Beneath a Steel Sky

Complete Solution:

     1.  After  the intro sequence, once you have taken control, go to
the  left-hand side of the screen. Get the metal bar and use it on the
right-hand  side  exit.  Go through the exit and wait for the guard to
follow  you.  Hide behind the door and he thinks you've fallen to your
death.  Go back in, down the stairs and through the door on the right.
Use  the  circuit  board  on  the various pieces of junk until Joey is
activated.  Chat  with  Joey  then  step  on  the  lift. This attracts
Hobbins.  When  he comes in, quickly go through the same door. Open up
the cabinet and grab the spanner. Go back to the lift room and examine
the droid. Then go and talk to Hobbins. He tells you what's wrong with
the  droid  so tell Joey to fix it. When the droid activates the lift,
quickly  jump  down  the  hole.  When Joey arrives ask him to open the
door.  Search  Reich's  corpse and take his belongings. Go right, then
right again into the building next door.

     2.  You're  now  in  the  factory. Chat with Anita and, when Lamb
arrives  tell  him  you're  with  security.  Now  go right and put the
spanner  in  the  cogs.  This  deactivates the welding robot. Take the
spanner  out  again.  Go  left. Examine the droid then use the spanner
with  it.  Chat  to  Joey about a new shell and put it on him, then go
right.  Try  walking  through  the  top-left  door.  This triggers the
alarms. Ask Joey to check out the store room. When he returns tell him
to disable the fusebox. Now you can enter the store room. Inside, pick
up  the  walkway,  then get the small lump of putty that's beneath it.
Show  the  lump  to  Joey  and he tells you that it's actually plastic
explosive. Leave the factory and go to the building on the far left of
the walkway.

     3. You're now in the steam room. Loosen the two buttons with your
spanner.  Ask  Joey  to press the button on the right and, at the same
time you push the left one. The old man throws a strop and storms off.
Now,  go to the left of the room and pull the switch. Remove the light
bulb  and  put the plastic explosive in the socket. Now go back to the
switch  and flick it. The explosion reveals two new switches. Pull the
switch on the right down. Leave the steam room and go to the lift near
the factory entrance. Use Reich's card on the slot and enter the lift.

     4.  Go  left  out of the lift then through the top-right doorway.
Use  Reich's card on the left slot and enter the room. Move the pillow
and  pick  up  the  magazine.  Go  back  the way you came but carry on
straight  past  the  lift  and enter Travelco on the next screen. Chat
with  the  man about everything then hand him the magazine and pick up
the  ticket.  Leave  and  go back to Reich's apartment door. When Lamb
arrives  chat  with  him. He says he needs a holiday so, give him your

     5.  To  pay  back  your  good  turn Lamb offers you a tour of his
factory.  Go  back there and chat with Lamb. At the end of the tour he
leaves  you  outside the storeroom. Go right and chat with Anita. When
she  asks you for your ID card hand her Reich's. Leave the factory and
go  to the LINC terminal just by the lift. Log on with the ID card and
select  option  4.  Get  the entry code from your security manual then
enter  the  following  sequence:  2, 1, 1, 2. Exit the terminal and go
back  to  the  lift.  Chat  with  Lamb  when he turns up. He gives you
authorisation  to  enter  his  apartment ... to feed his cat would you

     6.  Before  taking the lift down, locate the cable on the left of
the  lift and get Joey to cut it free. Go down in the lift and pick up
the cable. Go to the apartments and use Reich's card to enter. Use the
machine  on  the  right of the room to feed the cat. Collect the video
tape and leave.

     7.  Go  to  the far left of the walkway and you reach Burke's Bio
Surgery.  Go inside and chat with the holographic projection. Ask Joey
to  chat  up  the hologram and persuade it to open the door. Go inside
and  chat  with  Burke. You end up signing away your testicles but, in
return  you  get  a  Schreibman Port fitted in your cranium. Chat with
Burke about everything and then leave the surgery, heading right until
you reach Anchor Insurance (next door to Travelco).

     8.  Examine the statue, and then chat with the beardie behind the
counter.  Ask  him  for  a Special Policy and tell him that Burke sent
you.  When the man pops out tell Joey to use his welder on the anchor.
Pick  up  the  anchor  and  leave,  making your way back up to the top

     9.  Go  into  the  building  opposite the steam room and you find
yourself  back where you started. Go up the steps and through the door
back  onto  the  ledge.  Use  your  anchor  with  the  cable to make a
grappling  hook.  Take  the  composite item and use it on the security
sign  of  the  opposite building. Go through the door on the right and
use  Reich's  card  in  the  slot  next  to  the interface. Sit in the
interface and jack into the matrix that is LINC space.

     10.  Pick  up  the ball and head right. Call up your inventory on
the  top  row  and  use  the  Open  program  with  the carpet bag. Use
Decompress with the the compressed data and Decrypt with the document.
Go  through  the  right  exit.  Now  for a tricky bit. You need to get
across  a room using and recollecting your password programs to unlock
floor tiles. Follow this sequence and it's easy: Use, Right, Use, Left
Get,  Up,  Use, Right, Down, Get, Up, Use, Down, Left, Get, Up, Right,
Down,  Up,  Up. Then Exit! In the next zone, collect your bust and the
book. Decrypt your two new documents then disconnect.

     11.  Now  back in the real world, use Reich's ID card in the LINC
machine  and  select option 4. Enter the security code from the manual
and  choose  option  1.  Read  all the documents to learn a few things
about yourself then enter the following choices: 0, 2, 2. You have now
earnt a special security clearance so log out. Use Reich's card in the
slot next to the lift and exit via the lift.

     12.  You're  now in the security station. Leave and make your way
to the other lift. Use it. The security clearance enabled you to enter
the next lift and drop down another level. Leave the lift and wait for
the fat woman with the dog. Chat with her then go left and talk to the
club  doorman.  Find the fat woman (Mrs Piermont) again and ask her to
sponsor  you.  Now follow her as far right as you can go and press the
buzzer  to ring upstairs. Tell Mrs Piermont who you are and she buzzes
you  upstairs.  Chat  with her and then ask her to sponsor you to join
the  club.  When  she's  distracted  on  the  telephone, put the video
cassette in the VCR. The dog rushes over to the TV set enabling you to
steal some dog biscuits. Exit Mrs Piermon's

     13.  Now  go  through the bottom-left exit and examine the wooden
double doors. Use Reich's card to open the door. Go in and pick up the
secateurs  and then exit. Go right then through the top-left exit. You
should  be  outside  the  cathedral. Use the biscuits on the plank and
wait  for  Mrs Piermont and her dog to turn up. When the dog starts to
bark  -  pull the rope. You've set a trap which flings poor old spunky
into  the  water  creating  a  diversion  for  the  security guard and
enabling you to sneak into the cathedral.

     14.  Enter  the  cathedral. Go through the left exit and open all
the  lockers.  Leave.  Go  back  up to the top level via the lifts and
enter  the  factory  where you last saw Anita alive. Put the radiation
suit  on,  which  is hanging in the middle locker and go right. Access
the  control  panel  and  press  2,  then  exit. You can now enter the
reactor  room.  On the floor just to the right of the core you'll find
Anita's ID card. Pick it up. Leave the room and close the reactor door
with  the control panel. Go left and change back into your coat. Leave
the  factory  and go back to the LINC-space interface via the security
station's  lift.  Use  Anita's  card in the slot. Sit in the chair and
access LINC-space.

     15.  You'll  have  to  work  fast.  Use  the BLIND program on the
eyeball  and  take  the  right exit. Blind the eye and go up. Take the
upper  right exit and collect the tuning fork. Go back the way you can
and  use  the  PLAYBACK program on the wall. You'll get a message from
the dearly departed Anita. Disconnect.

     16.  Now  leave  the  security  buildings and go back down to the
garden outside Mrs Piermont's house. Talk to the gardener. His name is
Eduardo  and  he's Anita's contact. Go left twice then enter St James'
Club.  You'll have to be there when the band aren't playing. Go to the
juke-box  and  activate  it. Colston the club manager doesn't like the
music so he'll get up to switch it off enabling you to swipe the glass
from  his  table. Examine the metal plate next to the door at the back
of the club, then leave by the main door.

     17.  Take  the  lift up to Burke's Bio-Surgery and give Burke the
glass.  He'll fix your finger prints. Go back to St James' and use the
metal  plate at the back of the club. You'll find yourself in the wine
cellar.  Use  the  metal bar to prise the lid off the crate. Then lift
the  lid and place it on top of the box. Now clamber on to the box and
use  the  metal  bar to poke a hole in the grill. Use the secateurs to
cut an opening and then climb into the newly discovered tunnel.

     18.  After  climbing out of the tunnel, walk right. Then take the
top-right  exit.  Do not walk past the hole in the wall until you have
located  the  socket  and inserted the light bulb. Then walk right. In
the  next  room  you'll  need  to move quickly down to the exit on the
bottom-right of the screen or else the roof will cave in on you.

     19. Above the vein on the wall you'll find some plaster. Use your
iron bar on it twice, then pick up the brick which falls to the floor.
Use  the  iron bar on the swelling in the vein and bang it in with the
brick.  Recover the metal bar then go through the door on the right as
soon as it opens.

     20.  In  the  next  room  look  through the grill. Go through the
upper-left  exit  then  access the control unit. Select 2 to lower the
temperature.  Exit  the  unit  then quickly climb up on the iris which
should  now be closed. Yank the metal bar hanging from the ceiling and
get off the iris straight away.

     21. Now go left, right, then right again. Put Joey's circuit into
the  medical  robot's slot. Tell Joey to check out the tank room. When
Joey  returns, chat with him about everything then get him to open the
tap  on  the nutrient tank. When he gets back take the upper-left exit
into  the tank room and then the upper-right exit followed by the next
upper-right  exit. Use Reich's card with the terminal then select 2, 1
and  EXIT.  Go  left and you'll be treated to a short action sequence.
Get  Joey's  board  from  the remnants of the robot and Gallagher's ID
card  from  his  corpse.  Go  back  through  the  top-right  exit. Use
Gallagher's ID in the interface and enter LINC-space.

     22.  Go  right.  Use the BLIND program on the eye. Go up. Now use
the  DIVINE  WRATH  program  on the crusader. Disconnect then re-enter
LINC-space  using  Anita's ID card. Go right. Use the BLIND program on
the  eye.  Go  up, go right and use the OSCILLATOR (the one that looks
like a tuning fork) on the crystal. This shatters the crystal enabling
you to pick up the HELIX (which is the virus). Disconnect.

     23.  Go left then through the bottom-right door. Use Anita's card
with  the  console, this will infect the system with a virus. Now pick
up the tongs to the right of the glass tank and use them with the tank
to  get  some  tissue. Use the tongs with the other tank to freeze the
tissue. Go right to the room with the three androids. Open the cabinet
to  the right of the middle android and insert Joey's card. Access the
console  and  enter: 2, 0, 3. This will bring Joey to life Ask Joey to
put  his  hand  on  the  lock sensor and do the same yourself with the
other side of the door.

     24.  Leave  Joey trapped and head right then right again. Use the
cable  with  the pipe support then climb down the rungs. Use the tongs
with the orifice. This will open a door to the left. Now use the cable
and you'll swing through the door.

     25.  The  end  game  sequence  will  now  begin.  All you have to
remember  is  that  the moment you are given control after your father
collapses tell Joey to sit in the chair.

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