Adventures of Willy Beamish

- - Carbuncle School - -

Q: How do I get out of class?

A:  Eventually,  Ms. Glass will fall asleep, then you can sneak out of
class.  Don't  try  to  leave  before she conks out, and make sure she
doesn't  find  out  you  have  a  frog  in your backpack. If Ms. Glass
catches  you  for  either  of these offenses, you will get sent to the
principal's office.

Q: How do I get by Coach Beltz?

A:  You can make a hall pass that will fool Coach Beltz from the items
inside  Willy's  desk. Combine the white crayon with the piece of wood
and show it to Coach Beltz when he asks you for it.

Q: How do I avoid getting beat up by Spider?

A:  To  avoid  getting  mauled  by  Spider in the bathroom, choose the
dialog  response  2  when  he asks you to give him something from your
backpack. Then give him your Game Buddy.

Q: I've been sent to Principal Frick's office! What do I do?

A:  The  first  time  you  get sent to Principal Frick's office choose
dialog  response  1.  Then give him back his toupee. Try not to get in
trouble  again,  if  you are sent to Principal Frick's office too many
times you will end up in military school.


- - The Beamish home - -

Q: Who is this Ghost Beamish character?

A:  Ghost  Beamish  is  the spirit of Willy's Grandfather. He provides
Willy with helpful information and guidance throughout the game. Ghost
Beamish provides the first warning that something foul is afoot in the
fair city of Frumpton. Most of the time it is a good idea to listen to
what Ghost Beamish has to tell you.

Q: Help! I keep getting sent to military school!

A:  When  you get a warning from Gordon or Sheila to do something, you
have  a  short amount of time to do it before the trouble meter begins
to  climb  into  the  danger  zone.  If  Willy  ignores his parents or
misbehaves  too  frequently  he  will  get  sent  to  military school.
Promptly doing what you are told and common sense will keep you out of
trouble for the most part.

Q: What do I do about the mail?

A:  You  are  better off leaving your report card in the mail slot. If
you  get  caught  trying  to  hide Willy's report card from Gordon and
Sheila, military school will be the inevitable result.

Q: What do I do if I cut my thumb?

A:  If  you  cut  your thumb while slicing veggies in the kitchen, you
need  to  go to the upstairs bathroom and use the first-aid kit in the
cupboard.  Make  sure  that you put both iodine and band-aid on it. If
you  don't  take care of the cut it will become infected and you won't
be able to win the Nintari Championships.

Q: How can I get my Nintari Key away from Tiffany?

A:  There  are  two ways to get the Nintari Key away from Tiffany. You
can  either take her diary and blackmail her with it in her bedroom or
you  can  drop Horny on her when she is in the bathtub after dinner on
day  1. Make sure that you practice Nintari at least once or you can't
win the championships at the end of the game.

Q: How do I get away from the baby-sitter from hell?

A:  Once  the  baby sitter from hell goes batty, you only have a short
amount  of  time to act. Go upstairs to the bathroom and get Tiffany's
hairspray  out of the cupboard. Then spray the bat with the hairspray;
this  will  give  you  more  time  to complete the puzzle. Next, go to
Brianna's  room  and  take the mouse away from the cat. After you have
the  mouse,  go back downstairs to the living room and jump behind the
sofa.  Place the mouse on the coffee table and when Alicia-bat pounces
on it, use the vacuum cleaner to suck her up.

Q: What should I do with Duffy?

A:  You  need  to  feed  Duffy  whenever  he  is  hungry  and walk him
regularly.  If  you  don't take good enough care of Duffy, he will get
you  into trouble. If you neglect him he will run away and the game is

Q: How do I deal with Brianna?

A: If you play with Brianna on the swings in the back yard, choose the
second  dialog  response  when she asks you to push her higher. If you
send  her  into  orbit  you  may  as  well pack your bags for military
school.  Picking Brianna up when she falls off her bed after dinner on
the first day will make your trouble meter go down.

Q: What do I have to do to get some money?

A: There are two ways for Willy to earn money at the Beamish Home. The
first  chance  is  to  mow  the lawn after dinner on day 1. The second
opportunity is to wash the Grange Rover after breakfast on day 2.


- - Willy's neighborhood - -

Q: What do I in the tree fort on day 2?

A:  Tree  Fort  Headquarters is where Willy likes to hang out with his
friends,  Dana  and Perry. On day 2 you need to make sure that you get
the  Biffo Man comic book from the tree fort. You can also trade Perry
for  the  Mickey Morris baseball card if you have Tiffany's diary, but
this is not crucial to solving the game.

Q: How about the tree fort after Day 2?

A:  After  day  2 you can convince Dana to enter Gigi in the Tootsweet
frog  jump if you give her a T-shirt from the OK T-shirt Kiosk in Olde
Towne. On day 3 you can get a jar of fire ants in the tree fort.

Q: What do I do at Sloeffer Park?

A:  Sloeffer  park  is  the perfect place for Horny to get in a little
jumping  practice.  If you really want to see Horny leap, buy a can of
Slam  Dunk from the vendor in the park and give him a swig. You should
also check out what happens when you feed Horny the flies and the fire

Q: I can't get past the Bully in the Slice of Life Pizza rest room!

A:  A  little  skullduggery  is called for here. Take the "No Smoking"
sign  off  the  wall near the sink and throw it in the trash can. When
Spider comes in, give him the Biffo Man comic book you got at the tree
fort. Spider will have a real blast with it.

Q: What do I do at the OK T-shirt Kiosk?

A:  If  you  bought a photo in the Slice of Life pizzeria and did your
chores at home, you will be able to purchase a T-shirt here. Slide the
kiosk  vendor 5 bucks and the photo and you'll be the proud owner of a
shirt guaranteed to last 1,000 washings.


- - Olde Towne - -

Q: How do I get to West Frumpton?

A:  You  can't take the ferry to west Frumpton until day 3 because Gus
has  run  it aground on a sand bar. Once the ferry is operational, you
can  pay  for  your  fare  with  a ferry token from the Harry Humpford
Memorial Fountain or trade the Mickey Morris baseball card for a ride.

Q: I'm at the fountain. What can I do here?

A: You can find a ferry token to pay for your passage to West Frumpton
in the fountain. Make sure that you only take one. The local gendarmes
don't take kindly to people messing in the fountain.


- - East Frumpton / Humpford Mansion - -

Q: How do I get to the Humpford Mansion?

A: You need to win the frog jump on day four before you can get to the
Humpford  Mansion.  One  of the prizes you will win is a jet-ski which
you can then ride to Humpford Mansion.

Q: How do I get past Arthur the parrot?

A:  Arthur  is  a  very  sensitive  and repressed bird, so you must be
careful   not  to  ruffle  his  feathers.  Try  the  following  dialog
responses: 1, 2, 1, 2.

Q: Can I do anything with this suit of armor?

A:  The  suit  of armor is precariously balanced and will crash to the
ground  noisily  if  you  don't  cushion  its  fall.  Get  the quilted
tablecloth from the dining room and place it near the feet of the suit
of  armor  before  knocking  it over. Take the helmet and the piece of
paper you find inside the armor.

Q: What do I do in the Humpford Mansion dining room?

A:  Leona  and  Louis  are  just  in the next room so you need to move
quickly and quietly. Grab the brass chalice on the table and set it on
the  floor.  Then,  pull the tablecloth off. Take the chalice with you
when  you leave. If you want to check up on Louis and Leona in the Big
Game Room you can use the magnifying class to get a closer look. Don't
go in there - you'll get caught.

Q: How do I save the frogs?

A:  First, you need to throw the brass chalice from the dining room at
Chef  Childish  to distract her. Sneak over behind the large cauldron.
After  you  reach the cauldron, grab the saucepan and dump the sauteed
butter just behind Chef Childish. Scoot the cauldron closer to her. Go
back  to  the  entrance to the kitchen where you started and jump onto
the  frog  conveyor.  When  the  conveyor brings you around, this will
startle  Chef  Childish  and  she'll  fall into the cauldron and start
yelling.  Stifle  her  screams by stuffing her head in the helmet from
the  suit of armor. As soon as Chef Childish is taken care of, release
the  frogs  by pressing the stop button on the conveyor control panel.
Then get the heck out of there. You will still get caught by Louis and
Leona,  but  the frogs you just rescued will repay the favor by saving


- - Plumber's Union / Golden Bowl - -

Q: How do I get inside the Plumbers' Union?

A:  You  can't  get inside Local 409 until day 4 but you can listen to
Louis  Stoole  address  the  plumbers rally on day 3. On day 4 you can
sneak into Louis Stoole's office by climbing through the window.

Q: What do I do in Louis Stoole's office?

A:  After  you  are  in  his  office for a short time, Louis will come
crashing through the door. Pick up the plunger near the desk and throw
it  at  Louis' face. This will only hold him for a short time. Pick up
the security pass to Humpford Sludgeworks on the desk and make a break
for it.

Q: How do I handle the Cripes Gang outside the Golden Bowl?

A:  Except  for  throwing  you the wrench, Ray isn't going to help you
here.  Take  the  smoke  bomb the Japanese tourists gave to you on the
ferry  and  throw it at the Cripes. Then use the monkey wrench to open
the  fire  hydrant  and spray them with water. After you've doused the
gang,  run  to  Tootsweet  where  you  will  again  find  the Japanese

Q: How do I get in the Golden Bowl Bar?

A:  Ray's  astrology  fetish can be used to help you get in the Golden
Bowl,  but  you  have to win the frog jump contest first. You need the
radio/tape  recorder from the jet-ski you won at the frog jump to help
you  solve  this puzzle. After you get the tape deck from the jet-ski,
go  to  the  phone  booth  outside  the plumbers' union. Put the phone
receiver  on  top  of  the  radio/tape recorder. Press record and dial
432-7446  to  tape  the  phone conversation with Alyssa. Then call the
Golden  Bowl  and  ask  for  Ray.  When  he gets on the line, play the
recording.  When  you return to the Golden Bowl, Ray will be inside on
the phone and you can get in.

Q: What do I do inside the Golden Bowl?

A:  Poor Burt doesn't have a lottery ticket. Give him the one from the
machine next to the OK T-shirt Kiosk. He'll let you stay and watch the
drawing.  Take a nudie calendar from the pile on top of the bar before
you leave the bar.


- - Tootsweet / Frog Jump Contest - -

Q: Where do I get an entry blank for the Frog Jump Contest?

A:  You  can  pick  up  an  entry blank for the Frog Jump at the booth
outside of the Tootsweet Building on day 3.

Q: Can the Japanese tourists help me against the Cripes Gang?

A:  If you make it to Tootsweet while being chased by the Cripes, talk
to  the  Japanese  tourists. They will come to your aid. Choose dialog
response #1.

Q: How can I win the Tootsweet Frog Jump Contest?

A:  Horny  can't beat Turbofrog head to head in the jumping contest so
you have to stack the odds in your favor a bit. Place the jar of flies
near Turbofrog, he will eat them and fall asleep. Don't feed the flies
directly  to  Turbo  or  give Horny the Slam dunk Cola. Both of theses
actions  will  get  you disqualified. If Gigi is at the contest, Horny
will jump better.

Q: How do I escape the Tootsweet security guard?

A:  You  need  to combine the Nintari Key with the GI Jim dog tags and
hypnotize  the  guard. The correct hypnotic phrase can be found inside
Dr.  Jeckle's  ad  inside Willy's Meed Notebooklet, included with your


- - Humpford Sludgeworks - -

Q: How can I get by the striking Plumbers?

A: Being the red-blooded blue-collar men that they are, you can easily
get their attention with the nudie calendar from the Golden Bowl Bar.

Q: How do I get into the sludgeworks?

A:  To  get  inside the sludgeworks, you need to give the guard at the
gate  the  security  pass  you  got  from Louis Stoole's office in the
Plumber's  Union.  The  guard will still sound the alarm after you get
inside, so don't waste any time.

Q: How do I operate the bridge?

A: You will need the plans for the sludgeworks you got from inside the
suit  of  armor  at  the  Humpford  Mansion  to solve this puzzle. The
correct  color  code  sequence to activate the bridge control lever is
listed  in  the  margin  of the map. Enter the four part code from the
map:  you'll  know  you  have  it  right when the small light over the
control lever turns green. After you've entered the correct code, wait
until the guards start to cross the bridge, then throw the lever.

Q: What do I do in the Duct Control Center?

A:  Time  is  of  the essence, if you don't hurry you'll buy the farm.
Type "AIR" into the control panel, then wait for the guards to appear.
When they do, press the enter button on the control panel to blow them
off  the  catwalk.  Then  type "TRAM" and press enter to go to the Tub
Tray Tram Room.

Q: How can I escape from Stanley in the Tub Tray Tram Room?

A:  Stay in the middle of the tramwalk until Stanley throws his hat at
you.  Make  sure you duck when he tries to hit you. When Stanley's hat
lands  at the end of the conveyor, go pick it up. Throw it at him from
the  end  of  the  tram - don't run back to the middle. When Stanley's
body  gets plunged, run back to the middle of the conveyor and jump on
the piston that's sticking up on the left side of the tramwalk.

Q: Help! I keep getting lost in the Tub Tray Tram Tunnels!

A:  The blueprints from the Humpford Mansion are a map of the Tub Tray
Tram  Tunnels. The toilet icon near the center of the map is where you
want  to end up. When you jump into the tram you will automatically be
taken  to  Grand  Junction,  then  you need to use the map. From Grand
Junction  go  forward to Conjunction Junction, then take a RIGHT. When
you  reach  Compunction  Junction  take a LEFT and go straight through
Malfunction  Junction,  continuing until you reach Petticoat Junction.
Take  a  LEFT  at  Petticoat Junction. This will lead you to the final
climactic  confrontation with your arch-enemies Leona and Louis at the
Hot Sludge Vat.

Q: How do I rescue Gordon?

A: You finally get to use the yo-yo Willy has being carrying. Drop the
yo-yo  on Willy. Leona and Louis will start running towards you on the
rim of the Hot Sludge Vat. When they stop to laugh, throw the yo-yo at
them.  This  will  knock them into the goop. Be sure to flush the main
colitis valve after you knock them in.

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