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Carnivores 2 cheats, tips and tricks

Author: Nat
Advice: When you're hunting a velociraptor, use a cross-bow. When it's running after you, shoot it two times. Then when it jumps at you, shoot its stomach, it should fall behind you. You can do the same with an all of saurus. For a spinosaurus, shoot it three times when it's just running instead. Also, an easy way to hunt down a ceratasaurus, is shoot it repeatedly with a rifle. Finally, the easiest way to hunt, period, is toggle 3d mode that makes it easier to see what you're hunting. And if you see shadows on the ground, then there's most likely a tree or rock there.

Author: Nat
Advice: when you're about to click on the words "Fort Ciscin" on the login screen, read the information in the top, right hand corner. If it say's in it that Fort Ciscin is in the southwest, it lied. It's really in the southeast, between two huge hills. By the way, there are no houses in it like in the picture. But you can see the areas where they were.

Author: Nat
Easy way to get points for hunting T.Rex: While he's roaring at you to charge, get to the side of him [not closely] and shoot his eye with a sniper rifle. WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU DON'T PANIC.

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