Broken Sword: The Shadow of The Templars

Important Notes 

     Broken  Sword  is  very  well  designed  and rich in plot graphic
adventure  game  which  will  give  you more than 20 pleasant hours of
playing.  However  before reading the solution make sure you read this
paragraph.  During  the game I encountered a lot of software problems:
autoplay  would  not  start the game, a vesa compatible was not always
found  and every time a switch between the first and the second cd-rom
was  needed  the  cd  player  would  open  so abruptly that windows 95
aborted  the  game  and  some  times  even  the  whole  system stopped
responding  and  I  had  to  reboot.  The  gameplay  is  very easy and
enjoyable:  a  magnifying  glass will appear everytime you can talk to
somebody  or  examine  something.  The  right  mouse  button  examines
everything:  from Nico's appearance to how a machine operates. Finally
the  image  of  two  gears  will  appear  everytime  you  can  operate
something.  When you are talking to someone the screen will be divided
in  three zones. In the upper zone your inventory will be open all the
time  in order to offer,show or combine items. The middle zone is your
usual  interactive  window  and  finally  the bottom zone is where the
topics  available  for  discussion  appear.  Click every topic as many
times  are  needed  for  it  to  disappear completely or you may loose
important  piece of information. When I mention a topic for discussion
that  is  not active yet in your screen don't panic. It will certainly
appear after some time while you are talking about something relevant.
Sometimes  an  answer  from you is needed : fist up means yes and fist
down  no.  Don't forget to save often not only because of the software
problems  I  mentioned  before  but  for  the fear of getting yourself
killed  due to a wrong answer or approach to a puzzle as well. Playing
the  game  for  a  second  and  third  time I decided to approach some
topics,  riddles  and discussions differently. I was surprised to find
out  that  there  were many alternatives provided by Revolution making
the  game  fun  to  play  again and again. So if you get stuck at some
point  and  what  I  suggest  cannot apply to your situation (due to a
different  approach  you made before) don't get discouraged. Hints are
available all the time. Nicole always makes a suggestion as what to do
next  provided  you ask her(try calling her). The other characters are
as  willing  to  help you on every single thing available in
your  screen ,relevant or not.You may not find out anything useful but
it will make the game more enjoyable.Have fun.


     An  explosion  leaves  you outside the cafe.Look at the bottom of
the  lamp  and  you'll  find  a newspaper.Pick it up and go inside the
cafe.  Examine  the  dead man and then the girl. It doesn't matter how
you  respond  to her questions (fist down for no and fist up for yes).
If  you  want  to give her a drink (it's not necessary though) use the
bottle  on the bar. Interrogate her about every single topic active at
the  bottom  of  your screen. Leave and go outside. Try to go left (in
the  direction of the telephone booth). A policeman will draw a gun at
you. Answer their questions any way you like.

     If  you mention the clown the waitress will deny any knowledge of
him.  If  you don't, she will inform them about the clown's suspicious
behaviour.  Go outside again and introduce yourself to Nicole Collard,
the young photographer who is taking pictures. (You may skip this part
for  now  and follow a different approach : later on the game when you
are all done with the cafe site you can go and ask sergeant Moue about
her.  He will be very happy to provide you with her telephone number).
Go  towards  the  worker again. Talk to him and before starting to ask
questions  show  him Rosso's card. He will mistake you for a policeman
and  be  a  little  more cooperative. Ask him about the active topics.
Give  him  the  newspaper  and he will leave his site to place a horse
race  bet.  Go  by his tent and search inside his tool box. You'll get
yourself a seward tool. Go back to the cafe and then across the square
right  where  you  saw  the  clown heading. Use the seward tool on the
seward  lid and go down. Pick up the red thing in front of you. It's a
clown's false nose which indicates that you are on the right trail. Go
straight  ahead  and  in  the  next  screen pick up the tissue and the
cloth. Go up the ladder.

     You'll  find an ex-military man yelling at you. Show Rosso's card
once  more  to  deceive  him.  Interrogate  him  about  every  subject
available.  Show him the cloth you found and he will mention a suit he
found. A similar discussion topic will appear. Ask him about it and he
will  give you a new lead.When you are done talking to him you'll find
yourself  outside  in  the  street  again.  (If  you  didn't introduce
yourself  to Nicole before now is the time to talk to Moue about her).
Use  the box next to where the worker used to stand. It's a telephone.
You  must have two telephone numbers available by now : Nicole Collard
and  Totryx .Call Nicole and she will give you her address. A new site
will appear on your map called Rue Jarry. Go there.

Rue Jarry : Nico's apartment 

     You'll  find  yourself  talking  to  Nico. Show her the cloth you
found in the sewards. She will give you a photo of the killer. Ask her
about  it.  Show her the clown's false nose. She will notice something
inside  it.  A  new  site  will  be  added  to  your  map. Try all the
conversation  topics  available. You will find out that the dead man's
name  was  Plantard  and the background story of two similar killings.
Use  her  phone by clicking on the telephone topic and call Todryx. He
is  not  very  coopoerative  but after talking to him he will offer to
help you if you tell him the killer's name. Leave Nico's apartment and
go to La Risee Du Mond.

La Rissee Du Monde 

     This  is  the costume shop where the false nose was bought by the
killer  clown.Talk  to  the  shop owner. Ask him about the clown : too
many  clown  costumes  were  hired.Try showing him the photo Nico gave
you.  It  sure  helped.  Show  the  photo  once more: you just got the
killer's name 'Khan'. You also found out that he will be killing again
dressed  as  a  pixie.  Show him the tissue. Leave the place. The shop
owner will give you a hand buzzer.Go back to Nico's apartment.

Rue Jarry : Nico's apartment 

     Talk  about the clown, Khan. Use Nico's phone and call Todryx. He
will  help  you  and  give you a new clue . Hotel Ubu is added to your
map. Leave the apartment and visit the Hotel.

Hotel Ubu 

     You  won't  find out anything from the guys outside so there's no
need  to  talk  to  them. Go inside. Talk to the receptionist. Ask him
about  the  clown,  Plantard and Khan. Show him the picture. No matter
how  hard  you  try he won't tell Khan's real name. Notice the keys on
the board on the wall. Try to pick them up.Talk to the man reading the
paper.  Ask about Plantard and the clown. Show him Khan's picture. Ask
about  Khan.Talk  to  the  woman  playing  the  piano. Ask about Khan,
herself  (keep repeating this topic 3 or 4 times and she will tell you
about  Moerlin).  Show  her  Khan's  photo. Bingo: Khan's real name is
Moerlin.  Ask  her  again  about Khan and you 'll find out that he put
documents  in the hotel's safe. Try now the keys topic. She will offer
to  help  you  get  the  keys.While the receptionist is retrieving her
jewellery  from  the safe get the keys from the board and go upstairs.
Try the doors.You have the keys for the first room and Khan is staying
next  door  as  Todryx told you. Use the keys on the first door to get
inside. You won't find anything in the closet.

     Open  the window and step outside on the ledge. Walk to the right
to  get into Khan's room. Open the drawer: there is nothing inside it.
Pick  up  the  briefcase by the bed: it's empty. Now you know that the
documents  in  the safe are probably what you are after of. Search the
bed  :once  more  you  find  nothing.  Leave  the room using the door.
Moerlin  is  coming.  You'll  hide inside the closet and after Moerlin
leaves  go search the pair of trousers he left on the bed. You'll find
an  id  pass with his name on it and a matchbook. Leave the room using
the  door. Go down to the receptionist and talk to him. He will refuse
to give you the documents Moerlin put in the safe even though you have
his  id  pass.  Perhaps  the  Lady playing the piano can prove herself
useful  once  more. Show her Moerlin's pass and she will take over. If
you  show her the manuscript she will advice you to hide it.if you try
to leave the Hotel the two gangsters outside will search you, take the
manuscript  and  then  kill you. Go upstairs again. Open room 21 using
the  keys on the door.Step on the ledge again and throw the manuscript
to  the  alley.  Go  inside  the  room  ,  leave  through the door, go
downstairs  and  leave  the hotel. Those two gangsters will search you
but won't find anything on you. Go to the left side of the Hotel where
the alley is and pick up the manuscript. Go to Nicole's apartment.

Rue Jarry : Nico's apartment 

     You will examine the manuscript and find out the story behind the
Templars.  Show  Nicole the Matchbook. Ask her about the briefcase and
the  manuscript.  Nicole  will  advice  you  to visit her friend Andre
Lobinau  who  is  able to help you.The museum he is working in will be
added  to your map. Ask her about the four figures. Each one is a clue
which  will prove itself useful in time. Leave the apartment and go to
the museum.

Musee Crune 

     Talk  to  the guard. He will tell you Lobinau is not there at the
moment.  Ask  about  the  manuscript  and  the Templars. Check all the
exhibits  one by one and check frequently with the guard.He is no good
in  history.  Finally  check  the  tripod.  You'll  find  out  it  was
discovered  in Ireland. Ireland is added to your map. Leave the museum
and go back to Nicole's apartment.

Rue Jarry : Nico's apartment 

     Nicole  will  tell  you  more about Lobinau and Ireland. You will
also  learn  about  professor  Peagram  who is conducting a dig in the
castle  connected  to  the Templars. Ask about Peagram and then leave.
Choose the airport site from your map and then Ireland.


     Talk  to  the  boy outside the pub. Introduce yourself either way
you  want. Ask about the clown, Peagram, the Castle and after that ask
about  the  ghost  and  the  dig.  Go  inside the pub. Talk to the man
wearing  glasses. Offer him a drink and ask about the dig, Peagram and
the castle. Ask about the gem.

     Show  him  the photo. Go talk to the old man in the right side of
the  screen.  Offer  him a drink and ask about the castle, Peagram and
the  ghost.  Abort  the conversation. Notice that everytime he takes a
sip  from  his drink he leaves something on the table in front of him.
Pick  it  up. It's a string and you never know when it may come handy.
Go  talk  to the fat man at the left corner of the bar stool. He is Mr
O'Brien. Ask him about the Castle and Peagram.

     Ask  him  about  the  tripod. Ask about the ghost,the gem and the
owner  of the pub. Tell him you are not a reporter (they don't seem to
like  them).  Talk  to the man who has his back turned to you. Ask him
about  the Castle, Peagram and the dig. Ask about the gem. Offer him a
drink  and  then  ask about Sean Fitzerald. You will now know for sure
that  Sean  Fitzerald  (the man wearing the glasses) worked at the dig
although  he  denied it. Talk to Fitz again and ask him about the dig.
Talk to the landlord. Tell him you need a vacancy.

     Ask  about the Castle, the clown, Peagram (it doesn't matter what
your  answer  will be) and finally ask about Fitz. Go outside and talk
to  Maguire.  Ask about the gem and the dig (you'll find out that Fitz
was  given  a box by Peagram). Ask about Fitz. Go once more inside the
pub  and talk to Fitz. Ask about the dig, Peagram,the package and then
Marquet.  You  really  pulled his leg cause he will rush outside and a
few  seconds  later  Maguire  will  burst in to inform you about a car
accident.  Go  outside  to  check  it  out. Maguire will tell you what
happened  and you should notice that the lid was broken by the car.The
pixie  hit  as  expected. Ask Maguire about Fitz. It's only logical to
assume  that  the box fell down the grate. You must gain access to the
pub's  cellar. Use the fuse box that is now uncovered. You just messed
up  with  the beer pump. Go inside and ask the landlord to fetch you a

     Show  him  Moerlin's  card.  Use  the wire on the washing machine
plug.  The  machine  will start operating again and the pub owner will
ask  you  to  fix  the  pump  in the cellar as well. Go downstairs and
you'll  find  a lever. Use it once. It probably released the lock that
gave  you  a  hard  time outside the pub. Go again outside the pub and
Moerlin will make his appearance. Lift the trapdoor. Go inside the pub
and then down to the cellar. Look around you.You will find a torch and
a package containing the gem. Go upstairs, pass Maguire and follow the
trail  to  the  castle. You'll find Fitz's uncle sitting in front of a
heystack.  Talk  to him. Ask about his book, the castle. Ask about the
Templars,  Peagram,  the  Ferrari and then Fitz. He will leave to seek
out  for  Fitz  and  ask you to guard the heystack.Use the haystack to
climb  up  the  castle's  wall and the seward tool in the hole to your
left.  Now  you  can climb further up and go inside the castle. You'll
find a nasty goat.

     It  took me about an hour of trying to get past it. You must head
towards  the  ladder.  Billy  will  knock  you  down and just as he is
retrieving  to  his original position use the pole in the left side of
the  screen. You'll jump there and use the pole trapping Billy.Go down
the ladder now. On the desk you'll find some plaster of Paris. Pick it
up.  In front of the altar a little statue is standing. Try to pick it
up and it will fall on the ground.

     Move  it  once more and you will notice five holes. Use them. Use
the  plaster  on  them.  Now  you  need some water. Go back to the pub
cellar. As you enter the pub you should notice a towel in front of the
man  sitting with his back turned to you. Pick it up when he lifts his
hand to drink his beer. Go downstairs and use the faucet.Use the towel
twice  on the running water. Go back to the altar and use the towel on
the  plaster. Pick up the plaster and fit it at the left of the altar.
Go  inside. You'll see a tapestry writing Montfaucon on it. Next thing
you know you'll find yourself in Nico's apartment. Leave her apartment
and visit Andre.

Musee Crune 

     Talk  to  Andre. Ask him about Montfaucon, Peagram (you''ll learn
he  was  connected to the other victims) and the Templars. Talk to him
about Nicole and then leave. Go to the police station.

Poste de Police 

     Talk  to  Moue.  Ask him about Plantard, Marquet (he will provide
you with a new lead and a new site on your map) and then about the two
gangsters.   Ask   about   Khan   and   Rosso.  Ask  Rosso  about  his
Psyco-investigating  methods,  Marquet,  the  Templars,  Khan Peagram,
gangsters  and  Plantard.  Leave  the  police station and head for the


     Go inside. Talk to the receptionist and ask about Marquet (answer
no). Show her Moerlin's id pass.Ask about the clown, the gangsters and
the  nurse.  Go  down  the  corridor.  Talk to the man with the vacuum
cleaner.  Pull  out the plug by the water cooler and then open the red
door. Go down the ward in front of you dressed as a doctor.Talk to the
patients  as the nurse instructs you. When you are done with them head
for  Marquet's  room.  The  patient  in  the  first  bed won't let you
anywhere near it unless you take his blood pressure.

     However  as  hard  as  you may try you don't qualify to do it. Go
back to the reception desk and talk to the old doctor. He will mistake
you for another doctor he's been expecting and assign you to take care
of his nephew Bunny. Go back to Marquet's room. Bunny will follow you.
Hand him the pressure gauge and talk to him. Instruct him to the first
patient  and  he  will take over. You may now visit Marquet. Watch the

Rue Jarry : Nico's apartment 

     Talk  to  Nicole about the Templars, Marquet and the Hashashasin.
Go to Andre.

Musee Crune 

     Ask  Andre  about  Lui de Bele, the Hashashasin and the Templars.
Next  to  the window you can see a window mechanism. When the guard is
not paying any attention to you,use the mechanism. He will go there to
close  the  window  again. Just then hurry to operate the sarcophagus.
You  will  hide  inside  it  and the museum will close. When the night
falls  the  two gangsters will come to steal the tripod. Use the totem
when the two goons appear. The totem will fall breaking the glass case
protecting  the tripod and setting off the alarm. At the same time you
will fall unconscious and a pantomime cat will enter the room from the
roof  and  steal the tripod. Next day you will find yourself at Nico's
apartment explaining her what happened the night before.

     Guess who was the cat woman. She will hand you the tripod, inform
you  about Andre and the manuscript. Hurry there.At the museum talk to
Andre and ask him about the manuscript until the topic disappears. You
have  a  new  clue.  Go  to  the  airport  and  then  choose  Villa de

Villa de Vasconcellos 

     Talk  to  the  gardener.  He is determined not to let you see the
Countess  de  Vasconcellos.  Tell him that she didn't won the lottery.
You should try to distract him. Since he seems so occupied in watering
the  garden  go  mess  up  with his hose. At the left hand side of the
house  you  can  see  a  window  where  the hose comes out. Attach the
pressure  gauge on it. When he leaves go inside the house. In front of
you by the armour you can see an iron gate. Go there to upset the dogs
to  and  right after that use the armour to hide behind it. It worked.
Time  to  go  upstairs  to  visit  the Countess. Talk to her about the
Templars.  Ask  about  the  chess.  Examine the altar. On removing the
Bible you find something interesting. Examine the pattern. Talk to the

     Ask  again about the Templars and then the chess board. Ask about
the  chess  figures.  Ask  about  the  Templars again(it will help you
understand  the background story if you haven't read the game manual).
When  Lopez  arrives  you  will find yourself facing a chess puzzle. A
piece  of  cake  for  those of you who know how to play chess. For the
rest  of  you  here  is  what you have to do: the middle column of the
chess  board  is  moveable  and you can see three white figures in the
following order the horse (up),the king(middle) and the officer(down).
You must move those three figures in the middle column and put them in
such  an  order that the red won't threaten you. Put your king between
the  two  red  horses(square no4 counting from the top) and place your
officer  on  the first square(up). Finally place your horse on the 3rd

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