Big Game Hunter 2

Auto Camera:
     During  gameplay,  hold  Control  and Alt and then tap C for auto
camera.  Auto Camera takes the veiw to the location of any location of
any animal in the area.

     During  gameplay,  hold  Control  and  Alt and then tap H to give
yourself full health

Targeting Aid:
     During  gameplay,  hold Control and Alt and then tap B for boxes.
The  boxes  outline  everything,  and  highlight the correct places to
shoot  and  animal  while aiming. Red boxes means kill zone, green for
probable kill, yellow for possible kill.

Toggle Wind:
     During gameplay, hold Control and Alt and then tap W

Toggle Snow:
     During gameplay, hold Control and Alt and then tap S

Toggle Rain:
     During gameplay, hold Control and Alt and then tap R

More Money:
     Click on your money, and hold down Ctrl+Alt+M

Easy Money:
     Go  to  the  catalog  screen and click on the amount of money you
have  so  that  there is a small box around the amount. Then hold down
Ctrl  +  Alt and press the M key until you reach the desired amount of

     NOTE:  The  money  only goes up to twenty thousand, but the cheat
can be used again once low on money.

Extra Hunting Hours:
     To  get  extra hunting hours here is what you do. Go back to your
hunting  camp  at about 7:55 PM. Then go to the lodge, then go back to
camp.  Keep  doing  this intill the time reads any time past 12:00 AM.
Then you can hunt! This coad can be usefull if you do n't have alot of
time left to fill your tags.

     Weapon  Sighting Coordinates: While at the target range and ready
to  shoot,  press  [Alt]  +  [Ctrl]  +  T.  Fire  to display targeting
coordinates  in  X-Y  format.  Use  the  cursor  keys  to  adjust  the
coordinates until they are set to 0-0. The weapon is now sighted in

Type these codes during gameplay to activate cheat function:

Code                    Result
[Alt] + [Ctrl] + F      Show Frame Rate
[Alt] + [Ctrl] + V      Magnify Mode
[Alt] + [Ctrl] + J      Toggle Rifle Sight
[Alt] + [Ctrl] + L      Toggle Lightning

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