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Age of Empires 3: The Warchiefs cheats, tips and tricks

Author: Aaron
The Ottomans are very strong. You get settlers spawning from you home city for free, and that can be very useful. Also they have a great military. The janissaries are fairly cheap but very strong against cavalry and infantry. Plus they have an amazingly good hand AND ranged attack, and that is very useful. The Abus Guns are expensive but super good against infantry. The great bombards are VERY effective against whatever you attack. But you have to get them from factories or your home city. The cavalry archers and the spia are about the only good cavalry for the ottomans but both are very powerful. When I attack with ottomans I build about 70+ janissaries, 25+ abus guns, about 15-20 cavalry and if possible a couple great bombards. Then when I attack with that army I destroy the enemy army first, then the town center and then all the buildings. This has always worked for me on a medium level.

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