Betrayal at Kondor

1. Programming
2. Battle tips
3. Moredhel chest codes
4. Cheat

1. Programming:

     Use  PC  Tools or a similar Hex editor to edit the file XXXXX.001
where  XXXXX  is  the  name  of  the save game. Change these values to
increase your character's statistics:

CHAR 1        CHAR 2         CHAR 3         VALUE           CONTENTS
E3            142            1A0            FF FF FF        Health
E8            147            1A6            FF FF FF        Stamina
ED            14C            1AB            7F 7F 7F        Speed
F2            151            1B0            7F 7F 7F        Strength
F7            156            1B5            64 64 64        Defence ability
FC            15B            1BA            64 64 64        Acc. with Xbow
101           160            1BF            64 64 64        Acc. M┬l┌e
10B           165            1C4            64 64 64        Spl casting acc.
110           16A            1C9            64 64 64        Assessment sklls
115           16F            1CE            64 64 64        Armourcraft
11A           174            1DE            64 64 64        Weaponcraft
11F           179            1D8            64 64 64        Barding
124           17E            1DD            64 64 64        Haggling
129           183            1E2            64 64 64        Lockpicking
12E           188            1E7            64 64 64        Scouting
133           18D            1EC            64 64 64        Stealth

Acc. - Accuracy
Spl - Spell
skls - skills
Xbow - crossbow

2. Battle tips:

     1.  Get  hold  of the EVIL SEEK spell which wounds all opponents.
(This  spell  does  about  60  points'  worth  of  damage to the first
opponent and less damage to the following ones.) Some creatures though
are  very vunerable to this spell - especially some blue-dressed Mages
who take up to 120 points of damage from it.

     2. If you possess the GAMBIT OF THE EIGHT spell try placing it in
front  of  an opponent. The next time it's your turn cast INVITE. Your
enemy  is  forced over the mine and is unlikely to make it any further

     3. Enemy Mages are very dangerous but attacking them straightaway
isn't  always  the  best  strategy. This leaves the Mage open to enemy
attacks and Mages aren't usually that great in hand-to-hand combat.

     4.  If  fighting  a single enemy like the Braak Nurr in the first
miniquest  have  your  Mage constantly cast the DESPAIR THY EYES spell
while your fighters chop him into kebab meat.

     5.  If  you  get  attacked  by a large group of Mages try getting
close  to  them  or  in between them. That way they can't cast spells.
(This also counts for archers) Some creatures though are still able to
cast spells - even with you stood right next to them.

3. The Moredhel chest codes:

     Should  you  want to open the Moredhel chests here are the codes.
The  Letter  column  contains  the letters that are displayed when you
first  examine  the  chest  and the Answer column is the answer to the

LETTER          ANSWER          |       LETTER          ANSWER
AHAE            EYES            |       AROOLET         ALCOHOL
BATI            BULL            |       BILET           COLTS
BLTERIST        MATTRESS        |       BRATLY          SNARES
BRRD            FIRE            |       BSRO            BARD
BRIROED         FARRIER         |       BDREY           SHOES
BLUER           FLEAS           |       BRINK           BLADE
BESTD           NOISE           |       BELUAE          FUTURE
BREEL           SIEVE           |       BRLESD          PRIEST
BOTN            DOOR            |       CHLT            SHOE
CLAYS           TABLE           |       CQATRL          SQUARE
CICH            PATH            |       CUOHHD          BUTTON
CCASE           OCEAN           |       CRETY           SPURS
CPTEGY          SPONGE          |       CONS            BOOK
CLIW            PLOW            |       CEORLIY         SAWDUST
CLAPVT          TEMPER          |       COEVLS          BOTTLE
CHSVD           STOVE           |       CESSHDN         THISTLE
COSAEFIE        STRANGER        |       DRV SAGHD       DAY NIGHT
DSWPSTY         DISPUTE         |       DOC             DIE
EITL            EGGS            |       EHEPETS         GALLOWS
EOE             FOG             |       ETRIOS          BARROW
EOEN            BARK            |       FSAOT           BROOM
HLALV           TOWEL           |       HSKO            LAKE
JARMLAY         PROMISE         |       KIIEN           ONION
KOSPL           SNAIL           |       KLICBTR         KNOCKER
LEIELT          ICICLE          |       MBTN            ROPE
MAOHLL          JACKET          |       MORIT           RIVER
OHDE            PIPE            |       PERDE           WRONG
PHENGSS         THOUGHT         |       PLESR           WATER
PATD            WIND            |       PSAOS           ARROW
PSTE            LIFE            |       RTLE            HOLE
ROBN            RIGN            |       RHEDLS          CANDLE
RCONCADGSR      GLAMREDHEL      |       ROSET           HASTE
RSOE            RAIN            |       RHNBFT          SHADOW
RARPE           WAGON           |       RMEES           SMOKE
RIAC            RAIN            |       RSMST           HONEY
SOOES           SWORD           |       SASSU           CHEST
SHUETSEC        GAUNTLET        |       SARDS           STARS
SOSK            MILK            |       SLLAT           CARDS
SAMT            WALL            |       SELET           GRAVE
SHT WESD        THE DEAD        |       SHORAS          GLOVES
SOSLPLG         NOTHING         |       SLCK            BELL
SARD            EYES            |       SAETES          WALNUT
SHSTE           THORN           |       SLOOY           ASHES
TERIES          STAIRS          |       THAORT          ORANGE
TRAK            DRUM            |       TOGY            EGGS
THR             ICE             |       TULD            RUST
TRKY            HAIR            |       TRLDRY          SPIDER
TASDOY          PADDLE          |       TIAD            LOGS
TOTELC          TROLLS          |       THDELY          SADDLE
TEFBT           STAKE           |       THACK           DEATH
TATE            CANE            |       TUORBCNT        SUNSHINE
TREGCDS         OUTSIDE         |       THTHCS          BREATH
THPLE           COALS           |       TNFIFDRKY       SNOWFLAKE
TOB             KEY             |       TORA            BOOK
TCKD            ECHO            |       TIAPY           WEARY
TROPS           BLOOD           |       TRSE            NAME
TAEDIE          CANDLE          |       TOLIELIOE       YESTERDAY
THEDTS          BRIDGE          |       THIURS          BRIARS
TATHEENW        DARKNESS        |       TAALREWL        TREASURE
TUVETED         SILENCE         |       TIWE            SAWS
TOSES           NOOSE           |       THTATW          SHADOW
WORGSEL         HANGMAN         |       WEMHI           HOLES
WSTE            FIRE            |       WOTSOMEN        HORSEMEN

4. Cheat:

     Rather  than ferreting about in every nook and cranny to find the
rope,  money food or other goods needed to finish the chaper go to the
overhead  map  and  hold down [ALT]+[Right Shift] and the [#] keys for
two  or  three  seconds.  A  Moredhel  lockchest  appears.  Instead of
answering the usual riddle enter the secret code and you'll be rolling
in it: The codes are as follows:

Chapter 1:6478
Chapter 2:9216
Chapter 3:7702

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