Adrenalin: Extreme Show

     Start  the  game,  Нpen  the  game  console by pressing SHIFT + ~
(tilde). A console window should open with a cursor. Enter your codes.
Press "SHIFT + ~" to leave the console.

     Note: You may hit the UpArrow and DownArrow keys to cycle through
previously  entered  codes. Hit the TAB Key for a full list of console
commands. You can also type one letter (or the first few letters) of a
command and then hit the TAB Key to see available matches.

Cheat code:              

breakwin	   Cause the windows on your vehicle to be broken
timescale	   Display the current "World Timescale"
timescale <#>	   Change the "World Timescale"; this is the basically a 
		   speedup/slowdown cheat.  
		   Use a number less than 1 to make everything move in 
		   slow motion, which lets you react faster as you race.
		   timescale .5
		   timescale 2
ai_enable <0/1>	   Disable/Enable the Artificial Intelligence of enemy 
		   disbled = ai_enable 0
		   enabled = ai_enable 1
transport	   Teleports your vehicle to another location on the track 
givemethepower	   Toggle infinite adrenalin (used for Nitro Boost & 
		   Adrenalin Devices)
devilsmachine	   Toggle all andrenalin devices mode (gives you most of 
		   the powerups along the top of the screen)
		   You do need to have keys assigned in the Control setup 
		   to be able to switch/active these andrenalin devices 
nightmare	   Enemies enforced
keymaster	   Tracks unlocked (you must have a profile loaded for 
		   this to work, and you must not be in the track 
		   selection screen)
elixir		   Toggle Invulnerability mode
ghostintheshelter  Toggle Invisibility (makes enemy drivers ignore you?)
lightspeed         Toggle max speed survive.
		   There are many different types of races.  If one (such 
		   as the Speed Race) requires you to maintain a specific 
		   speed or else you lose, this cheat will prevent you 
		   from losing.  So, you can drive around the track at any 
		   speed you wish without being knocked out of the race.
makemerich	   1000000 gold added to local player (which is you)
makemerich <#>	   Adds the specified # of gold to your account (can be 
		   negative too, for whatever reason you would do that)
pl_addmoney	   (same effect as 'makemerich' above)
pl_addmoney <#>	   (same effect as 'makemerich' above)
robinhood	   Players received/lost some money.
skipstage	   Advance Stage (assumed this would skip a race of a 
		   championship/contract, but it seems to have no effect 
		   other than crashing the game if you run it too many 
sidelights <0/1>   Turn the sidelights off/on (seems to be the rear lights 
		   on some vehicles)

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