Blair Witch Project Vol.1: Rustin Parr

UHS Module

Various Cheats
     During gameplay, press F10 and type any of the following

Code                    Effect 
IWORKFORGOD             God Mode 
GETINTOMYBELLY          All Weapons 
BIGHEAD                 Big Head Mode 
GIBNPLENTY              Gratuitous Dismemberment 
T2000                   Terminator Skin 
GIVEMEFAITH             Restore Health 
NOD3D                   Invisibility 
HELLFREEZEOVER          Freeze Enemies 
BIGSTICKOFDEATH         Get Shotgun 
MEDIUMRARE              Get Crossbow 
GOODTIMESMAN            Get Dynamite 
BURNYOURASSOFF          Get Flamethrower 
MEETMYPALTOMMY          Get Tommygun 
SMILEYNOMORE            Get Elephant Gun 
SUNOFGOD                Get Charge Radiance Emitter 
IAMAWIMPFORTHIS         100 Bullets 
RECHARGE                Restore Flashlight Battery 
THEDOGFARTED            Gas Mask 
ICANSEE                 Night Vision Goggles 
WWBEWARE                Get Silver Bullets 
VAMPBEWARE              Get Lith Bullets 
DEMONBEWARE             Get Mercy Bullets 
ISUCK                   Easy Difficulty 
IRULE                   Hard Difficulty 
COMBATISSCARY           Easy Combat 
PUZZLESARESCARY         Easy Puzzles 
INSTANTCRASH            Crash the Game 
THUNDERSTORM            Create Storm 
SNOWSTORM               Snowflakes Fall 
FLAMEONASTICK           Flaming Ammo 
ITISDARKNOW             ??? 
GONEAWHILE              ??? 
RAISE                   ??? 
NUKEFART                ??? 
TIME                    Slow or Speed up Time 
OLDHAT                  ??? 
BLANK                   Black, hot pink, and gray objects 
DARK                    Darker graphics 
STEP                    ??? 



     After  the  introductory  conversation  between Stranger and Doc.
Holiday,  and  the Colonel, pick up the Compass on the chair. Exit the
room,  and RUN over the plank suspended between the floor levels. Pick
up  the  Pistol,  turn  and  kill  the  zombie using as little ammo as
possible.  Return  over  the  plank.  Follow the instructions from the
Colonel and when you reach the door with the lever, before "using" the
lever,  restore  your  Health with the Doctor's Bag. Move close to the
lever  and  push the lever, and immediately RUN backwards, shooting at
the  two  zombies.  When  you've  killed  both  zombies, your training
mission is complete.

     {In HARD PUZZLE MODE, at the end of the Training Session, Holiday
gives  Stranger  a  hard  time  about  his  smoking.  She'll  take his


     Go  through  the door, following Stranger. Go around the hallway,
through  the  double  doors.  After  the  Colonel begins briefing you,
Stranger  enters.  The Colonel continues briefing you on your mission.
Exit  the  room,  turn  right and enter through the door. Pick up your
weapons. When the conversations stops, pick up your luggage.


     Talk  with the innkeeper and get your room key. Search your room.
Leave  and go to the motel office to talk with the innkeeper again. If
you check the soda machine you will find a nickel.

     The  Townhall  is  closed  right  now,  so go to the Diner to get
something  to eat and talk with some of the locals. Gretchen will give
you  advice  on  who to talk to. After leaving the diner walk down the
street  and go into the Newpaper office. After talking with Horace, he
gives  you the morning edition. You'll have to talk to the Sheriff, so
leave  the  newspaper office and return to the motel. Go back into the
Motel  office  and  talk  to the innkeeper. He'll tell you that you'll
need  a  forrest  map.  Go  back to your room and lie on the bed. Your
bathroom  door  slam  abruptly  and  wake  you  up. Go investigate the
bathroom.  After  the  ghost jumps out of the room, grab your gear and
head  after  it!  Turn  on your Spectral Proximity Sensor to track it.
You'll track it into the Town Hall.

     Enter  the  Town  Hall.  You  can grab the axe on the wall if you
want.  Go towards the door in front of the counter. You should see the
sheriff in the back room. When you move closer to him, you'll discover
that  he  is  a demon. Shoot and kill him, then exit the Town Hall and
continue  your  search  for  the  apparition.  Turn right. Go down the
street  to the alley before the Church. Shoot and kill all the zombies
outside and in the Cemetary. Go back to the Diner. Kill the demon that
jumps out of the window, then enter the Diner. Kill the demons inside.
Exit  the  Diner.  Kill the zombie around the Church area and kill the
other Zombies that pop up out of the ground in the street. When you've
killed  them  all  an  event will be triggered showing the Church door
opening  to  you. Go into the church, go up to the Altar, and read the
Bible.  The Stained Glass will shatter. Look around and then leave the
Church.  As you leave the Church a zombie with a hole in its body will
pop  up  out  of the ground. Follow the Zombie to the schoolyard. Kill
all  the  zombies  in  the  schoolyard,  then  another  event  will be
triggered.  A  short  video sequence will follow and you'll wake up in
your bed. It had all been a dream.



     You've  gotta  get the forrest map. First, leave the motel and go
to  Town  Hall. Speak with the Sheriff and deputy. The Sheriff doesn't
seem  friendly  so  leave  the Town Hall and go to the Diner. Soon the
Sheriff enters. When he enters, leave the Diner and return to the Town
Hall. Speak with the Deputy and he'll give you a partial map to Parr's
House.  Leave  and  head  to the schoolyard. Enter the Schoolhouse and
speak to the Teacher. After speaking with the Teacher, exit the school
and  move  towards your Motel. Behind the Motel is the Brody House. Go
to  the  right  of the Motel Office and follow the thin alleyway up to
the  Brody house. Speak to Mrs. Brody. When your conversation is over,
Holiday  will state that she is ready to head for the woods. Return to
your Motel room, grab your gear and head to the Hotel Office to send a
telegram  to  Spookehouse  about  your progress. Now head for the side
gate  of the Schoolhouse. Once in the woods, be sure to SAVE YOUR GAME

     {HARD PUZZLE MODE: In order to get the map you have to go talk to
the  School  Teacher,  then  head  off to talk to Kyle Brody's Mother.
Don't forget to pick up the note at the bottom of the steps leading up
the  hill  (by  the  mailbox).  Go back and talk to the Teacher again,
she'll  be  asleep so don't wake her. Search the classroom and pick up
the  chalk. Use the chalk on the front of the Schoolhouse. Now you can
get the partial Map and from the Deputy.}

     Now  enter  the  forrest  and  find  Rustin Parr's House. I don't
remember  the  exact paths I took, but it's really not that difficult.
You  may  get  lost  a  couple of times, but you'll eventually make it
through. Good luck!

     So after you find Parr's House, find Coffin Rock. It's very close
to  the  house.  Just check your map frequently. After you find coffin
rock  you'll  be  ready to return to the Town. As you're attempting to
get back to town, you'll find yourself getting lost. You should spot a
WHITE OWL. Follow the WHITE OWL, he'll lead you to a safe place. Here,
you'll  meet an Indian. After talking with the Indian he'll give you a
magic  necklace  that  allows  you to see things in the Woods that you
would  NOT  ordinarily see. Exit and head back down the same path that
brought you to his hut.

     Use your Map to find your way back to the main path that leads to
Town.  You'll  have  to kill some demon dogs on the way (use pistol or
other  live  ammo  weapon). You'll also encounter some apparitons (use
your  Enhanced  Charged  Radiance Emitter to dispose of them). Several
Stick  Figures pop out at you too (shoot them with regular ammo). When
you  do,  be  sure  to  knock over their glowing red hearts (rocks) or
they'll  reform.  Eventually,  after much running around and following
paths  and  ALMOST  to  town,  you  will  be  confronted by a Spectral
Scorpion  that  blacks  the path. Use whatever you can to kill it (use
dynamite if you have it). When you've killed it, the trees at the base
of the screen will open, revealing the path to return to Town.

     As  you go down the path you will notice one of the Stick figures
up in the tree on the right. You'll comment on it. Go on into town and
begin Day 3.



     You wake up in your and notice that you need more supplies before
heading  back  into  the forest. The Deputy will stop by and hand over
the  Police  Report on the child killings. He'll also give you a Stick
Figure (Twana) from Parr's cell. Read the Police Report before leaving
your room. Go speak to the innkeeper to send a telegram.

     Go  to  the  Church  and  speak  with  the  pastor  the go to the
Schoolyard  and speak with the Little Girl, Mary Brown. She appears to
be talking with someone, but there is no one around. You'll record her
conversation.  Head  for  the  Library and speak with Mr.Durant. He'll
provide  you  with  a  book.  After going through it, return the book.
After  returning the book to him, talk to him again and he'll give you
a  book  about  Native Folklore. After jotting down more notes in your
notebook,  return the book to him once again. Talk to him again and he
will give you a little information about Robin Weaver.

     Leave  the  Library and head back to your room. Stop by the Motel
Office  and  ask  about  your  parcel  then  exit. As you exit Office,
Justine  appears  in a car and will give you supplies. Go back to your
room  and  analyze the recordings from the woods and Mary Brown. Below
are  the  settings  you should use in order to correctly "analyze" the

4-BASS 2-TREB 5-FREQ. PITCH = 2nd "slot" from the left

2-BASS 5-TREB 3-FREQ. PITCH = 2nd "slot" from the right

     Get  ALL  of  your  gear  and head for the Woods. As you exit the
room,  The  Sheriff  will  stop  you  outside  and  tell you that he's
watching  you.  As  you  enter  the  Schoolyard, the Teacher exits the
schoolhouse  and  tells  you  about  the arrest of Kohl at the General
Store.  They  found  the  judge's dead body in the store. So leave the
Schoolyard and go to the General Store. Talk to everyone. Head for the
forrest again.


6.FOREST - DAY 3: 

     Enter  the Forest and fight your way through. Your objective this
time  is  to  go  all over the Forest, and uncover different locations
from  your  previous  visit  in Day 2 (check map often). When you have
done  that,  go  and  visit  the  Indian (Asgaya). When you've visited
Asgaya,  exit his hut and make your way to the thin pathway that leads
to  the backside of Parr's House. Standing and facing the thin pathway
put  away  your  flashlight  and/or any weapons you might be carrying.
Scroll through your Inventory and select PARRS TWANA. An event will be
triggered.  Start walking towards the house. You'll discover the house
BEFORE it was burned to the ground. You've just entered through a time
Portal.  Get  the  page  from  Parr's Diary on the floor by the stairs
leading  down  to  the  basement. Get the 2nd page of the Diary in the
fireplace  on  the  main floor. Turn around from the fireplace and get
the  bullets  on  the  floor  next  to the bookshelf. Exit through the
opening  on your left and go up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Enter the
room  on  the right, get the First Aid Kit and the 40 bullets from the
box  on  the  floor.  Go the adjoining room. Exit to the hallway, turn
left  and  enter  the  Bathroom at the end of the hallway. Get the 3rd
page  of  the Diary in the Bathroom. Look out the window and watch the

     Now  go  up to the 3rd Floor. Walk to the end, turn left, and get
the  4th  page of the Diary. Walk towards the drawings on the wall and
you'll  get  a REAL TWANA. Now go down to the basement. Watch and then
pick up the sketch left by Kyle. Use the "ESC" key to exit the closeup
of  the  sketch.  Turn  your Spectral Proximity Sensor ON and exit the
basement. Exit the house.

     Use  the "Sketch" in your Inventory and find the old map you used
before.  Also  use  your COMPASS to find your way to Coffin Rock. Move
towards the water and you'll find and pick up the lost Teddy Bear (Mr.
Brownie)  that  belongs  to Mary Brown. Now return to the Portal (thin
pathway  leading  to  the  rearside  of Parr's House) and use the REAL
TWANA. Be sure to put away all your weapons and items before hand.

     After  returning to the REAL WORLD, leave this area and make your
way  towards  Asgaya's  hut.  Before  you reach this area, you will be
confronted  by a huge Stick Figure. As the Stick Figure approaches you
and  moves  away  from the main area where it "rests", kick the Stones
around  the  central area where the Giant Stick Figure sits. This will
cause the Stick Figure to fall apart. After you've destroyed the Stick
Figure,  Jonathan Prye talks to you. He tells you he left a Journal at
Coffin Rock. Before going to Coffin Rock to get the Journal, return to
Asgaya.  Follow  the  WHITE  OWL  to Asgaya. Asgaya tells you that the
little  boy  is possessed by a Demon and wants you to find out Demon's
name.  Get  the ammo from the two suitcases and the First Aid Kit from
the table before you leave.

     Head back to Coffin Rock. When you make it to Coffin Rock, you'll
see  a  cutscene for finding the Journal. Look at it carefully in your
Inventory.  Return  to  Asgaya  and  talk  to him. The Teddy Bear, you
realize, belongs to Mary Brown, thus making her the next victim of the
boy possessed. To find the Bleeding Boy Twana, take him to Coffin Rock
and  use  him  as a distraction for the Demon. Leave Asgaya's and head
back to Town.



     Visit  the  Schoolhouse  and  speak  to  the  Teacher.  Exit  the
schoolyard  and  an event will be triggered. Enter the Church and walk
up  to  the  Altar. A conversation involving you, the Pastor, and Mary
will  take  place.  You'll find out that Kyle is in the back room. RUN
off the Altar and through the back door. RUN FAST after Kyle. Catch up
to  him  in  the  Street. DO NOT allow him to make it to the Sheriff's
Office  or you'll be arrested. When you catch up to him in the Street,
you'll  "free"  him from the Devil's hold. You'll have a converstation
with Kyle. After the conversation, you'll see the Pastor exit the rear
of the Church with Mary.

     Run  BACK to the Main Street. Turn and run PAST the Town Hall and
turn right, between the schoolyard and the Town Hall. Meet up with the
Pastor  and  Mary.  He'll  drop  the Shovel he's carrying. Pick up the
Shovel.  Chase  after  the  Pastor  and  Mary  as  they  head  for the
schoolyard  fence  that  leads  to  the Woods. Hit the Pastor with the
Shovel BEFORE he reaches the schoolyard gate. After you've knocked out
the  Pastor,  Mary  will talk to you. She'll give you 3 clues and then
tell  you  you're NEXT to be killed. The Sheriff and Teacher will show
up  and  want to know what has happened. The Pastor will wake up and a
group  of  Demon Specteres are let loose. RUN into the forrest. You'll
be  surrounded by heads. As you escape, you'll be hit by lightning and
the  heads  will disappear. An Old Woman appears. Follow the Old Woman
to  her  House.  Walk over to her and talk to her several times before
she  responds.  She'll  tell you to get the page off of the wall. Turn
and  walk  towards  the Front Door. Look at the wall on the right side
standing  inside  the  house.  Get the page, then get the Stick Figure
(Twana)  she  gives  you  with the page. Leave the house and return to
Town.  As  you enter the schoolyard, you're met up by the Sheriff, the
Pastor,  Mary  and the Teacher. Stranger will show up and you two will
head  back  to  the  forest.  When  Stranger  disappears, head back to
Asgaya's hut. Talk to him quickly and then leave and head for the thin
pathway leading to Parr's House.

     Use  your  map  to  find the path quickly. Stand outside the thin
pathway  and  use  the Weaver Twana. Then watch. Use your Bleeding Boy
Twana and the trap will be set.

     Now fight your way back to Coffin Rock. Move to the boy's body in
the  center  of  Coffin  Rock.  As soon as Stranger appears, shoot the
Demon, take the boy and RUN back to the Thin Pathway leading to Parr's
house. If the Demon reaches you before you can figure out which way to
turn  and go, you're dead. Game Over. Keep trying over and over again,
until you succeed in reaching the spot where the trap has been set. If
you  FOLLOW STRANGER as he leads the way, you'll get there faster, and
SAFER.  The  Ending starts when the Boy is rescued and safe within the


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