Chapter I
     You  are on the road of the lighthouse, the postman, returns from
there.  He  speaks  to  you about a letter, you will recover it later.
Advance straight, until noticing on your left a telescope. Look at the
flight  of  the  birds  then:  in  fact  geese  take  the pa th of the
migration...  you  will understand later! Take again your road. At the
iron  gate, take the letter, open the gate. Cross the court and enter.
Take  the  hammer  on the left, and climb the stairs: Valembois awaits
you.Listen  to  what  he  has  to  say to y ou, in a last breath... He
entrusts you the mission of bringing back an egg to Amerzone, and dies
before  you can refuse... the adventure will start! On right-hand side
is a desk, take the documents in the drawer (a letter of the president
of  Amerzone,  an  d  a  letter  of his friend Mackowski). Examine the
photograph  of  woman on the table... An old love of Valembois? Climb.
Examine  all  the  elements  of the office. Take the book of voyage of
Valembois,  it  will  be  essential  for you throughout your course. A
small  projection  of  slides?  Click  on  the white switch behind the
equipment,  then  on  the  slides: you discover two photographs of the
same  woman.  Climb the stairs out of wood. At the bottom, a letter, a
message of Valembois which is intended for you: it tells you about the
voyage,  an  d your mission. You can read his book of voyage, you find
your  next  stages  there...  Go  down  again,  and  climb  the spiral
staircase.  Examine  the  plans  of  the  hydraflot. You can start the
reduced  model (nothing special). Open the gate, you find yourself out
side.  Climb the stairs. Look in the telescope, once again geese which
leave  in  migration.  Ah, a detail, you know now that they migrate to
Amerzone!  Their  destination will be yours... But this telescope does
not  allow anything, you are not in the axis of their departure. Still
climb. Enter the cabin, you discover a mechanism (a wheel) which turns
on  ly  if  you entered the three numbers above... which correspond to
your  destination.  Not  for  now, then! Go down again, take again the
gate,  always  go down.In the part where you met Valembois, notice the
telephone, and dial the telephone number of the Natural history museum
(you  have  a letter on you). Still go down, and open the trap door on
the  ground. Activate the switch on your right . Advance until the end
of the corridor and descend the staircase. Advance twice, on the right
a passage... hold one would say a control room! Activate the switch in
front  of  you.  Lower the lever on the machine on the right office (a
large  central  processing unit) Take the diskette. Light the monitor,
look at it. Insert the diskette in the slot. Notice that it asks you a
code  of three times two digits... not very original like secret code!
It  looks  like  a  date  of birth! Read the first page of the book of
voyage:  Valembois  was  born the 28/06/04. Enter these numbers in the
computer,  then  click on the small asterisk in the bottom on the left
of  the  numeric keypad. Click on Valida tion, then on Load. Leave the
room,  turn  right  in  the  corridor,  always  straight, and take the
armored  gate. Advance, take the iron bar on the right by ground. Take
the  elevator,  you  go down directly two stages... Odd, not? Open the
gate  out  of  iron,  here  you are in a kind of garage: the hydraflot
awaits  you!  Descend the staircases, enter in the small office on the
left.  Examine  the  plans  of  the  lighthouse.  You  discover  where
Valembois  put  the  egg  in security: on the floor where the elevator
that  you  hav  e  just  taken  has  not  stopped...  Hum... Enter the
hydraflot. Put the diskette, charge, you discover that the machine can
be  put  in several modes. Click on plane. You have fuel, but to begin
your  voyage,  you  miss the egg and a destination. Let us start wit h
the  egg.  Return  on  your steps to the staircases, then the elevator
whom  you  already used. Go up, once again the stage of egg is jumped!
Look  at the ground, still in the elevator, notice a small hole. There
put  the  bar  out  of  iron. Activate the lever, t he elevator blocks
itself,  successful  mission!  On the dilapidated section of the wall,
use  the  hammer,  and  advance. Open the gate, the egg is in front of
you. Advance a step. Lower the handle, the egg goes down all alone, it
awaits  you  close  to the hydraflot! Take again the elevator, ascend,
remove  t  he  iron  bar,  and go down again 2 stages. The egg is well
there,  it  should  now  be  put in the hydraflot. Descend the stairs,
advance a step. Turn right. Advance once. You find yourself in high, a
lever in front of you that activates the hook, over there on the level
of  the  hydraflot.  Lower the lever... Return close to the hydraflot.
The  question  now  is:  which  destination  to enter on the computer?
Advance  straight, cross the cave. At the end a wicket, on the right a
new  corridor.  Use it, and enter the meta l capsule. Press on the red
button.  Look  at the case, and select the arrow which goes up. You go
up  a  stage.  Leave,  you  are  in  a  small observatory. Look in the
glasses:  from  here you'll be well placed to observe the DEPARTURE of
geese:  they  leave at 140. Go back in the metal capsule. Go up again.
You  are  at top of the headlight. Leave, and climb the stairs. Climb,
you  are  at  the  top of the headlight. Examine the dial with the two
levers.  That of the left makes turn the rollers with the figures, and
that  of  the  right-hand  side  makes it possible to choose (hundred,
dixaine  or unit). You should put your destination here. Take the book
of  voyage.  You  knew  it  already, the geese leave for Amerzone.They
should  be  followed...  A detail however, you will nev er have enough
fuel  to  make the voyage of a draft. The old man had thus envisaged a
stopover  on  the  island of the shipwrecked men. To arrive there, you
should  follow  its  drawings: to leave not 140, but with 140 + 5. Put
145  on  the dial and activate the wheel with your feet. Return to the
Hydraflot, all is near for your departure! Enter the computer, put the
diskette  in  if it is not already done, click on " Plane ". Enter 145
for the co-ordinates, validate...

Chapter II
     AОe,   no   gasoline.  Pass  in  sailing  mode  (practical,  this
machine!).  You  are blocked by the rocks, pass in Submarine mode. You
find  yourself  on  the  island, leave the hydraflot and listen to the
fisherman. You made noise so much that you frightened the whal es. One
of  them  is  a  prisoner  in  the  nets under the wreck, he should be
released!  Advance straight. Enter the bar. Go all at the bottom, take
the  head  of  the  diver and the knife on the target of darts. Leave,
turn  right  on  the  range.  Exceed the kind of w ind mill, go to the
hangar.  Enter,  take the jerry can. Go at the bottom of the part, and
on the benches take the monkey spanner. At outside, fill the jerry can
with  gasoline. Return on your steps, to the wind mill. Observe there,
and  activate it by clicking on the lever. Direct forward, use the key
with  mollette  on  the  pipe  on  the right. At your feet, a pipe, it
should  be  connected  to the head of diving-suit. Turn left, activate
the  wheel  on the left, then the lever out of wooden, they manage the
air flow. Take the diving-suit and advance in the water. Advance once.
With  your  feet, use the knife on the net. You have just released the
whale,  the  fisherman  will  be  happy! Leave the water and turn over
towards  the fisherman. Glad to find its fish he will say something to
you...  he remembers the voyage of Alexandre. He gives you also a key!
Enter  the hydraflot, fill the tank (a pipe behind egg) with the jerry
can.  The co-ordinates to set out again must be entered, solution lies
in  the  wreck, it should be found! Pass in grapner mode. Activate the
lever  on the right monitor, you h ave just launched the anchor. It is
somewhere  under  water.  Leave,  And take again the diving-suit. Turn
around  in water. Straight three times, turn on the right, here is the
hook,  and  a  carcass. Advance towards it (it is old, the hydraflot!)
Hang  the  hook  on the gate, arise from the water.Turn around in your
hydraflot,  again  activate  the lever to take up the anchor. The gate
under  water  is  torn  off.  Go down again in the water! Turn around,
under  water,  to the wreck, enter. Examine the management report a nd
note  the  figures:  227.  It is finished for the ballade under water,
come  out  and go on the search of the trunk about which the fisherman
spoke.  Leave  on  the  left  on  the  range,  go  a long time, always
straight. To the end, turn on the right, and here is an old hut. Enter
and  use  the key on the trunk. Here is a second diskette! To continue
your  voyage... You can benefit from it to look at the photograph, the
three  friends: our little old man Valembois, the dictator Alvarez and
the  Mackowski  monk.Return t o the hydraflot, use the diskette on the
monitor. Pass in helicopter mode and enter your new co-ordinates: 227.

Chapter III
     Another  breakdown  of  gasoline.  Pass  in  sailing  mode.Leave,
advance  on  the  path,  turn right, go to the end. You are now in the
cemetery,  where  you  meet  Markovski.  He  stands  at  the  tomb  of
Yekoumani,  the  great  love of Valembois. He gives you the keys to en
ter  the  village,  return on the path and use the keys on the gate.It
opens,  you're in the village! Advance straight, all at the bottom you
notice  a jeep... But when you approach a guard strikes you... in fact
these things arrive in a dictatorship! You are in prison! Take the cup
on  the  bed,  use  it  on  the  insect  which is on the wall: it is a
Cafardus  Horibilis, according to the book of voyage of the old man it
has " alleviating " virtues... Let us say, rather anaesthetic! Look at
the  gate,  at  the bottom, there is a bottle! Use your goblet and the
insect on it. The guard drinks, breaks down, completely deadened. Look
at  the  bottom  of  the  gate again and take the keys. You can leave!
Examine  the  car:  there  is  a  jerry  can  full  of gasoline, and a
cord.Advance,  turn  right. You are in the school, examine the places,
the  card  which  teaches  you  that  you  are  in Pueblo, the bust of
Alvarez. Leave and direct you towards the well. Fix the cord, here are
you  can go down!At the bottom of the well, advance straight. You pass
two  rooms, in the third turn over you, and take the sword. Still turn
over  and  take  the  staircase.  You are in the church.Advance to the
furnace  bridge,  listen to the priest. He was assassinated because he
has given you the keys! Open t he chain " the santa biblia ", turn the
pages and take the key. It is used to open small the poorte behind you
on  the  right.  Take the letter, and the diskette n╟ 3.Take again the
passage,  advance  again  in  the underground, to a part with a closed
grid.  Observe  the  statue opposite the grid, it misses something...?
Put  the  sword  on its right arm. Activate the sword, the gate opens.
Advanc  e  straight,  here you are at the outside, at the cemetery.You
can turn over to the village, to listen to the lamentations in the bar
of  the  soldier  who  assassinated  Mackowski...  Turn  over  to  the
hydraflot,  enter  inside,  fill the tank with your jerrycan, l ook at
the  monitor.  Insert  the new diskette. Continue the voyage in slider
mode. Gasoline breakdown.

Chapter IV
     Go in the small hut. According to the book of voyage of Alexandre
Valembois,  it  would be that of his guide of the time... At the entry
of  the  forest,  look at a rock on the right a small scene... Nothing
special, it is funny, that is all! Advance always s traight to a small
hut. On the table, take the paper, it is a plan of the river. Take the
jerrycan,  on  the left. You can set out again on your steps, and turn
over  in  the  hydraflot.  Fill  the tank with gasoline - like all the
preceding times. Set out again in slider mode. Activate the starter on
the  right monitor.You are blocked by Porcopotamus. They are not quite
savage,  a  small blow of horn an d that sets out again! (on the right
of the diskette drive). Still some animals which block the road! These
Buffaloes  tricorns  seem  more  wild...  It  is  necessary to advance
towards  them...  It  was foreseeable, they break the propeller of the
machine.  Turn  left.  You notice several rocks. Pass in grapnel mode.
Aim  at the node of the first rock, and activate the lever of the hook
(on the right monitor). The anchor is fixed at the rock, and so on. If
that  does  not  go,  insist, aim well the node of the rock! It is the
only  means  of  passing...  Use  the same way for all the rocks which
follow.  At the end of one moment, all that you will have t o aim is a
... peaceful Rhinopotamus... Launch the hook on him, it will allow you
to  accost.  But  frightened  it carries with him the hook. Go down to
recover it.Advance on the pontoon, straight on grass, and turn left in
the  forest.  Follow  the  path,  walk  until a cave appears where you
recover  the  blow  pipe.  Reconsider your steps, advance in the water
towards  the  bottom  of  the split (on the left). Rhino is there, the
hook  on  the head... Use the blowpipe on the animal, it falls asleep.
Recover  the  hook,  and turn over to Hydraflot.Advance straight. With
new  rocks, and like presently, aim, and advance. Ah, more rocks, look
at  well  pile  in  the center of the screen, aim at the pontoon.Hold,
some PЙchosaures! Use the hook on the rocks... they have fun to return
you  the object, they block you the passage! Yo u must find a means of
making  them  leave  the  place...  Leave,  advance  in  the  passage,
straight.You  see  some  beehives.  Look  at your feet, take the small
stick  on the right, use it on the branch on the left. Smoke makes the
bees fly towards... the pechosaur es!The passage is free! Turn over to
the hydraflot, aim at the top of the small rock right in front of you.
Continue  same  manner.  You arrive at a waterfall. Aim at the pontoon
between the rocks.

Chapter V

     Take egg with you, you arrive at the end of the voyage! Leave the
hydraflot.  Turn left, advance straight. You arrive at a village. Turn
left.Advance,  and  enter the hut (an eagle on the gate). On the small
table  observe  the document, it shows the mechanism of the falls, you
discover that it is about an original elevator! Open the drawer, there
is  a diskette, the fourth! Turn over, and open the gate at the bottom
of  the  hut. Advance once, turn lef t. Advance twice. Turn right, you
encounter a tree which you can shake. Eh well shake it! Take the fruit
on  the  ground.  Make  half-turn,  advance  twice,  collect the black
cockroach  on the ground. Continue twice ahead, collect the flowers on
the  left. Conti nue, at the entrance of the cave look at the left and
on  the  ground, a red insect to collect.Continue straight, and ascend
the  stairs.  Advance to the wheel, activate and return on your steps,
to  the  village.You  are  on the central place. You can notice that a
bird  out  of wooden turns, in top of the mechanism in the center. The
fact  of  turning  the  wheel  thus  started  several  machines at the
village.  And  if  one  were going to see? Turn left, and you here are
face  to  face with a skeleton! Enter the hut, turn, advance until the
back  of  the  machine.  Put  the flower on the mechanism. Look on the
right,  you can recover seeds of them.Leave, and continue on the left.
Enter  and  examin  e the hammer out of wooden. Advance to the back of
the  machine.  Take  the  fruit,  and  put it in the tank. Observe the
hammer  and  recover  the  milk.  Leave.Cross the place, and go to the
meeting with the young woman. She claims the egg, give it to her. Give
her  the seeds, the milk. Finally the red insect... Leave the village,
in  direction of the pontoon, and the hydraflot. Exceed the hydrafl ot
of  a  step,  and  look  on  the  right. A lever, a snake... Do not be
afraid, activate the lever... The snake is attracted by the music, the
barrier  rises.Turn around in the hydraflot. Put the egg on its place.
Insert  the  diskette. Put you in Boat mode. Activate the starter.Turn
to  your  right,  activate  the  lever,  you go up. Still turn to your
right, activate the lever...

Chapter VI

     At this point, lost there with feet in the river, it is necessary
to  gather  all  that  one finds! Advance straight, ascend the stairs,
enter  the small hut. Take the medallion fixed on the wall.Turn around
in the water, straight, recover the egg. Turn right , you are in front
of  a  mysterious  machine, with three holes. Use the medallion on the
hole  at the bottom. Giraffes appear. They seem to react to the sound,
but  are  still  too far... It is necessary to approach.Advance on the
left  of  the  post.  Advance  str  aight. You arrive at a new machine
identical  to  the preceding one. Use the medallion on the hole of the
medium,  this  time.  Same thing, the Giraffes are far...Return to the
first  two  posts.  Leave  in direction of the second. Proceed on your
path,  a long ti me. At the yellow butterfly on the rock, you arrived!
Hutes  in  height, and still an engine with holes... Use the medallion
on  the  hole  in  top,  here are the domesticated giraffes!Take their
harness, you climb on their back. They bring us to a small hut. C limb
all in top. Take the bridge out of cords. Advance...

Chapter VII
     Still  advance on the bridge, you arrive at the temple. Climb the
stairs.  You discover Alvarez, the dictator, but also the third of the
team, after Valembois and Markowski. He speaks. In short, he dies, him
too.  Observe  him  and  take  his  medals. On your le ft, observe the
mechanism,  activate  the  wheel. Leave this room. Go to the bottom of
the  stairs.Turn  around,  the mechanism opened a passage. Descend the
stairs  on the left. Activate the crank of the furnace. The arm of the
machine  advances  towards  you,  put  the  medals in the plate (it is
necessary to be precise). The medals melt, a moulding, here is a small
key...  Take  the key.Advance twice, on the left a kind of gate in the
wall.  Put  the key in the keyhole. Turn it until you hear a mechanism
and  the key is returned to its original position.Turn around, go back
to  the  entrance. Turn go up, go up. Use the deltaplane... You arrive
at  t  he  crater,  where  the  white birds are born...Advance at your
right. Advance several times. Look at the ground, you will find a kind
of  bird...  or  iron  bar.  Collect  it. Proceed your path around the
crater.  On  the  right,  an  entrance.  Advance  to the armchair, and
notice,  above,  two notches which face, on the left and on the right.
Put  egg  above.  A  mechanism  engages, take again egg.Leave. Set out
again  on  the  right,  continue  to  the rock ext ension on the left.
Advance  to  the  edge,  put  egg  at the end. Put the iron bar on the
egg... And then a short movie is shown. There Ya go!

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