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Ancient Wars: Sparta cheats, tips and tricks

Author: Gun
To defend (you don't actually defend but you need to get enough time to build an army) on the spartan stage where the enemy has chariots (chapter 6), you have to hurry and build a wall with towers as quickly as possible, then put sling throwers in them, you will not have time to upgrade to javeliners.

Author: Jabbafeet
Be carefull when using the give items cheat, sometimes the men don't come out of the barracks (archery) and also, it only gives you one of each item. It means you have to put in the code ALOT of times, which while doing so might get you attacked.

Author: Jabbafeet
When using instant build cheat, don't click to make more than one boat! If you click it about 2-3 times right away the 3 boats will get tangled and you won't be able to get them apart without destroying them. So be careful when making boats with the instant build cheat!

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