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Steam Achievements
'Tis better to give than receive
As a Medic, using the Transfer Supplies ability, give the last of your Supplies away
A bit of a headache
Take down an enemy with a Cortex Bomb
Detonate a HE Charge
Complete an Operative Primary Objective within 5 seconds of breaking disguise
Cut 'em off at the pass
Close an enemy team's shortcut
Great shot kid! One in a million
Take down an enemy by shooting a grenade
I live... again!
Revive yourself
I think I know a shortcut
Open a shortcut for your team
It's a trap!
Take down an enemy with a Satchel Charge
King of the world!
Complete all 3 Star Challenges
No I insist, you take it
Use the last of your Supplies to refill a teammate's ammo rather than your own
Not over till the fat lady sings!
Take down an enemy with gunfire while knocked down
Not so sneaky now, are you?
Reveal an enemy in disguise
Oh I'm sorry, was that yours?
Capture an enemy's Command Post
Pump up the volume!
Upgrade your team's command post
Smart decisions win battles
Attempt to Revive an objective-class teammate over a non-objective teammate near a Primary Objective
That mine you found? Disarmed!
Spot a mine which is later defused by another Engineer
That's how you win a match
While on defense, take down an attacker who's completing a Primary Objective
The start of something big
Win any mission, whether campaign or What-If
The story has just begun
Win both story campaigns (not including What-If missions)
They never knew what hit them
While on offense, win the match in less than 30% of the time limit.
Time to start a new character
Reach rank 5
To serve and protect
Win every Security campaign mission, including What-If missions
Tough as nails
Win all storyline campaign missions (not including What-If missions) playing either Online Versus, or in Hard mode
Use the wheel, earn more XP
Complete an objective after first selecting it on the Objective Wheel
Very well done indeed!
Complete your first 3 Star Challenge
Viva la revolution!
Win every Resistance campaign mission, including What-If missions
Was it the red or the blue wire?
Disarm an HE charge
Well done!
Complete your first 1 Star Challenge
Well that was educational
Collect all Audio Logs
Who's bad?
Complete all 1 Star Challenges
You can place another mine now
Take down an enemy with a mine
You shall not pass!
While on defense, prevent the attackers from completing their first objective
You're going places, kid!
Reach rank 2
You've escaped the Ark
Win all main missions of the Resistance campaign (not including What-If missions)
You've saved the Ark
Win all main missions of the Security campaign (not including What-If missions)
Brink: Agents of Change Steam Achievements
A Burning Thing
Kill an enemy with a Napalm Grenade
Ark King
Reach level 24
Mutual Support
Have a Field Regen Unit buff more than 3 players simultaneously
Kill an enemy with a Pyro Mine
Remote Control
Kill an enemy with a UAV
Science Maven
Win Labs as both factions in Campaign Mode
Towering Achievement
Win Founders' Tower as both factions in Campaign Mode

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