Blade Runner

     Warning: The following is a detailed walkthrough of Blade Runner.
Please,  DO  NOT  READ  FROM  START  TO FINISH. You'll spoil the game.
Unless you're just a Replicant trying to live a little longer. In that
case, enjoy!

     This  is  a  walkthrough  to play as a Replicant Sympathizer. The
gameplay  varies,  and  somethings are already decided upon once a new
game  starts,  so  this  Walkthrough  should  be used more as a guide,
rather  than  a  direct  set  of  instructions. You might want to save
often,  so  you  can backtrack over mistakes. Under Conversation Mode,




     OUTSIDE:  Talk  to  the  cop. Inspect the front door (do not walk
through  it  yet),  then  look  for  clues  on the firehydrant. You'll
discover a piece of chrome on the street below the firehydrant. Select
the crowd and the cop will interview them for more clues.

     INSIDE:  Pick  up  the ammo shells on the floor where Roy enters.
Talk  to  Runciter,  ask  him about Lucy, her References, Motives, and
Replicant  Manufacturers. Select the video camera hanging in the upper
left. Now walk over to Lucy's desk in the upper right.

     LUCY'S  CORNER:  Pick  up  the  Toy  Dog  in  the lower left, the
Chopsticks  in  the lower right, and the candybar wrapper on the desk.
For kicks, look at the poster and touch the monkey. Leave the store.

     OUTSIDE: Talk the cop a couple times more. Go to your spinner.


     2nd  FLOOR:  The  TV  will  come on as you step off the elevator.
Throughout the game, check your TV at Roy's apartment, in his bedroom.
In this variation, the announcer reports how Tyrell recalled his Nexus
Entertainment  series. This keys off that Gordo is a Replicant in this

Enter the MAINFRAME/ESPER room to the right.

     MAINFRAME:   UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD   information   on   the   rightmost
vidscreen.  Then,  select  the ESPER Unit on the left. Examine the 1st
new  photo.  You'll  find Lucy just to the right of a green monitor in
the  middle of the scene. Focus in on her ankle, and you'll discover a
piece of Dragonfly jewelry. Check the back of the room on her desk for
another  clue.  Looking  at  the 2nd photo, you'll find Clovis walking
through  the  door.  Highlight  the  back of the sedan (backlights and
license  plate).  Then  highlight  just  the trunk (do not include the
license  plate). This will give Roy a total of 6 new photos. Return to
the elevator.

     3rd  FLOOR:  In  the  lab, talk to Dino. He'll give you some good
information  on  Runciter's.  Make sure you squeeze all you can out of
him,  because  you'll  never  see  him again after this. Return to the


     HOWIE  LEE'S  BAR:  Speak  to Gordo (dressed in red and seated at
bar)  a  couple  of  times.  Takl  to Howie Lee (behind the bar) about
Lucy's  Photo,  Runciter  clues,  his employee, and toss in some small
talk. Enter Lee's Kitchen behind the bar.

     KITCHEN:  Ask  Zuben  about  Lucy's  Photo.  Just  as he finishes
telling  you  where  he thinks he saw her, try to start jumping to the
right.  When  Zuben  turns over his pot, Roy will be able to dodge the
spill  and scramble to your feet faster. Follow Zuben through the door
and  continue  around the right corner of the alley. Ignore the bum at
the trashbin and go into the next building.

     WAREHOUSE: Quickly run up the stairs on to the right. Once in the
hallway,  proceed  to  the  locked door ahead of you. As you do, Zuben
jumps  down from behind, blocking your exit. If you wish to sympathize
with the Replicants, put your gun away. Zuben will be curious and then
flee.  If  you  return to Roy's apartment and check the vidphone, Lucy
leaves  a  message  thanking  you.  If you wish to do your job, retire
Zuben.  Check  his  corpse  for a photo of him. Return to mainroom and
exit through the garage door to a spinner.

     STREET NEARS LEE'S: After you talk to Gaff, re-enter the alleyway
just  to  the right of Lee's bar on the far left. If you dig around in
the trashbi, Roy will find a license plate. Return to the spinner.


     ROY'S BEDROOM: Check the vidphone (a blinking red light indicates
a call). Check the TV near the balcony, then go to bed.



TYRELL LOBBY: Enter the elevator.

     EISENDULLER'S  LAB: Pick up the dragonfly earring on the floor to
the  right of the door. If there, also pick up a brown brochere on the
floor. Enter the anti- grav chamber.

     MURDER SCENE: Introduce Roy to the crime scene photographer. Pick
up the Kingston Kitchen's white takeout box in the center of the room.
You'll  find  a dog collar just the left of the door and down. Inspect
the  dog bodies to the right of the room, then proceed to Eisnehower's
body on the left for inspection. Return to the lab.

     EISENDULLER'S  LAB:  Check  the  console just to the right of the
anti-grav  door.  Using the name on the dog collar, you gain access to
Eisenduller's DNA Material. Return to the elevator.

     TYRELL  LOBBY: Ask Crystal about her case. Interview the Security
Guard about Tyrell, Security, the murder Victim, and the Earring.


     MAINFRAME:  UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD  clues.  Use  the  ESPER  unit on the
security  disc. Focus in on Sadik's head for a hardcopy. You will also
discover  a  dog  in  the middle right and a crate in the lower right.
This will give you 3 new photos.

     LOBBY:  Enter Bryant's office at the bottom of the screen. Report
in with Guzza and request a meeting with Tyrell. Return to the roof.


     TYRELL'S CHAMBER: Speak to Rachael & then Tyrell for information.


     MAINFRAME: DOWNLOAD interviews with Grigorian.

     BASEMENT: Ask Grigorian about the Protest, CARS, and then VK him.
You  might  want  to  save the game prior to VK'ing him. The VK device
halts after 10 questions, whether you know the nature of the person or
not. Saving the game prior to questioning lets you retry until you get
a positive ID.


     DRAGONFLY BOOTH: Speak to the Peruvian Lady about her Merchandise
and  the  Dragonfly Earring Roy found. If you rattle the Scorpion Cage
on  her  counter  twice,  Roy will be injected with deadly poison, but
survive -- a possible solution would be that he is a replicant.

     Introduce  yourself to Hasan, the snake dealer next to the booth.
Speak to him three times to gain new information.

     BOB'S  SURPLUS:  Ask  Bob  about  Weapons  and Ammo, then VK him.
Afterwards,  talk  to him again, and he'll modify your KIA so Roy only
UPLOADS  what he wants to into the MAINFRAME. Only ask Bob about Hasan
after VK'g him.

     KINGSTON'S KITCHEN: Tell the woman about Eisenduller's murder and
show her Sadik's Photo.

     GREEN  PALACE:  If Izo is not outside his storefront, walk around
Animoid Row again, possibly returning to the Dragonfly Booth to decide
if  you  want  to purchase a braclet with the name of Roy's dog on it.
This wandering sometimes resets encounters.

     Once  you meet Izo, ask him about Weapons, the Dragonfly Earring,
and  Grigorian if you get the chance. When he flashes his camera, make
sure to pick it up and the two photos that come with it. Run after Izo
by  shooting  the  lock on the cage door. Climb down the ladder in the
floor  to  his  basement.  Inspect  the  crates  of  weapons. Continue
following  Izo  be  exiting  the  right  and  into another underground
chamber. Climb up the ladder to the street. Izo will either be shot by
Crystal or captured by her. Return to the spinner.


     CHEW'S  EYEWORLD:  Proceed  to  Chew's  Eyeworld to the right and
enter. Talk to Chew three times.

     MORAJI'S:  Enter  Moraji's  business  on  the  other  side of the
street.  Shoot the lock off of Moraji's cuffs and run out of the store
quickly.  Once  outside,  make sure Roy is in the farmost bottom right
corner  to  avoid  damage from the explosion. Comfort the dying Moraji
and he will tell you a couple things.

     TWIN'S APARTMENT: Walk up the stairs outside of Moraji's building
to the Twin's Apartment. Check the red sashes figure for a letter from
Runciter. Locate the monitor on in the middle left and you will find a
saved message from Sebastian.

     CHEW'S  EYEWORLD:  Ask  Chew  about  Tyrell,  Moraji,  the Twins,
Lance's  Envelope,  and  Sebastian.  You  can  then  find Sebastian by
entering the alley to the left of Chew's building.


     SEBASTIAN'S APARTMENT: You can locate his apartment by taking the
elevator  or  the  stairs  up. Stay on the mainfloor and find his lab.
SEBASTIAN'S  LAB:  Hit the powerswitch on the floor to the left of the
countertop. Then step over to the printer at the center of the counter
to pocket some DNA material.

     BRADBURY  ROOF:  To  get  onto the roof, start at the entrance of
Sebastian's Apartment. Enter the living room on the right. Go into the
bathroom on the left and climb the ladder. Proceed forward through the
doorway.  Knock  out  the  glass  cabinets  on  the  right side of the
furniture to climb through a hole in the wall.



     REPLICANT'S  APARTMENT:  Hop over to the heating coils just below
the  window on the far right. Once freed, pick up the Cheese under the
table  chair.  Walk  over  to the doll and you'll find a Hysteria Hall
token.  Just next to the doll, beside a matress, is the Moonbus photo.
Exit the room in the lower right.

     YUKON  LOBBY:  Listen  to  Leon  ramble  on about his photos. His
apartment is towards the back of the lobby. You will discover Holden's
Badge  in  the  chest  of  drawers  there  and  a strange scale in the
bathtub. Exit the building in the lower left of the lobby.

     OUTSIDE:  Inspect  the wrecked sedan. You can also find a Wrapper
on  the  passenger  floor.  If  you walk around the left corner of the
building,  you'll end up at CHINA TOWN. If you leave to the far bottom
left,  you  will end up back at DNA ROW. Return to your parked spinner


     MAINFRAME:  DOWNLOAD  information  involving  the  sedan. Use the
ESPER  unit  on  the Moonbus photo. To the left of the image, you will
find  Sadik  again. In the middle is Clovis. To the right, near a burn
barrel,  you  will  find  Roy.  To  the  far  right,  you  will find a
reflective  yellow panel from the Moonbus (draw your own conclusions).
This gives you 4 new photos.

     Next, ESPER the two photos found on Izo's Camera. In the Hawker's
Circle photo, you will find something or someone of interest. You will
either find Dektora, or a strange scale in the far back, middle right.
The  photo  varies  depending on gameplay. In the China Bar photo, you
will  find yet another picture of Clovis. Look also to the upper right
and  you  will  find a security camera. This adds 3 new photos to your


     CHINA  BAR: Speak to the bar tender a couple of times and he will
give you the security camera disc.

     DRAGONFLY  BOOTH: If you talk to the Peruvian Lady once more, she
will tell you more about the Dragonfly Earring.


     ROY'S  LIVINGROOM: Use the ESPER Unit on the Security Disc. Slide
the image to the far right and you will discover Izo. Check underneath
the red neon circle in the back middle right, and you will find Guzza.
This gives you 2 new photos.


     SEBASTIAN'S  APARTMENT:  Introduce yourself to Sebastian. Ask him
about  Tyrell,  Eisenduller,  Moraji  &  Chew. Once you ask him 4 or 5
questions he realizes you are a Blade Runner and asks you to leave. If
you ask him about the Twins, Runciter, the Nexus 6, or the Robbers, he
immediately realizes you are a blade runner.


     CRAZY  LEG'S  LARRY:  Chat with Crazy Leg's in his garage and ask
him  about  the  Car  Registration  for  the sedan and show him Lucy's

     OLD FOLKS: Ask the old couple about Lucy's Photo, the Cheese, and
the Wrapper found in the sedan.


KINGSTON'S KITCHEN: Tell the woman you know about her secret ingrediant.


     TAFFY'S  BAR:  Enter Taffy's bar on the right. Greet Gordo at the
bar and ask him about the Cheese. Listen to his standup and follow him
outside.  He  does several things during different games. He might ask
you  to  arrest him or to shoot him because he is a replicant. In this
version he simple runs over to Early Q's never to be seen again.


     HYSTERIA  ARCADE:  You  will  find  Lucy  playing the game in the
center.  Talk to her about Runciter, Father, and Crystal. If you don't
want to be a replicant sympathizer, then try to VK her instead.


     EARLY  Q'S  CLUB:  Enter Early Q's club on the left. Distract the
bouncer  by  talking to the dancer at the stage. When he walks over to
investigate,  run  over to the booth in the lower left. This reveals a
private  bar  where  Early  Q is standing. If Early Q is not here, you
might have to exit the building or scene to reset the encounter.

     Ask Early Q about Lucy's Photo and the Jewelry. Hang around for a
minute  or  so  and  wait  for  Early Q to leave the room and announce
Dektora  dance.  The  stage  is to the left. When you enter, watch the
show  for a moment then quickly return to the first room. Now that the
bouncer  is  watching  Dektora, you can enter Early Q's private office
just  to the left of the first stage. You will find the receipt to the
jewelry collection on his desk. Return to Dektora's dance.

     Now  that  the dance is over, proceed to her dressing room to the
left,  underneath  the dance platform. Her private dressing room is to
the  right  of  the  main dressing room. Ask her about Early Q and her
Belt.  Then ask her about the Black Sedan and tell her off Crystal. If
you  don't  want  to  be  a  replicant sympathizer, then try to VK her


     SUBWAY  ALLEY:  Run to the right two rooms to return to NIGHTCLUB
ROW.  Follow  Crystal  back  to the main dance hall. Run up the stairs
located  in the back middle right to the projector room. Draw your gun
and  shoot  the project to cancel the blinding light. Climb the stairs
to  the  editing  room. If you want to sympathize with the Replicants,
put your gun away and locate Dektora to the left of the window. She'll
thank  you  and quickly leave. If you want to do your job, pick a spot
in  the  room and start shooting. When Dektora appears, shoot her when
she crosses the window.



     SUBWAY TRAINSTATION: Exit to the left and pass the Subway Alley.

     INTERROGATION  CHAMBER:  Look  at  the  chair  for  some  trivial
information. Enter the UNDERGROUND through the door at the back of the


     ROY'S  APARTMENT:  Ignore most of the UNDERGROUND for the moment.
Run  to the left through two rooms, until you come to a ladder leading
up  to  Roy's  Apartment  building. Enter his apartment, listen to the
revelations,  and  then  return  back  down  the  sewer  ladder to the
UNDERGROUND.   Proceed  back  to  the  first  room  you  entered,  the

     UNDERGROUND  CROSSROADS:  There  are 4 exits here. The one in the
lower right leads back to Izo's. There is a lever in the center of the
room you can pull to extend a bridge across the gap to Izo's.

     If you do this, this leads into an encounter with Lucy, where she
is  VK'd  as human. Whether Lucy is there or not, step back into Izo's
basement in the lower left. If you inspect the crates of guns a couple
of times, you'll find another weapon upgrade!

     Back  at  the  CROSSROADS, enter the tunnel in the upper left. If
you  continue  further back to the left, the tunnel leads out to CHINA
TOWN.  For  now, turn right and you will enter a room with an elevator
car. Step into the Elevator.

     BUM'S  HOME:  The  bum from the trashbin behind Howie Lee's lives
here.  Talk  to  him  about  the  Sewers, Others, and Guzza. Enter the
tunnel to the right.

     RAT  BRIDGE:  This  is  a tricky scene. Proceed across the wooden
bridge  until the rat appears. Quickly turn around and run back to the
ledge.  Spin  around,  draw your gun, and kill the rat so that it dies
closer to you than in the middle. If the rat dies in the middle of the
bridge,  when  you  cross  it,  it will collapse and Roy will die. You
might want to save the game here before crossing the bridge.

     TWIN'S  LAB: Talk to the Twins about Replicants, Work, Lifespans,
Clovis,  Runciter,  and  Guzza.  They  will  offer  you a trade if you
retrieve something from Tyrell's for them. Sometimes the Twins are not
here,  if that is the case, proceed on to Tyrell's and you can talk to
them afterwards.

     TYRELL'S  CHAMBER: To reach Tyrell's building, locate the exit in
the  lab  between the entrance and the stairs to the right. Then climb
up  the  ladder in the next room. Once there, take the airconditioning
duct up to Tyrell's Lobby. Quickly step into the elevator. Pick up the
DNA  material  on  Tyrell's  desk and return to the elevator. Run back
into the airconditioning duct and return to the Twin's Lab.

     TWIN'S  LAB: Trade this material for Guzza's folder. If you don't
want  to  be a replicant sympathizer, just shoot and Retire the Twins.
Now  you  need to set up a meeting with Guzza. Take the stairs on your
right up to the apartment.

     TWIN'S  APARTMENT: Use the vidphone on the right to contact Guzza
(or  you  can  alternatively  use  the vidphones at TAFFY'S BAR if you
like).  Listen to what he suggests. Return to the BUM'S HOME and enter
the meeting place to the left, through a gate.

     TOXIC  CIRCLE:  Talk  to Guzza and set things straight. Shoot him
just  after  Clovis  introduces himself. Or, if you don't want to be a
replicant sympathizer, run away from the scene.

     ROY'S  APARTMENT:  Take  the  elevator  back  up.  Run  into  the
CROSSROADS  again  and  run  to  the  left  until you reach the ladder
leading  up  to  ROY'S  APARTMENT.  Speak  to Gaff for a moment before
entering the Apartment.



     ROY'S  BEDROOM:  Check  the vidphone. Either Guzza, Steele, Lucy,
Clovis, or possibly Dektora will call you. In this version, Lucy calls
Roy.  Listen  to her for locations. If you want to join the Replicants
or  Retire  the  Replicants,  then  skip  this section and look at the
bottom  of  the page. If you want to join Lucy, exit the Apartment and
climb  back  down the ladder. Run all the way back to the SUBWAY TRAIN
GRAVEYARD (to the right 4 scenes).


     SUBWAY  ALLEY: Run down the alley in the center of the screen. In
this  new  section, climb through a small opening in the middle of the
wall  to  the  left.  Climb  up  the spiral staircase into CRAZY LEG'S
GARAGE.  Stepping  out  into  the street, you'll find Lucy. Follow the
scene  up to CRAZY LEG'S ROOF. Kill Crystal. Take the stairs back down
to  the  garage.  Hit  that  green  button to the left on the console!
Quickly  take  the  spiral stairs back down UNDERGROUND to the tunnel.
Jump in the car and watch the final film!


To Retire or Join the remaining Replicants:

>From the beginning of ACT V:


     ROY'S  BEDROOM:  Leave  the  Apartment  and  climb  back down the
ladder.  Run  to  the right one room, and instead of continuing right,
back  into  the  CROSSROADS, exit through the far back doorway, at the
top of the screen. Continue down the middle hallway.


     FOG ROOM: Quickly kill the rats that appear and proceed 
to the left.

     JUNKYARD  ENTRANCE:  You  can  either take the lower left exit or
enter a small alcove in the middle left. In some versions of the game,
Crystal  meets  Roy  here  and  they  prepare  to Retire the remaining
Replicants. Enter the small alcove.

     SMALL  ALCOVE:  Before  you  run into this room, look around. You
will  find  a  tripwire  leading  to  a bomb in the middle left of the
screen. Inspect the bomb a couple times to disarm it. Walk forward and
turn left to enter the junkyard.

     JUNKYARD:  In  some  versions of the game you meet Sadik here and
have  to  Retire  him  before  proceeding.  In  this version, you meet
Crystal  here  and have to kill her to get by. After killing her, walk
over to the Moonbus crash in the far back.

     MOONBUS  CRASH:  Talk to Sadik. You will find what he asks for in
the  previous  scene,  where you killed Crystal. Look to your left and
near  the  edge  of  the  screen, you will find the item buried in the
ground.  Return  to  Sadik  and  show  him  what  you found. Enter the

     MOONBUS  INTERIOR:  Join  Clovis  and  the  remaining Replicants.
Clovis  will as you for something, just select him again to give it to
him.  Enjoy the final film! (Here was a chance to show Gaff, in a full
render, but alas...)

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