AMA Superbike

     Tip:  It's  absolutely critical that you don't turn into a corner
too  early  (even  more  so than with car racing sims). If you do, the
bike  will  understeer  heavily  to  the  outside,  and  you  will  be
completely offline for the straightaway that follows. By being patient
and  waiting  for the proper turn-in point, you will be able to rocket
out of the turn with considerably more speed.

     Tip:  If  you have the traction-control aid turned off, your bike
will  slide out from under you every time you so much as touch a blade
of  grass  on  the outside of a corner. Oddly enough, you can put your
wheels  on the grass or dirt located on the inside of the turn without
suffering  any  such  dire consequences. Use this to your advantage as
much as possible, but don't cut the corner too much, or you will bring
on a stop-and-go penalty for shortcutting.

     Tip:  If you use a multiple-axis joystick with a twist grip and a
separate  throttle  control,  you  can map your rider's lean-and-pitch
movements  to  these  axes  for  more  hands-on control and a somewhat
greater challenge.

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