Advanced Flight Training


ACCELERATION            In flight training
AILERONS                When you first select a maneuver
AIRFLOW                 Your first task in an unfamilar
AIRSPEED                Achieving straight and level flight
ALTIMETER               Check your instrument panel
ANGEL OF ATTACK         In a straight climb
ATTITUTE                The visual references for a climb
AVIATION                This is a straight descent
BACK PRESSURE           The visual references for a descent
BANK                    The plain in the attitude indicator
CENTER OF GRAVITY       The glareshield should be at an angle
COMPASS                 To take off, the airplane must accelerate
CONTROL SURFACE         Begin by lining up the airplane
DRAG                    Plan your approach to the airport
ELEVATOR                On short final, about
EMPENNAGE               While on final approach
FINAL                   The landing flare is a slow
FLAPS                   Your goal is to make the transition
FUEL STARVATION         The transition from climb to level
G-FORCE                 The transition from descent to level
GLARESHIELD             If you start to lose altitude during the turn
GLIDESLOPE              A stall occurs because
HEADING                 The first indication of an approaching
LATERAL AXIS LIFT       No sooner was the airplane invented
LONGITUDINAL AXIS       Begin by increasing the power
MACH                    Lincoln Beachey, an early daredevil
PITCH                   As the inverted horizon comes
PROPELLER               Begin the slow roll by increasing power
ROLL                    The immelman was invented by max immelman
RUDDER                  The heading of the airplane should be
RUNWAY                  Execute a roll, stopping in the inverted 
SERVICE CEILING         Increase power to 100% and reduce the pitch
SKID                    This is the same introduction flight
SLIP                    Increase power to 100% while maintaining
SPIN                    Begin the roll by increasing the power
STALL                   Increase power 100% and attain full speed
THROTTLE                Roll the airplane in the same manner
TRACK                   AFT flashes an on-screen message confirming
VERTICAL AXIS           Your succes as a race pilot depends
VERTICAL STABILIZER     It isn't by accident that the most
YAW                     In formation flying, you test your flying 

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