhere and try to shoot anything with any weapon. When
you  started  a  new  game, you should insert it after the value 64 on
that particular line.

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