America's Army 3

Steam Achievements
     Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

"V" for Victory:              Win 100 matches (any mission/map).

Against All Odds:             Win the round while the last man left 
                              on your team and outnumbered.

Army Commendation Medal:      Qualify Expert 
                              on all training missions (BCT & AIT).

Army Overseas Service Ribbon: Play a match on every map (any mission).

Army Service Ribbon:          Graduate from Basic Training.

Assault Specialist:           Complete 50 Activated objectives.

Avenger:                      Neutralize 20 enemies after being revived 
                              that had incapacitated you earlier 
                              in the round.

Basic Rifle Marksmanship 
Badge:                        Qualify Basic Rifle Marksmanship 
                              by hitting 23 targets.

Combat Infantryman Badge:     Accumulate 2 hours of playtime 
                              in each MOS role.

Consummate Professional:      Neutralize 50 enemies 
                              with sighted headshots as a SDM.

Czervenia Campaign Ribbon:    Accumulate 20 hours of online play.

Deadeye:                      Test achievement

Defense Specialist:           Win 50 rounds while playing Defense 
                              (Defend, Ambush, or Counter).

Distinguished Automatic 
Rifleman:                     Win 50 rounds as an Automatic Rifleman.

Distinguished Grenadier:      Win 50 rounds as a Grenadier.

Distinguished Rifleman:       Win 50 rounds as a Rifleman.

Distinguished Squad 
Designated Marksman:          Win 50 rounds 
                              as a Squad Designated Marksman.

Expert Basic Rifle 
Marksmanship Badge:           Qualify as Expert in Basic Rifle 
                              Marksmanship by hitting 36 targets.

Expert Infantryman Badge:     Qualify Expert 
                              on every Basic Combat Training level.

Expert Life Saver Badge:      Qualify Expert 
                              on the Combat Life Saving course.

Expert Weapons Badge:         Qualify Expert on every station 
                              in Weapons Familiarization.

Follow Me:                    Win 50 rounds as Squad Leader.

Got Your Back:                Be linked to a teammate when they complete 
                              an objective 50 times.

Hawkeye:                      Neutralize 5 enemies in one round 
                              (awarded on after enemy is confirmed).

Mission First:                Complete 50 objectives as a Rifleman.

Mr. Zip Cuff:                 Secure 50 enemies.

No "I" in Team:               Stay linked to your team the entire round.

Not On My Watch:              Neutralize the VIP 50 times.

One Man Army:                 Win a match without ever being neutralized.

Physical Fitness Badge:       Qualify Expert on the Obstacle Course.

Recovery Specialist:          Recover and Extract 50 carryable objectives.

Security Specialist:          Capture 50 Take & Hold objectives.

Sharpshooter Basic 
Rifle Marksmanship Badge:     Qualify as Sharpshooter in Basic Rifle 
                              Marksmanship by hitting 30 targets.

Spotless Record:              Complete 30 consecutive rounds 
                              without any ROE violations.

Stick to the Plan:            Complete 30 Squad Leader 
                              assigned objectives.

Suppressive Results:          Damage at least 2 enemies with a single 
                              trigger pull 50 times as an Automatic 

Tag and Bag:                  Confirm 50 enemies.

Two Birds, One Stone:         Neutralize two enemies with one grenade 
                              as Grenadier 
                              (awarded on after enemy is confirmed).

Ultimate Sacrifice:           Dive on a live grenade saving at least 
                              one teammate from certain death.

Up and At 'Em:                Revive 50 teammates.

Very Important Player:        Extract 50 times as the VIP.

Walk It Off:                  Complete an objective after being revived.

Weapon Bar: Auto. Rifle:      Qualify Expert with Auto. Rifle 
                              in Tier 1 Automatic Rifleman.

Weapon Bar: Carbine:          Qualify Expert 
                              with the M4 in Tier 1 Advanced Rifleman.

Weapon Bar: M16DMR:           Qualify Expert with M16DMR 
                              in Tier 1 Squad Designated Marksman.

Weapon Bar: M320:             Qualify Expert with M320 
                              in Tier 1 Grenadier.

Weapon Bar: Rifle:            Qualify Basic Rifle Marksmanship 
                              with the M16A4.

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