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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Bus Driver

Автор: Jimbob
Although bulky graphics and looks more like the old driving games it is still worth playing for the sightseeing features. I guess you could say you get some idea about how difficult it is driving buses especially in bad weather and rush hour both a nightmare for car users never mind bus drivers. I think it's worth a go and has great variety in buses to choose from once you completed a whole load of missions. A great driving game and is different because it's not your normal run-of-the-mill stuff... It's driving buses! Well, trying out and see for yourself but I would say get it for your game collection as your bound to go back to it and the challenges start easy but gets tougher.

Автор: Jhonny
Bus Driver is a good game and have high graphics. It is good to learn how to drive a bus with road rules and how to take care of the passengers. The only disadvantage is the buses are pedaling to slow.

Автор: Matthew
I have played this game and found it quite good. It is hard to drive a bus especially when snowing or raining. Braking is the most hardest of all. Some buses are easy to drive while some are not. But Bus Driver is a very good game.

Автор: happybunny
Bus Driver is a very complex and diverse computer game. As you advance with tougher routes, you start to finally turn on your brain. If you haven't played this game now is the time to try it. Good luck, you're gonna need it, really!

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