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Cabela's Alaskan Adventure

Various cheats
     Start  the  game  using one or both of the following codes as the
command line parameters:


     Open  the  game  Console  by pressing Tilde key [~] and enter the
following codes. All codes can be entered multiple times.

noClip 0 / 1                 Ghost mode, you can fly around the world 
                             and pass through solid objects
godMode 0 / 1                Take no damage from falls and animal attacks
showPosition 0 / 1           Display the X Y Z location of where 
                             you're pointing
mod_fireCamSpeed #.#         Not sure, but it may affect the Bullet Cam
mod_bulletCamFade F          Not sure, but it may affect the Bullet Cam
mod_AnimalFreeze 0 / 1       Prevent animals from moving (they will be 
                             stuck at their current locations)
mod_AnimalForceAnim 0 / 1    Funny as hell. Be sure there are some animals 
                             around when you do it!
mod_StealthMode 0 / 1        Make you invisible
mod_Outlaw 0 / 1             Allows you to be an Outlaw 
                             and not get kicked off of a hunt
mod_enablefog 0 / 1          Toggle the fog
mod_drawSpawnPoints 0 / 1    Show the location of spawning points 
                             in the game
mod_drawTreeStandBones 0 / 1 Display some sort of vector information 
                             about the trees
game_buyItem STRING          Buy an item (it still costs you money)
game_equipItem STRING        Equip an item in your inventory
mod_MoveToAnimal             Teleports you to the Location of an Animal
mod_MoveToEnt STRING         Teleports you the Entity "STRING"
mod_MoveToPos # # #          Teleport to the specified "X Y Z" 
                             map location
mod_buyBullets int           Buy # of bullets
mod_buyArrows int            Buy # of arrows
mod_buyAmmo int              Buy # of ammo (both bullets and arrows)
mod_addMoney int             Increases your Credits by the # specified 
                             (will not work if you are 
                             in the Outpost building)
mod_setTime # #              Set the Time of day in the game 
                             (Hours Minutes)
mod_EndObjective 0 / 1       Win the currently loaded Mission
AppVersion                   Display the Game Name and Version Number
Exit                         Terminate the entire game
help                         Display *most* of the Console Commands


Hook fish
     Make  sure  that  NumLk  is  on(may  say  something  else on your
keyboard),  now  when  a  fish is about to take your bait, hit the "2"
button  on  the  number  pad if the arrow points straight down, "1" is
down-left,   "3"   is   down-right.  These  are  not  covered  in  the

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