Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror

Remember - for examine an object click the right button of your mouse.
1) Professor Oubier▓s house

     Examine the bookcase at your left (click the right button of your
mouse)  you  will  see a block of wood. Click on it, the bookcase will
crash  down  killing the spider. Now click on the metal bracket on the
wall,  and  you ▒re free. Get Nico bag on the floor(and look inside of
it), then get the dart near by. Look at the bureau, upper part (George
will open it revealing a bottle of tequila, drink the tequila and then
get  the  worm  on  the  floor, in the lower part you will see a small
drawer,  click  on  it  and you will find a small pot, get the pot and
examine  it,  you  will  find  a  key. Now go to the fire, look at the
cabinet  near  the  fire  and  use  on it the dart, inside get the gas
cylinder  using  the  paints on the cylinder. Then use the cylinder on
the  soda  dispenser, and the dispenser on fire. Click on the door, go
down,  look  near  the phone and get the newspaper, examine it and you
will  find  Oubies bank statement. Examine the letter of Lobinaou, now
click  on the phone an call him. Click on the pot, and you will find a
key, use the key on the door, and click on it.

2) The cafe.

     Speak with the men, you will recognise him, (bs1 same place) then
ask  two  time the waiter for a cofee, then speak with him, at the end
Andre will arrive, speak with him, after he will leave. You will see a
small movie of Nicole.

3) The Gliase Gallery.

     Speak  to Mr Gliase, then to Laine (notice the glass in his hand)
look  in  the rear of the shop, to the packing case. Now return to the
cafe  and  ask to the gendarme if he miss his work, when he closes his
eyes catch the flask from his table. Return to the gallery and use the
flask on the glass of Laine 2 times. He will fall down, go to the rear
and examine the packing case and take the label.

4) Marselle docks 

     Outside the docks go to the window and talk to the watchman, then
go  down  the  steps,  catch  the  hook in the water and use it on the
bottle. Up the steps, click on the chimney, then use the bottle on the
chimney,  click  again  on the chimney and use the bottle again on it,
the  room  will  be  full of smoke, and the watchman will go out. Down
steps  again  and  into  the  trapdoor,  get  the coal scuttle and the
biscuits,  then  go out. Look at the platform on your right, now click
on  the biscuits then try to use it on the platform but click with the
right  button of the mouse on it, the dog will go on the platform, now
use the hook on the platform and the dog will fall in the water.

Inside the docks

Up steps an on the fence.

     Now  you're  inside, look at the sign, then try to open the door,
noting will happen, go up the ladder and click on the windows, use the
hook on the fan.

Go down the ladder again and click on the door .

(Now be quick)

     Ask  the  man if that is the Condor Transglobal, then quick click
on the ladder, on the top go on the right and click on the clamp, wait
until  the  man  moves  where  the barrel fall down, than again on the
clamp, and he will fall in water. Go down the ladder and into the door.


Inside Condor Transglobal

     Inside  click  on  the  drawer  (you will find a key) then on the
notice  board.  Go  to the right and speak to the small man especially
about  the key, after he leave click on the lift button. When you exit
the lift click on the crate. Then on your right on the upper switch, a
light on your left will be switched on, now click on the scratch marks
on you left then on the door, and you will find Nicole. Get the fetish
and  click  on Nicole then on the rope. Speak with Nicole. Outside use
the  rope  on the statue, then use the strip on the photoelectric cell
of  the  lift.  Now move the crate back, then the upper small crate on
the  other one, push the crate near the pallet carrier, and at the end
click  on  the  pallet  carrier  .  Click  on the rope and then on the
pulley.  Then  click  again  on  the  pallet  carrier, and then on the
statue.  Ask  Nicole help for moving the statue, the statue will break
the door. Outside use the manacles on the cable and you ▒re freeee.
Watch the video.

5) Quaramonte 

     Speak  to the band, then to Pearl. Go inside the police house and
speak to General Grasento then to Reanldo and try to look the chart on
the  wall.  Go outside and speak to Nico, go on the right and speak to
Proff.Oubier and then with Duane, look into the cell window. Go to the
mine  office  and speak with the boss Conchita. Go out and speak again
with  Pearl,  then in the police office with Reanldo. Speak with Duane
that  will tell you that he need a detonator, so go to the mine office
and speak with Conchita, then outside with Nico about the chart inside
the police office. Tell General Grasiento that Nico want to speak with
him, after they leave speck to Renaldo about the tour to the ruins, go
outside  and  tell Pearl that Renaldo will take here to the ruins. Now
look  tot  he chart, and go to the mine office . Speck to Conchita and
get  the detonator in the cupboard. Give the detonator to Duane and go
into  police  office  then  in the Prison. Speck to Miguel, after that
Reanldo will arrive and you will be closed in the prison.

     Now  it's the turn of Nico. Right click on the television then on
the  lava  lamp  and  on  the  wall  picture,  then speck with Geanral
Grasiento, at the end the Presidente (Grasiento ▒s Mother) will enter.

Back to George.

     After  Duane try to blow the wall speck to miguel and ask him the
rope.  Use  the  rope  on the cell window, then give the rope edge and
give it to Duane. Then look at the video.

6) The Tree House

     Take the Vine from the washing machine. Use the bank statement on
the  leaves,  then the small statue on the water wheel. Speck with the
Father Hubert. Use the vine on the press on your left, then the collar
on  the  press, and at last the cross on the press. Then give back the
collar to Huber.

The village.

     Speck  with the guard, then give him the biscuits for the shaman.
When  he  returns,  use  the  box  of biscuits with the black obsidian
stone,  and  give it again to the guard. Now you will be able to speck
with  the  shaman.  You  will  know  of  the existence of other 2 back

Back to the tree hose .

     Use  the metal cone on the press, then the root on the press, and
at  the  end  the  cross  on the press. Take the cone and click on the
ladder. Watch the video.

7) Caraibi.

     Speak  with  Bronson  then  look  at  the  plains,  look into the
theodolite,  go  up the steps, and speck with two old ladies. Open the
ladder,  go  down the steps and speak with the boy on the wood bridge,
on  your  right, then again with Bronson. Up steps, click on the door,
then  speak  with  the old ladies. Down steps speak wit Rio the boy on
the  wood bridge and give him the worm, again speak with Bronson, then
with  Rio,  click on the biciclete, and get the inner tube, then again
with Rio, get the fish . Up steps, go up the ladder, and use the inner
tube  on  the  flag  pole.  Go Down the ladder and use the fish on the
inner  tube.  Get the red ball. Up ladder again and get the inner tube
again.  Use the inner tube on the tree, then the red ball on the inner
tube.  Wait  for  Bronson  to go up the ladder, then close it. Get the
marker,  the  go  down the steps take the plans and the theodolite. Up
steps and give the plans to the old ladies.

8) London

Nico's turn in London

     Speak with the man, then look into the cabinet, then again to the
man.  He will present you Prof.Oubier, after a small chat with him you
will  find  out  that the jaguar stone has been stolen. Take the small
key  in  the  cabinet  where  the  jaguar  stone was and use it on the
cabinet  near the telephone, get the obsidian dagger. Speak to the man
and  Give him the key, then click on the curtain and use the dagger on
the door..

10) Caribi (second part)
     Into  the  museum  click  on  the sea chest. You will meet Emily,
speak with her, the look at the picture on the wall and speak with her
again, then take the quill, move the chart on the desk and the lamp on
the  ink  well, go outside and use the quill on the cat, get the small
peace  of  the quill and do to the docks, speak with Rio, and give him
the small peace of the quill. Now give the shell to Emily, and use the
cross  on  the pen holder. Now you know where the treasure is. Go down
steps to Rio and speak to him.


11) Zombie island.

     Now  examine  the cliff and the rock, then the boat. Speak to Rio
and ask him for the net, use the net on the rock.

12) Back to London

     Examine  Nico  bag, and use the hair clip on the coin slot of the
vending  machine.  Get  the  coin from the coin reject slot, an use it
again  into  the machine. Get the chocolate and the coin from the same
machine.  Use  the  coin  on  the weighting machine, and get the small
card.  Use the dagger on the cupboard on your right and then the small
card on the crack. Then push the red button.

13) Back to Zombie island

     On  the  top  go to the up exit, then in the next screen near the
swamp take the reeds. (now, there is going to be a small labyrinth) Go
to  the  up right exit, in the next screen you will find a small lair,
use  the  reed  on the lair, then the dart on the reed. Go to the left
exit, and in the next screen on the left. Now you should be back where
you  started, go to the right exit. You will find a boar, use the reed
with  the  dart  on  the  boar. Go left, get the creeper from the rock
needle,  then use the net, and the marker on the creeper, then use all
this  on  the  rock.  Go  to the up exit, then next screen right, next
screen  up, next left, next up, and now look good on the right part of
the  screen  the road will go in 3 different ways up right or down, go
right  or  if  you  like  more choose the middle way, then on the next
screen  left,  and  you  will  arrive  on the top of the isle, use the
theodolite  on  the  3  small  point. Look into the thodolite, move it
until  you  find  the  marker,  click on the big rock in line with the
marker. Now go on the right exit.

     Tip : here is a really good short cut for going faster on the top
of the hill

     When  you  "dart" the boar, grab the overhanging branch. The boar
will  chase you and will change direction up the middle of the screen,
revealing  another  exit.  Do  the  same  thing with the marker on the
needle  and then go up the new exit. You will now be at the theodolite
area. (tanks to Paul Kane.)

14) Back in London

     When  the  guard goes round the deck move Nico on the ship and on
the  ladder.  Then  after  the guard cross again and stops for talking
with  the  other one, down the ladder and open the door, up the ladder
again,  when  the  guard enters the door down again and close the door
then use the broom on the door. Look into the window,(small talk) then
go  into the right door, click on Prof. Oubier, and then on the jaguar
stone,  now  be quick, when the man try to kill Nico with the rope use
the dagger on him.

15) Back into Zombie island


     Talk  to  all  the film actors, and the director. Go to the table
and  take  the syrup the pancake, and the bun. Click on the bush. Then
when  Bert  the  stunt  man  is  near the bush, use the syrup with the
pancake,  and  give  it  to him. Use the bun on the bush, then take an
other  one and use it again on the bush, and watch. On the beach speak
with  the  director, then with Burt, then with the camera man. Look at
the  small  camera near the camera man, speak with him, and again with
the director. Now George will do the stunt.

16) The Village.

     When Nico comes back from London will find that George is waiting
for  her  in  the village. But when she arrives there nobody is there.
Speak  with  the  small  man.  Next  to  the  second  barrel  take the
sunglasses  of  George.  Then click on the stone near the barrel, it's
hot. Click on the barrel, then ask the Titipoco to help you, after the
barrel is down, take the stone, and talk to Titipoco.

17) The Pyramid.

     Look at the gantry, then take the rope and ask Titipoco to use it
on  the gantry. Use the rope on the engine. Then use the dagger on the
fuel  line,  take  the  cylinder from the generator, and use it on the
fuel line, then on the fuel cup. Click on the red button of the engine
and  press  the  lever.  Speak  to  Titipoco  about  the lever and the
elevator.  Go  up  take  the ammunition, then down again. Speak to the
guards, then take the torch and go to Titipoco, he will light it. When
the fuel will light, use the ammunition on it. On the top again. Click
on Colonel Grasiento, then use the dagger on George.
     Inside the pyramid try the two lever, then ask George for help.


the machine. 

     At  the beginning it was really hard to understand how to use it.
Well  look  really good on the titles on the right. The clue is in the
second  row  of the titles, the one under the statue, if you look good
you will see that are composed of two of the left title (complex means
two  title  of  the  left  raw mixed). At the start the machine is set
exactly  like  one  of  the  left  title, so click on that one(on that
title)  then  compose  the  second figure, like you see in the complex
title  figure  under  the statue. When you have done the second one on
the  machine,  click  on  second title needed for creating the complex
title  on  the left wall and then on the complex one under the statue.
Go  on like this for all the complex figure shown under the statue and
a door will open.

This solution is probably more clear:

     If  you  examine the tiles they are composed of the shapes on the
wheels.  Turn  the  wheel so that two shapes are opposite and push the
relevant tile. Two tiles combined match an image on the square of four
tiles.  Push  these  tiles when the images correspond. Keep going till
all four tiles are pressed in.

19) George turn.

Take the torch, and ask Titipoco to light it.

Then pull the lever on the wall.


     AN other room, now use the torch on the other one on the right of
the  room. Now pull the lever in the centre of the room. Then go left,
in  the  other  room pull the right lever, the left, go out, and enter
the room (the first one) on the other side. A new door is now open, go
down, pull the wall lever. Go down to certain death!!

And it's done!!

Watch the Ending Video.

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