Altered Beast

     Zeus  has  called upon you! Only a brave and fearless warrior can
save  his beloved daughter, Athena, from the cunning clutches of Neff,
the evil Lord of the Underworld.

     Summoned  from  the  grave,  you  are  bestowed with supernatural
powers.  Collect "mystical" spirit balls and transform into an awesome
array of creatures with formidable forces. As The Strongman, Werewolf,
Weretiger,  and  Weredragon,  rip  the  flesh  of  devilsh  demons. As
Werebear knock out your enemies with one bad breath!

     You hear distant ceies of the beautiful Athena and as the terrors
of  The  Underworld tighten their grasp, the beast within you rises to
face the final battle.

     With  five complete rounds, the onslaught of Neff's underlings is
staggering.  But  Neff promises to be the most loathsome enemy yet, so
prepare  yourself  for  the  worst. And remember, Zeus didnt bring you
back from the grave to fail!


     To  transform  into  an  altered  beast,  defeat the three-headed
wolves  and  the  spirit balls they release. You must capture 3 spirit
balls before you can turn into an Altered Beast.

     Wolves release only 1 ball per defeat. If the game is played with
2 players, 2 spirit balls will be released from the wolves.

Press control & J for JOYSTICK
      control & K for KEYBOARD

     Press  either  the  fire  button on your Joystick or Space bar to
begin the game.


PAUSE...CNTRL P          Jump......   Up Arrow
SOUND...CNTRL S          Jump right   Pg Up
MUSIC...CNTRL Q          Move right   Rt Arrow
EXIT....CNTRL X          Crouch down  Dwn Arrow
                         Move left    Lft Arrow
                         Jump left    Home

     Press  fire  button  1 (ENTER) to KICK and button 2 (SPACEBAR) to

     Pull  Joystick  on  either  diagonal and press fire button to lie
back and kick.

     Your  energy  level  is  reflected by the Power Gauge. Every time
you're  hit  directly,  your  energy  level  will  decrease.  This  is
indicated by the changing color on the Power Gauge.

     During  game  play, you're given 3 lives to survive enemy attack.
The  life  gauge  is illustrted by either a beast or the warriors face
and the number of lives remaining.

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