A Mind Forever Voyaging

     It  is quite difficult to write a specific solution to this great
adventure,  but  I have listed things to RECORD in each decade. I have
also  listed where the persons are in complex on the first day, so you
know where to find them if you have any questions to them (you can ask
Perelman  about a lot of people and things eg. plan, Perelman, Esther,
my name, Randu, Vera)


 9:23 pm  Perelman
 9:54 pm  Perelman goes home
 8:58 am  Perelman enters
 9:12 am  Perelman reads
10:01 am  Perelman goes to office


 7:18 pm  Alyson Price enters
 7:30 pm  Perelman reads note
 8:43 pm  Perelman leaves
10:00 pm  Perelman enters and goes home
10:18 am  Perelman enters
11:54 am  Aseejh calls and Perelman leaves
 1:12 pm  Perelman enters

 7:13 pm  Perelman on the net

Here follows the things I recorded when solving the adventure:

10 years after

Eating a meal in a restaurant (at the expensive restaurant or
at Roy's
Talking to a government official (at the City Hall)
Visiting a power-generating facility (the power station)
Reading a newspaper (get one from the dispenser)
Riding some form of public transportation (Tubecar)
Attending a court in session (Court House)
Talking to a church official (in St.Michael's Church ?)
Going to a movie (Cinema)
Visiting your own home or living quarters (Parkview apartments)

20 years after

Joyboots gone
Court in session (Court House) - talk to official (City Hall)
read pamphlet in church
talk to church elder
Rockvil reformatory
In home (record the picture, look through the window, and be sure
 to record when the Border Security Force comes in (this is very
 important !)
Power station
in Cinema
at Restaurant

30 years after

Southway & River
Rockvil Stadium (the executions)
Athletic Field
Court in session (Court House)
Read pamphlet in church
Rockvil reformatory
In home (record the picture and the BST raid ! and Jill's story)
In Cinema
At Roy's Pagoda

40 years after

Southway & River
Rockvil Stadium
Athletic Field
Court in session
Read pamphlet in church
Rockvil Reformatory
In home (the picture, through the window and Jill being taking
In Cinema
At Roy's Pagoda
In Foodvile
Bar Environments

50 years after

RECORD; look; read sign; n;

The solution to the last part:

PEOF 2:54          Record Perelman & Ryder
RCRO 3:56          Record the men appear
                   Enter the Interface Mode
                   turn off the ventilation in the Delta sector
MACO               Record the men
MACO 4:50          The men are found in MACO
                   wait 2 hours
                   Enter Interface mode and turn the ventilation on
     6:00          Feeder, transmit my buffer

     Now  follows the greatest ending ever made (it is more than a few
lines of text)

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