Battle of Britain

Various cheats

Code                  Result 
sea hawk              Long Life 
fastfire              Rapid Fire 
byby                  Homing Missiles 
firefest              Long Range Flamethrower 
aaa                   Air to Air Turrets 

     Tip: If you're commanding the British war effort, resist the urge
to  send  every  available  plane  into  the  air at the first sign of
trouble. Chances are the first sightings of enemy aircraft are nothing
more  than  diversions,  meant  to  draw your fighters away from other
critical  areas.  Instead, withhold the bulk of your available fighter
strength until you can make a reliable determination that the enemy is
indeed committing its forces to battle.

     Tip:  Sometimes the most effective way to penetrate Britain's air
defenses is to come in under its radar range by flying below 500 feet.
Just   remember   that   low-altitude   barrage   balloons  and  light
antiaircraft fire can cause serious damage. What's more, it won't take
the  average  RAF  squadron  more  than  a few minutes to take off and
engage your low-flying formation.

     Tip:  It's important to routinely examine the proficiency of each
of  your  squadrons.  If you're commanding the RAF, you'll want to use
your  veteran  pilots  to  intercept  enemy  bombers  while  your less
experienced fliers grapple with the enemy fighter escorts.

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