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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Age of Mythology

Автор: shadow wreaper
A pretty good game and the graphics are better than the other "Age of" games. But it still has the same concept of a "build and destroy" game with added power and gods. The expansion doesn't add much to the game.

Автор: Age of Mythology
I love the first version, the second doesn't really add anything. The game has a 'build and destroy' thing going on, and I love games that have that. The graphics are awesome, and the storyboard is just as good.

Автор: Troggles
I'm one of those 'sad sack' types who gets totally engrossed in this genre of games, this one is pretty, easy to play and has a sense of humor too. Try listening to the videos before and after the scenarios, the heroes have a benign sense of impending doom laced with a trickle of ironic humor. The script writers are to be commended. As for game play: good characters, good stories and easy to control, what more can I say!

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