Alien Incident

     Get  rope.  Look  at  trashcan  (you get a note), read note. Exit
room,  go  to  kitchen.  Get  matches and a moldy bread. Look at note,
attached  to fridge. Open fridge, get growth potion. Get a crowbar and
a  fuse.  Return  to lab. Use crowbar on the loose plank. Open fusebox
and  use  fuse  on empty slot there. (Dont forget to pick up fuse from
fusebox after you will be able to leave mansion.)

     At  hall  search  lab coat for a stethoscope. Go upstairs and use
growth potion with plant. Use crowbar on pumpkin.

     Enter  a door to the right. Get a walkman and a hammer. Also open
a cabinet and get a videocassette.

     Enter  a  door  to  the  left. Turn lamp on. Move pillow to get a
small key. Open drawer, read note. Pick up remote control.

     Now  enter  library  (a  door in the middle) after you unlock its
door  with a small key. Push a bookshelf to the right. Use stethoscope
with safe to open it. Get a key and floopy disks.

     Return  to  lab. Use 'Top Secret' floppy with floppy toaster. Use
monitor.  Move  elevator up. Go upstairs to the room on the left. Open
closet  and enter it. Get battery. Use it with remote control.Use rope
with  ring  and  return  to elevator/closet. Go downstairs to the door
without  a  handle.  Use  remote  control  on  door.  Enter  door. Get
scissors,  radio.  Use scissors on pumpkin. Use video- cassette on VCR
and  remote  on  TV. Get an arrow and video- cassette back. Go all the
way  back  to place where you tied rope to ring and enter shaft. After
some  anims  you appear in sewer. Get piece of paper (it appears to be
blueprints).  Use  handle,  push button. Use ladder to climb up. Go to
the cemetary. Examine tombstones and talk with statue. You cannot past
laser  beams now so go back to crossroads and go south. Talk to hippie
and  you  should swap your walkman for his gameson. Go to the park and
watch  an alien teleporting. Go left and talk with Yodie. After a long
chatter give him blueprints, then radio and a gameson. He tells you to
wait  and  you go all way back to the screen with a mansion and a path
to  the  left.  Walk  to  the  path  and see a mansion. Use matches on
mailbox,  return  back to explosion site and see Sluggs. After chat he
will  give you keys from observatory. Go left and to the antique shop.
After  a  LONG  chat  you  will have oppor- tunity to swap arrow for a
diving  suit.  Go back to Yodi's. Look at everything (note, runestone,
parrot  etc).  Give  moldy  bread  to  parrot.  Take  teleport engine,
disassemble  it  by clicking with mouse in inventory. Go to the obser-
vatory.  Unlock  door  and  enter. Look at painting. Use fuse on empty
slot  (you picked up fuse from fuse box in man- sion, didnt you?). Use
circuit  breaker.  Go upstairs. Pull lever, use telescope. Pull switch
near  computer.  Use  game-  son  on slot and another floppy from your
inventory   on   disk  drive.  Press  button  and  use  monitor.  Save
coordinates of spaceship onto cartridge. Exit menu. Get a gameson, put
it  back  in  teleport engine. Pick up floppy. Now go to the cemetary.
Now  you  can  tell  the  password to statue: "Look! A blueberry!" and
enter  cave.  Use diving suit on puddle. Swim down and use picklock on
chest.  Get  an  old key from chest. Swim to the surface and open door
with  old  key.  Go  down the ladder. Push button. Pull switch. Go up.
Look grating. Pull switch. Return to puddle and swim through hole. Now
a  maze  awaits  (it  can  be  very  frustrating at times but its easy
enough).  Your objective here is to find a pickaxe in one of the rooms
and  then  find an exit on the top left corner of the screen. Here use
pickaxe on fence and run over rope to other section of maze. Here your
objective is to find a dead-end, where when you are going to leave the
room  you'll  see  some creature and be awarded a telephone number for
teleport.  Now  return to telephone booth and use teleport engine with
wires and telephone number with phone.

     You appear on the ship. Use pumpkin mask. Enter door to the left.
Go  all  the  way  to elevator and you will need a card to operate it.
Return  to  the place where you started and get a card (you cant do it
earlier).  Back  to elevator and use card. For your convenience I will
refer  to the 5 columns, which you can select as desti- nation as deck
1  -...- deck 5 from left to right. Go to deck 3. Try a console - your
card  doesnt  match.  Go  right.  Push button. Get ticket. Look ticket
number. Repeat this three times and you will get a pile of tickets and
a ticket machine will be broken.

     Go  to  deck  4  - enter door. A guard will halt you but tell him
that  Boss  awaits  him.  Talk with prisoners. Go right - you will see
that  guard  has  forgotten  a  card in the slot. Get it and go to the
elevator. Use guard's card and go to deck 1. Talk with maintenance man
and persuade him to give you a badge.

     Return  to  deck  3 - you can visit Boss now, because your number
matches  the  current queue number. Boss will give you the right card.
Go  to deck 1 and use card on the slot, enter door and use card on the
slot again. Now go to the deck 4 and use ring on slot at the very left
of  cells. After that look at LCD to find out password to unlock cell.
Go  to  deck  3  and  use  guard's  card on console. Now that you know
password  scroll plans to the plan of cell number 38 and select option
to unlock it. After all this use elevator to get to cell at deck 4.

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