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Carmageddon TDR 2000

All cars, tracks, 699.000.000 credits

Hit ` and type any of the following cheat codes: 

Code                    Result 
hereComesTrouble        Enable Cheat Codes 
winMission              Instantly Win Mission 
openLevelsGuv           All Levels 
cash                    Increase Money (+$10,000) 
invincible              God Mode 
ai on/off               AI On/Off 
setCar [CARNAME]        Change Your Car to [CARNAME] 
makeai [CARNAME]        Create Opponent [CARNAME] 
WasteAll                Destroy All Cars 
lastlap                 Start on Final Lap 
lastcheckpoint          All Checkpoints Checked Except Last 
adventure               Text Adventure Mini-Game 
damage_multiplier #     Increase Damage to # 
addPowerUp #            Add Powerup (#=Name) 
breakCar #              Damage Car (#=Name) 
peds on/off             Pedestrians On/Off 
enablebuy               Allows You to Buy All Cars 

PowerUp Cheat
     To  find the names of powerups for the addPowerup cheats, look in
your Assets folder and load a file called PowerupStrings_Internal.txt.

Credit Cheat
     Make  a  backup  of the Carma.pak file in the assets folder. Then
open the file in wordpad. scroll down to the part that starts:

     Here   you   will   find   the   attributes   for  Ped_Credits  /
Checkpoint_credits  and the like ...add a few zeros to the numbers and
remove the line

     that  is  at the bottom of this part of the text or else the hack
won't  work. This hack will make it nice and easy to score credits and
afford all the cars.

No Timer
     To  remove  the time limit in the game, edit the options.txt file
in  the Assets folder. Search for the string USE_TIMER, and change the
value from 1 to 0.

Commands for Text Adventure

go (direction)                     Causes you to move there.
kill (Zombie's name)               Causes you to attack the Zombie.
look (Name of person or object)    Gives a detail description of who or
                                   what it is.
look                               Tells you who is in the area and which
                                   directions you can go.
look again                         Instant replay.
inventory                          Shows you what you are carrying.
get (item name)                    Allows you to get that item.
quit                               Exits text adventure.

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Автор: BUSH
Ты реальный маньяк, не признаешь никакого мяса, кроме свежего фарша из твоих противников и попавших под колеса пешеходов? Твои будни - треск огня, скрип искореженного металла и запах горелого мяса? Тогда ты - мой брат по маразму, и эта игра как раз для тебя!

Ну, если что непонятно по игре - спрашивайте...

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