Blair Witch Project Vol.2: Coffin Rock

UHS Module

     Hit F10 and enter the following cheats:

Code                   Result 
godgames               God Mode 
winblows               All Weapons 
autoaim                Auto-Aim Weapons 
skeletonkey            Get Skeleton Key 
moreammo               Get More Ammo 
goremode               Gratuitous Dismemberment 

Easter Eggs 

Doc Freshens Up
     Upon  awakening  from  her  nightmare on Day 2, Doc goes into the
bathroom  to  reflect on the dream and its meaning. She goes back into
her  room  and  you  regain  control. Return to the bathroom, stand in
front  of  the  bathtub  and  after  8 clicks of the action button and
hearing her say "I've got no time for a bath right now", she'll decide
that she could stand to freshen up a little.

Coyote Ugly
     Having  both  nickels  in  your  inventory,  (one  from the hotel
office,  the  other from the machine in front of the grocery store) go
into the diner. Stand in front of the juke box and deposit one of your
nickels.  Then  go and give the other nickel to Gretchen, our favorite
waitress.  She'll  then  give  you her impression of the movie "Coyote
Ugly".  This can be done with our without the Sheriff in the diner but
gives  meaning  to  his  comment  "Whats wrong with you lady?" I don't
think that this can be done on Day 4 in the game.


The forest noises tape recorder settings are: 

Bass 5
Treb 3
Freq 2
Pitch 5

The Mary Brown tape recorder settings are: 

Bass 1
Treb 4
Freq 2
Pitch 3

Walkthrough By Randy Sluganski 

     Portions  of  this  walkthrough will purposely be vague so to not
ruin some of the surprises in the game.

     Make sure to pick up every glowing red object you find. These are
health twanas and they are in short supply. Also pick up every glowing
gold  object.  This  is  ammo.  For  the  sake  of brevity, I will not
pinpoint the location of every single twana and ammo; you will stumble
across them.

     Opening  scene:  Take  saber from pile of hay and then follow the
young  girl,  Robin  Weaver,  into  the woods. Numerous cutscenes will
follow  that  don't  require  your  participation.  Once Lazarus falls
asleep  and  his spirit leaves his body, you will finally have control
of your character.

     Exit  the  room and go toward the front of the house, where Robin
is  sleeping  on the floor. Get the cross on the table near the room's
entrance. Exit this room and then search the entire house, clearing it
of the children's spirits by using the cross as a weapon.

     Go back to where Robin is and approach her sleeping body.

     A  long  conversation  with  Robin's  grandmother,  Bess  Weaver,
follows. Take the gun and ammo on the dresser. Go into the kitchen and
talk with Grandma. Exit the house and go behind the barn. You will see
three  cans  on  the  fence post. Use your revolver to shoot all three
cans off the post (this is difficult, but as the game progresses, your
auto-aiming becomes better).

     Follow  the soldier into the barn and shoot him. Search his body.
Another rebel soldier will enter the barn. Shoot him and then exit the
barn and head towards the front of the house. Shoot the last soldier.

     After  listening  to Bess's advice, follow her back to the house.
She  will  give  you  a chicken leg (I never did find a use for this).
Exit  to  the  path into the woods. Shoot any wild dogs you encounter.
Take  the  twana  from  the small dog house. Follow the path until you
meet the townspeople. Engage them in conversation.

     Speak  with your commander. After receiving your orders, exit the
Command  Hut  and go ahead until you find three soldiers in front of a

     Keep speaking with Peter Durant until he has nothing else to say.
After  he  gives  you  the  charm,  exit  and head toward the railroad

     At the tracks, enter the outhouse and take the lantern.

     After  some cutscenes, attack and shoot all of the rebels. Search
the  area  for  ammo and twanas. Eventually, the scene changes back to
the  present,  and  you will meet an elderly blind man. After speaking
with  him,  you will hear Robin calling for you from the woods. Follow
her  into  the  woods.  You can kill the rebel ghosts with your saber.
Continue to follow the path.

     Shoot  any  soldiers  you encounter as you follow the path. There
will  be  now  be  a lot more scene-switching between the past and the
present.  Approach  the old lady lying on the ground at the top of the
hill.  After  the  sequence in the past, pick up the necklace. You can
now  use  your  cross as a weapon again. When the old lady is swaying,
use  your  sword  to  finish her off. Exit on the path to the left and
approach the bridge.

     To  cross the bridge with all your men, you must shoot all of the
hands reaching out from the creek.

     After  meeting  the  search  party, take the sticks on the ground
that  they have left behind. Enter the forest. You do not have to kill
the  stick  monsters.  Be  careful  to not run into the small piles of
stones  on  the  ground.  If you just continue to work your way to the
left,  you will eventually enter a large, foggy clearing. You can then
exit at the top of the screen.

     After  another  cutscene, take the bugle. Go to the huge tree and
shoot the four blood sacks hanging from the branches. The blocked path
will open.

     Follow  the path until you reach the fallen tree. Cross the creek
by  running  across the fallen tree while shooting the clutching hands
(this is not as hard as it sounds).

     After defeating the stick monsters and rebel ghosts, take the axe
from  the  tree  stump.  Go right toward the creek, and you will see a
tree that looks as though someone was trying to chop it down. Use your
axe to finish chopping down the tree and cross over to the other side.

     Walk  up  the hill to the graveyard. After the cutscene, kill the
ghosts  with your saber. Click on the glowing tombstone to the left of
the  entrance.  After shooting the dogs, take the rag doll next to the
grave. Take the shovel. Use the shovel on the grave. Take the skeleton

     Keep  following  the  path  until  you reach Coffin Rock (it goes
without  saying  that  you  will  be  fighting  your way through stick
monsters and ghosts).

     After the cutscene, approach the possessed Robin in the center of
the ritual. Go toward Robin and watch the cutscene. After working your
way  back  to Coffin Rock, go into the creek and enter the cave to the
right of the waterfall. Watch some more cutscenes.

     Go down the path from the top of Coffin Rock until you see a huge
pile  of  green  glowing stones to the right. Approach the stones, and
after the cutscene, place the bundled herbs at the foot of the stones.

     Follow  the  path to the right, and there will be another tree to
use  your  axe on (there is a twana hidden behind the stump at the top
right of the screen). Run across the tree as before while avoiding the
hands.  Follow  the  path  until  you  come to another pile of glowing
stones.  After  the  cutscene,  place  the  lantern at the foot of the

     After  another  cutscene, follow the path until you reach another
pile of stones. Place the bugle at the foot of this pile of stones.

     Go  back  to  Coffin  Rock. Go to the left of the screen, and you
will  find the last pile of stones. Use the skeleton arm on this pile.
There  is now a timed sequence for you to get back to Coffin Rock. But
if  you  do the stones in the suggested order, you will have more than
enough  time.  Approach  Robin  and  give  her the rag doll. Watch the
cutscene and then go back into the cave by the waterfall.

     It  does  take  some  strategy  to  get  through the cave. Search
around,  and you will find some ammo and health twanas. Use your cross
to  kill  spirits and the saber on the wild dogs. Closed passages will
open  as you dispose of foes until you eventually find yourself in the
basement of the Parr house.

     If  you  need  health,  then  do not go into the room left of the
fireplace. Go outside first and you will find two twanas. Go back into
the  house  and  enter  the  room  left  of  the fireplace. Defeat the
creature by using your sword. A final cutscene ends the game.

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