Advantage Tennis

     This  is the most fluid tennis game around and I find it the most
enjoyable to play. The computer players are tough and a little workout
in the Byte Editer Gym will give you that razor (no pun intended) edge
to your reflexes.

     I  haven't had the urge to program for a long time, so excuse the
down  and  dirty  nature  of  this  method  of  editing  your  players
attributes.  I  have  only  spent  the  time  to  locate  the six main
attributes  in  the  player  file, so if you're looking to change more
you'll have to do it with your racket.

     Your  player  is  saved in a file ending with the extension .ply.
This  file  has alot of data in saves the records of all 99 of
your oponents and revises their status as well as your own after every
game.  The  location of your records within the file appears to change
as  you  move  up in rank, so a simple debug script will not work very
well  to  edit  the  the  desired  bytes. Therefore, I will describe a
method  to  locate  and edit them using a hex editor, such as Norton's
Disk Editor.

     There are six attributes you can edit with these instructions. To
insure  you  are  editing the correct bytes, you should write down the
current  attributes  of  the  player  file  you  are going to edit and
convert them to hex. To list them, choose PREFERENCES on the main menu
and  load  the saved player. Choose the RACKET ICON and then the BICEP
ICON. The listed attributes are:

                Forehand Volley
                Backhand Volley

     The maximum value for these attributes is 120 (78h). You can edit
them  to  a value higher than 78h, but I can't say what will happen in
the  game.  The  BONUS  attribute does not have to be edited since the
game will not increase anything beyond 120.

     1.  First,  load  up  your  editor  and the .PLY file you wish to
change.  Do I have to say you should do this on a copy of the file and
not the original?
     2.  Do  a  search  for the player name you gave yourself. If your
editor doesn't have a search function, look for your name at an offset
of  about 3372h. Somewhere around offset 1CF0h you should start to see
the different player's names comming up.
     3.  The  attributes start at an offset of 42 (2Ah) from the first
letter  of  the  player's  name. This should match the value you wrote
down. The attributes are in the same order they are listed in the game
and  separated by a 00h byte. Just change all six to 78h and leave the
00's alone.

     As  an  example,  say  the  player's  attributes are 69 (45h), 68
(44h),  58  (3Ah),  55  (37h), 52 (34h) and 56 (38h). You should see a
byte string like this in your editor:

                .... 45 00 44 00 3A 00 37 00 34 00 38 00 ....

     After  changing  all the attributes to the max of 78h, the string
will look like this:

                .... 78 00 78 00 78 00 78 00 78 00 78 00 ....

     Your  racket is now strung with the best catgut there is, so give
alot of love with it.

     For  the  curious,  there are a couple other bytes I know of. The
BONUS  byte falls into place as the seventh follows the
00  after the sixth attribute. The byte proceeding the first letter of
the player's name is, I believe, your standing. I haven't had cause to
verify these, so handle with care.

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