Battlestations: Pacific

     Complete  each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. If you
have an Xbox 360 gamertag, you can log in using this same gamertag and
the  achievements  will  count the same as if you were playing the 360

Advantage (5):           Use the naval supply manager to activate 
                         a naval supply.

Against the Odds (10):   Sink a stronger enemy ship than your ship.

Airborne Invasion (10):  Capture a base by using paratroopers.

Armchair Admiral (10):   Win an online Island Capture session using 
                         the map screen only to attack units 
                         or emplacements.

Banzaaai! (15):          Crash a kamikaze plane into an enemy ship 
                         while flying at least 600km/h.

Broadside Kill (15):     Sink an enemy ship with your cruiser 
                         in 15 seconds.

Conqueror (20):          Win 50 online sessions.

Deadly Accuracy (15):    Cause 20 magazine explosions with dive bombers.

Death from Below (15):   Sink an enemy battleship with your submarine.

Disembarkation (5):      Capture a base by using landing ships.

Don't Mess 
with the Big Boys (10):  Sink a hostile carrier with your battleship.

Double Whammy (15):      Damage at least two targets in one bombing run.

Fighter Ace (15):        Destroy 5 enemy planes in less than 30 seconds 
                         without losing your fighter plane.

Fist of the Empire (20): Participate in 25 online sessions 
                         as the Japanese.

Flat-top Commander (15): Send 50 planes into the air 
                         with the support manager.

Fleet Commander (50):    Reach the rank of Lieutenant.

Frontline Admiral (10):  Win an online Island Capture session 
                         without switching to the map screen.

Hat-trick (15):          Achieve 3 torpedo hits 
                         with the same torpedo bomber.

Head of the Fleet (100): Reach the rank of Fleet Admiral.

Hero of Midway (10):     Played Battlestations Midway.

Island Hopping (30):     Win every Island Capture map at least once.

Long-range Gunnery (15): Destroy an enemy ship which is over 2800 meters 
                         away using a battleship.

Marianas Turkey 
Shoot (10):              Destroy 20 enemy planes in the Battle of 
                         the Philippine Sea.

National Hero (50):      Participate in 100 online sessions as the US.

National Veteran (20):   Participate in 25 online sessions as the US.

Overwhelming Force (25): Complete the Japanese Campaign 
                         on Any difficulty.

Preventive Strike (10):  Sink the US Battleship before 
                         the reinforcements arrive in Solomons' Skirmish.

Pure Gold (10):          Get your first gold medal.

Queen Sacrifice (10):    Sink the abandoned Hornet 
                         in the Battle of Santa Cruz.

Repair for your 
Life (10):               Survive being fatally damaged 
                         by retaining minimal health.

Rising Sun (60):         Complete the Japanese Campaign 
                         on Veteran difficulty.

Shock and Awe (25):      Complete the US Campaign on Any difficulty.

Stars and Stripes (60):  Complete the US Campaign on Veteran difficulty.

Hunter-killer (20):      Destroy an enemy submarine with a submarine 
                         by using torpedoes.

Supply Line (5):         Use the support manager to successfully send up 
                         a plane or request a ship.

Surprise Attack (10):    Strafe all parked planes in Pearl Harbor.

Take No Prisoners (50):  Destroy every hostile unit in Battle of 
                         Santa Cruz on Veteran difficulty.

Tin Can Captain (15):    Sink 20 enemy ships with your destroyer 
                         by using torpedoes.

Turning Point (10):      Sink all US Carriers in the Invasion of Midway.

Under Cover of 
Darkness (10):           Win a night battle.

Victory Rush (30):       Win every Competitive, Duel, Escort 
                         and Siege map at least once.

War Room (10):           Host and play through 50 online sessions.

We're not finished 
yet! (20):               Sink an enemy ship while your ship 
                         is under 3% health.

Wrath of the 
Empire (50):             Participate in 100 online sessions 
                         as the Japanese.

Zero Damage (10):        None of the kamikaze planes should hit any of 
                         your ships during Divine Winds of Leyte.

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