Abyss - Incident at Europa

Infinite Ammo: 

     To  have  infinite ammo, you must go at the option menu and press
alt+F4,  then press two times alt+ctrl+delete, then return to the game
and you'll have infinite ammo.


     Maps  are  available  for  download  from the game's official web
site.  Also see my web version of this file (with my own maps!) If you
have  trouble  picking  up  or  using  objects,  alter  your  angle of
approach.  Crouch  down,  look  up  or  down,  jump  up  to try again.
Sometimes  you  must  press  the  Shift  key  and  literally  run into
something to get it.

     You  can  avoid  many  of  the Mutants in Deepcore since they are
confined  to  the  room  or  section where you find them, for the most
part.  It takes 2 shots from your stunner to knock them down, but they
will always get up again.

Activating the Power Core
     1.  Stand  facing the blue striped switch box and press spacebar.
Bump  into the door to open it and leave the Compression/Decompression
     2. Walk through the next door to the Sub Bay.
     3.  Move  left  to  the body (near the red chest) and get Level 1
Stunner. (Spouse comments on infection.)
     4.  Turn around and enter the left door. This is the Locker Room.
Get  the  Blue  Key  Card  from second locker from left. Bump into the
suits.  (Spouse  comments  you  need to find the helmet.) Leave Locker
     5. Walk to other end of the Moonpool and enter door on the right.
Turn  left  and  walk straight to the end of the hall and are facing a
door.  Walk  straight,  bear left and turn right to face another door.
Enter  the  Infirmary  and get Purple Gel Pack from wall socket. Leave
     6.  Walk  left, straight and then right. Turn right and enter the
Mess Hall. Pick up Screwdriver from table.
     7. Walk straight and out the opposite door into the Galley. Ready
the Level 1 Stunner. Leave Galley.
     8.  Walk  straight  into  the Food Pantry. Shoot the Mutant (Ctrl
key)  twice  to  stun.  Keep  walking  straight  to the Elevator Well.
Recharge Stunner. Enter Elevator. Go Up. Turn and Exit Elevator.
     9.  Walk  through  two doors and pause in hallway. Turn right and
open Closet. Look down and pick up Green Gel Pack from floor.
     10.  Turn  around  (right)  and  return  to  Elevator Well. Enter
Elevator  and  Go  Down.  When  Elevator  stops,  go  down again. Exit
     11.  Go  through  Right door. Ready Stunner. Use Blue Key Card on
wall  panel. Enter Doctor's Office and pick up 3 Polywater Keys. Leave
Doctor's  Office  via  opposite  door  and  walk into the Battery Room
(through open doorway).
     12. Use Screwdriver on Wall Box. Get Red Gel Pack. Mutant nearby.
Shoot twice to stun and walk straight to the next room.
     13. This is the Main Power Core room. Mutant will follow you, but
cannot  walk  further into the room. Walk around and bump into several
of  the  controls  until  you find one with green markings that opens.
Insert  all  three  Gel  Packs (red, purple and green). Return to near
mutant  and  bump into the box near the door. (A comment is made about
the  government that I couldn't hear over the moanings of the mutant.)
Power Core is now Active.

Moving Deepcore off the rock
     1.  Push  button  on  right  to turn off the energy fields in the
doorway.  Walk  through, turn around and push the button again to turn
it  back  on.  Proceed  back to the Elevator Well. Go up once to Level
     2.  From  Elevator  Well, walk through the first Food Pantry, the
Galley  and  the Mess Hall. Take the right-hand door into the hallway.
Walk all the way to the end of the hall and through it.
     3.  Enter  the  first  left  door  into  Maintenance  Room B. Use
screwdriver on wall box and get the Yellow Gel Pack. Leave Maintenance
Room B.
     4.  Proceed  straight ahead through two living quarters. Pause at
the pool and arm the Stunner. Open the door, stun the Mutant, grab the
Red Key Card and leave quickly.
     5. Walk through the next room (ignoring the pool for now) and the
next. Turn left and enter the door to the hallway.
     6.  Make  the first right. Insert the Red Key Card into the panel
and enter the Command center.
     7.  Walk  to  the far right to pick up the Metal Deck Plate. Turn
around  and  enter  the  Elevator.  Go  up  to Level 3 just beyond the
     8.  Pick up the two Metal Deck Plates. Look down at the floor and
use  all  three  Metal  Deck Plates to cover the electric sparks. Walk
across the plates.
     9.   Enter   the  far  door  and  the  first  door  on  the  left
(Communications  Lab). Jump onto the table and get the NTI Translator.
Approach the floating form to use the translator. Leave this room.
     10.  Walk  straight through the next room and into the next. Pick
up  the Air Tank. Continue out and ready the Stunner. Quickly stun the
approaching  Mutant,  jump  onto the chest to get the Ignition Key and
     11.  Return  through  the  next two rooms, taking a left into the
hallway and get on the Elevator. Go down into the Command center.
     12.  Use  the  Ignition Key in the Ignition console. Deepcore has
been moved off of the rock.

Leaving Deepcore
     1.  From  the  Command  Center,  head  to the main Elevator shaft
(right  -  straight left and all the way to the end). Go down to Level
1. Turn left and enter that door.
     2.  Go  to  the  Research  Lab  is located at the end of the long
tunnel.  Save  your  game  before  entering  here. Your stunner has no
effect on the two meanies inside, so put it away. Make sure you have a
full  health meter and get ready to run! Your objective is to get both
of  the  mutants to follow you into the Containment Room and then trap
them there. Then you can concentrate on the other parts of the room.
     3.  Run  directly  toward  the  green  button to the right of the
Containment Room and turn it to red (off).
     4. Zigzag around so that they both are following you and run into
the  Containment  Room,  jumping  up onto the countertop. When both of
them are hovering at your heels, dart to the entry, turn and press the
button  to green! (Note: Trapping them inside took me at least a dozen
times!  If  any  part  of their bodies gets through before you hit the
button,  they  can  get  free. Keep trying and you will eventually get
     5.  Once they are trapped, notice the square red blocks on one of
the  curved walls. From left to right turn each one green, leaving the
third one red. Jump up and get the Helmet from the box.
     6. Jump up beside the box (behind the chair) and get the Blue Gel
Pack. Leave!
     7.  Return  to  the  Elevator and go up to Level 2. Return to the
Locker  Room  (the  door immediately next to the Decompression Chamber
door). Get the Fluid Breathing Suit.
     8.  Go  back  into  the hall and return to the Pool in the Living
     9.  Stand  beside  the  pool  facing  the  door through which you
entered the room. Step in the water.
     10.Press  the  Z  key to sink down. Swim forward through the next
room  and  into  the  far  room  (with  the porthole window). Find the
Multicharger in this room. Quickly leave the way you came, finding the
pool  again.  Use  the  /  or  A  key to rise and get out of the water
(before you run out of air.)
     11.Go  back to the Moonpool. Jump In. (You will automatically use
the suit.)

     This  is  a  difficult  section to describe. The pathways are all
curved  with  very few (if any) right angles. Thus, an intersection is
one  where  you  must  make  a decision to go left, right or straight.
(Using the maps is essential here.)

     Mutants  are  wandering  around all over the Ark - both human and
alien.  You  may be able to avoid some of the human mutants by staying
away  from their rooms or running away from them. You must handle some
alien  robots  to  finish this section. They can be killed with 1 shot
from  the  Level  2 Stunner, 2 shots from your Level 1 Stunner. It may
take  more  than  2  shots  to  stun the other mutants and there are a
couple of "boss mutants" running around that cannot be stunned at all.

     The  Upper  Level  of  the NTI Ark is divided into 8 Sectors. The
Spires  and  some  side  rooms  encompass  4  of those Sectors. Living
quarters and auxiliary rooms comprise the other four.

Getting up inside the Ark
     1. Look up. Notice a boxy platform juts out from the main column.
You need to get up there.
     2.  Find  the bright blue button on the rounded wall and push it.
Push  away  from the wall and swim up and to the right. Get inside the
the  square tube platform before the water recedes. (This might take a
couple of tries because swimming is awkward.)
     3.  Walk  through  the  water  door and straight through the next
large room to the next water door.

Turning on Spire Laser 1
     1.  At  the  first  intersection,  take a left. At the first left
door,  turn  off  the energy field (yellow switch beside the door) and
enter.  Hop  up  onto  the  right shelves and get the Level 2 Stunner.
Leave the room and go back to the right (where you came from).
     2.  Go  left at the intersection (the sensor lights and sounds to
let  you  know  life is nearby). Enter the door on your right and walk
directly across the Bar and through the door behind the woman mutant.
     3.  Turn  left.  Walk while hugging the right wall and follow the
walls  around  to the right until you reach a door with a green energy
field.  Walk  through  the  door.  Press  the blue button on the wall.
(Message  will  advise  you  have  entered  Sector 8. Notice the green
energy field has switched sides.) Walk through the door with the green
field into Sector 8.
     4.  Turn  right  and  take  the door to the right of the dividing
wall.  You  enter a room with triangle shaped floor tiles in different
colors. Press the correct tiles to remove the blue energy field at the
door.  In this case, turn all of the tiles Blue. When you first enter,
step  on  the  middle  triangle  once; then the left triangle once and
finally the right triangle once (without walking over any of the other
tiles).  A hidden corridor opens behind you (to the left of the door).
Without  stepping  on  any  of  the  musical  tiles, follow the secret
corridor  to  a  window with a gizmo in front of it. Operate the gizmo
(spacebar).  Spire  Laser  1  is  Online  - and you have increased the
Jumpgate Power by 25%.
     5.  To  leave  the  laser room, press the spacebar again and turn
around to see the blue energy field is gone for a moment. Walk through
the doorway while the field is off. Leave the musical tile room.
     6.  Walk  straight ahead to reach a blue column (like the one you
used at the beginning). Walk around it and keep walking until you come
to  2  corridors. Follow one of the corridors to an open "observation"
room. Look on the wall to the left for the Adaptable Power Supply. You
can recharge your stunners here, if needed. (Note: All 4 of the Spires
have this room and an Adaptable Power Supply in each.)

Finding part 1 of the Mutagen Cure
     1. Find the center post again (the one with the blue button). Try
to enter the panel with the hole in it. If it will not open, press the
blue button. Enter the panel with the hole and drop down. Exit through
the door.
     2. Look up above you to see the upper pathway. Follow it straight
forward until you come to another water door and enter there. Push the
wall button. You have entered the Main Power Core of the NTI Ark.
     3.  Walk to the center of the area to the Main Power Core. Unlock
each of the side rooms that have energy field locks. In one of them is
Part 1 of the Mutagen Cure. Pick it up.
     4. There is nothing more to do in this section and the side rooms
are hazardous to your health! Leave the way you came in.
     5.  Walk  through  the  rocks  and  seaweed to the water door you
entered.  While  facing  inward,  jump up to get out and exit the blue

Turning on Spire Laser 2
     1. Make your way back to Sector 1, following the map. Find a room
you  recognize  (the Bar or Mess Hall) and go through the area, ending
at  the  Airlock passage between Sector 1 and 2 at the entrance of the
     2. In the Theater turn right and find the other doorway (with red
button next to it) and go through it. Hug the left wall and go through
the door at the end. Take a left and enter the next end door.
     3. Stop and notice the floor tiles. Left is gray; middle is green
and  right  is brown. Step on the left one once - turns it green. Step
on  the  right one once - turns it green. Step on the center on and it
turns  gray  --  and the energy field inside the door turns off (for a
moment)! Walk through the door. (Repeat the process of stepping on the
center  one  again and again if you miss the first opportunity through
the door. No need to step on the others.)
     4.  Activate  the laser. Spire Laser 2 is Online - Jumpgate Power
is increased by 25%.
     5.  To  leave  the  laser room, press the spacebar again and turn
around to see the blue energy field is gone for a moment. Walk through
the doorway while the field is off. Leave the musical tile room.

Turning on Spire Laser 3
     1.  Take  the  first  door  on the left. Go forward and enter the
first door on the right. Listen to what the alien has to say. (Press P
to  listen  to it again.) From the little I could understand, it tried
to  communicate  something  about  a "Caretaker" being Guardian of the
Station of Europa and the Caretaker will tell you what to do.
     2. Move on through the next room and through the Airlock to 
Sector 3.
     3.  Bear  right and around until you come to a doorway. Save your
game!  Run straight through the first room and into the next where you
will  have  your first encounter with the Alien Robots here. In one of
the  rooms  there are at least 2 guarding a golden globe on the floor.
You need to get the Memory Orb before you run for it. Aim a bit higher
than normal to shoot the Robots. (Finally something you can shoot that
will stay dead!)
     4.  Run  through the next room and into the passage that leads to
the Airlock hall. Go into Sector 4.
     5. Walk straight through the Observation Room and pass the little
water  cubicles,  which  should be on your right. Take a left into the
room with the musical tiles.
     6.  This particular one seemed a bit more difficult than the rest
...  at  first  glance, that is. As usual they were set at Grey, Green
and Brown. Try pausing immediately when you first step inside (without
stepping  on  any of the tiles) and turning to your right. I found the
hallway  already open in 2 out of 3 instances .. and the tiles already
set to Gray, Gray and Green.
     7.  Walk  down  the  hall and activate the laser as before. Spire
Laser  3  is Online - Jumpgate Power is increased by 25%. (Only 1 more
to go.) Leave in the usual way.

Turning on Spire Laser 4
     1.  Travel left and through the large Observation Room and to the
Airlock. Push the button and go into Sector 5.
     2.  Bear  left and walk along that passage. Remember the location
of  that  large  flower-paneled  wall  for  later. For now, move on to
finding  Laser  #4.  Turn  around  and  bear left. Keep going straight
ahead, taking no turns and walking through any door in your path until
you come to the Airlock hall to Sector 6.
     3.  Once  in  Sector  6,  take a left and enter the room with the
musical  tiles.  This one was easy. Turn all of them midnight blue and
walk down the corridor.
     4. Operate the laser. Spire Laser 4 is Online - Jumpgate Power is
increased by 25%. (It should be 100% online now.)

Leaving the NTI Ark in the jumpship
     1.  Return  to  the  flower-paneled  wall in Sector 5. Walk right
through  it! It's a secret passage! Ready your laser and position it a
bit  high.  A  good number of Robots are protecting the jumpship. When
you come to an intersection, turn right.
     2.  You  come  to  a  big  room which should look familiar. It is
another  Jumpship  Docking  Bay like the one where you started. Beside
the  door  is a button and you can hear a humming sound. A force field
is making that hum. Turn it off by pressing the button.
     3.  Walk  in  the  door  and  jump to the next higher level. Walk
straight  through the doors and on until you reach a dark room. Notice
that  4  lights  are shining around the room, representing the 4 Spire
Lasers  that  are  online. (Had you found this earlier and before they
had been activated, you would have noticed the difference now. You can
easily  jump  up  to  leave  if  you  find  that  you  have  forgotten
something.) Get up close to the keyboard and press the spacebar.

     If  you  are  referring  to  the map of Europa Station (which you
should  be!)  your  Jumpship arrives in the northern-most bay (the one
pointing toward Command). The corridors on Europa Station are narrower
than  on  the NTI Ark. Even though your stunners still do a decent job
in  eliminating  the  Robots  (and there are loads of them), there are
several  "Boss Mutants" who need to be dealt with. There are no places
to  recharge  your  stunners  here,  but I'll tell you where to find a
Containment  Field Projector which will "contain" the mutants that you
cannot  kill. Use it sparingly. I saved it for only the "Boss Mutants"
that I could not avoid.

     You  will  recognize  the  regular  water  doors,  the doors that
require a Polywater Key to enter and the Airlock doors with their wavy
green  fields  (there  are hundreds of them). You know that you always
need  to  press  the  blue button in an Airlock hall to go through the
other door, so I won't tell you each time.

Using the Memory Orb
     1.  Turn  around  and walk to the far wall. Jump up to get out of
the ship and walk through the Airlock until you are facing a big patch
of  seaweed. Ahh!! Turn right and go through the first airlock door to
your left. Walk left and through the next airlock, continuing straight
to  a  door  where  you  must  insert  a Polywater Key. You have found
Command.  Walk  around  either  side of the dividing wall and find the
golden Memory Orb and pick it up. Leave Command.
     2.  Go  through  the airlock and straight, hugging the left wall.
Take the first right turn and turn right (ignoring the water door) and
follow the passage until you find a left turn.
     3.  Take  that  left  turn and go through the water door into the
Comm.  Lab.  Here you see a bunch of Memory Orbs. Walk around the room
and notice where the humming noise gets loudest. When you are facing a
machine  that  looks like a monitor on tentacled legs, select a Memory
Orb  from  inventory and press the spacebar. Pick up all of the Memory
Orbs  in the room and play each one. (To hear the message again, press
the  P  key.  The  ;  and  , keys scroll through the list.) Before you
leave, walk up to the machine that looks most like a Jukebox and press
the space bar. Turning on this NTI Transceiver should make is possible
for your spouse to contact you.

Finding the Containment Field Projector
     1.  Leave  the  Comm  Lab  and take a left turn. Turn at the next
possible  right and go through the Airlock. The room at the end of the
hall  has  storage  containers  that  hold  more  Polywater Keys. (The
containers  look  like  fat  genies!)  Leave  and  go back through the
Airlock.  Turn  right.  At the next intersection, turn left. Then take
the 2nd right turn.
     2. The room is empty but you can hear a humming sound. There is a
Secret  Passage  here!  Find  the  wall that looks off-color and a bit
shaded.  The  wall  is  directly  opposite  the door you entered. Walk
through the wall and down the long passageway to a round room.
     3.  At  the  end  of  the  next corridor is the Containment Field
Projector -- plus your first victim. Pick up the weapon, SELECT IT and
shoot  the  Mutant  if  you  can't  avoid  him. (It's just a temporary
holding tank, but it'll get him stopped in his tracks.)

Finding part 2 of the Mutagen Cure
     1.  Leave the Secret Passage to the main corridor. Turn right and
keep  going  straight  and  go through the first Airlock door you will
find on your left.
     2.  Once  on  the  other side of the Airlock, turn right and then
right  again  and  through another Airlock door that is protected by a
Robot.  Walk down this very long, sweeping corridor and take the first
left Airlock door.
     3.  Turn  left,  then  right  and insert a Polywater Key to enter
Biological  Sample  Storage.  Find  Part  2 of the Mutagen Cure on the
floor behind the counter.

Finding part 3 of the Mutagen Cure
     1.  Leave  the Biological Sample Storage room and take a left and
then  a  right  to lead to the Airlock door. Once on the other side of
the Airlock door, turn left and walk directly to another airlock door,
which  you  should  go through. Then walk along that corridor, bearing
left  at  the  next  intersection and walk through the water door. You
have  entered  the  Engineering  Dept.  of  a Minisub Bay. (If you are
looking at the map, it is the Minisub Bay at the top left.)
     2.  Walk straight into this room (avoiding the Boss Mutant if you
can).  Find  a square hole in the floor and drop into it. (You'll need
to  jump  up  onto the rim and then drop down into it.) Drop down once
more  and  enter  the  Airlock.  Activate  the  button and ride in the
Minisub. You have arrived in Cavern 1.

     Note:  The  Minisubs  are  preprogrammed  to take you to the four
caverns  in  sequential order, so it does not matter which Minisub you
travel  in first - you will always start in Cavern 1. The Minisub will
continue  to recharge while you search for the one item available from
this  cavern.  Once  you  have the one item, the Minisub will take you
back  -- and cannot be used again. Get in another Minisub to go to the
next cavern.

Cavern 1
     1.  There are 2 exits. (The left passage is a dead end, but has a
clump  of healthy first aid sod.) While facing the Minisub, turn right
and  take  that  passage.  Follow  it  along until you reach a pool of
water. Jump in.
     2.  This  underwater  passage will fork. Look for a right passage
(it  is  hard  to see) which winds around to the right to a pool above
you  where you can exit. (If you take the left one by mistake, it will
also  lead  to  a  pool.  That  path  leads  to  a large room with two
adjoining passages. There is a first aid rock in one of the rooms, and
a winged mutant wanders around here, but nothing else.)
     3.  Once  out  of  the  water,  walk straight ahead. It is almost
impossible  to  avoid  the  one  item  you need - a Metal Plank. After
picking it up, leave.
     4.  To get back to the Minisub, go to the pool and jump in. While
swimming  take  the left passage to the exit hole. The path from there
leads to the Minisub, which will take you back to the Station. Jump up
twice to get back to the Engineering Dept. of this Minisub Bay.
     5. Turn and walk around the box to the right, walking forward and
out  the  far  exit. (A point of reference can be the observation room
entrances  should  be  on the left of the Minisub bay.) Turn left, and
take  the  second  left  (the  first  left is probably the entrance to
another  Jumpship.  It is guarded by a Robot). Go through a water door
into  another  Engineering Dept. for a Minisub Bay (bottom left on the
map).  Be  ready  -  this  Bay  is  protected by a group of Robots and
several  other  pesky mutants. Find the square hole in the floor. Jump
in and down to activate the button and travel to Cavern 2.

Cavern 2
     1.  Turn  completely  around  so  that the Minisub is behind you.
There  are six separate passages to choose from. Walk toward the right
and  take  the  first  right passage. Make your way through the narrow
corridors  until you come to a low, rectangle opening. Press the Z key
to  crouch  down  and carefully walk forward. A message on your screen
advises  that you need to put something across the "Unjumpable Chasm".
Get  close  to  the edge on the right side. Select the Metal Plank and
press the spacebar. Walk across the plank to the other side.
     2.  Continue forward, bearing right until you find a boiling pool
of water with stepping stones. Jumping across these stepping stones is
tricky.  With  each  successful  leap,  SAVE.  It  helps  to look down
(PageDown  key) to make sure you are standing on the very edge of each
stone  before  you jump. You will be doing a zigzag pattern across the
pool. (Sorry - it was too difficult to map.)
     3.  After  you are across, follow the passageway to a room with a
colorful  machine  and  a  winged  mutant. Take the other door out and
follow  that  corridor to a murky pond with something in mid-air above
it. Walk into the pond and get the Sludge.
     4.  You  must  now go back the way you came - stepping stones and
all!  Once  you  are  back  at  the Minisub, you can explore the other
caverns  if  you wish. You have the item you came for so you can leave
in  the Minisub when you want to. Jump up twice again to get back into
the Engineering Dept.
     5.  Find  the entrances to the observation rooms and keep them on
your  left so you exit in the proper place. Stay hugging the left wall
and  keep  going  straight until you reach a water door. Go inside the
third  Engineering  Department  (bottom right on the map) and find the
square hole. Jump in, press the button and travel to Cavern 3.

Cavern 3
     1. This cavern is so easy -- a welcome relief from the one before
it!  See  the rock that is blocking the entry to the only passage. Use
the  Sludge  on the rock to "make it slippery" and it rolls out of the
way.  Travel  down  the  path  to  the end. Pick up the Stalactite and
return the way you came!
     2.  Once back in Engineering, find the proper exit by keeping the
entries  to  the  observation  rooms  on  your left once again. In the
hallway, hug the left wall and take the second passage left (through a
water   door).  You  should  have  arrived  in  the  last  Engineering
Department  (top  right on the map). The Minisub here will take you to
the last cavern - Cavern 4.

Cavern 4
     1.  There  are  two  exits  from  the  Minisub location. Find the
running water and jump into it. Travel to the end and be ready to jump
at  the waterfall. Once you are on the step-bridge, jump and walk over
to  the  other  side. Walk through the exit on the other side and take
the right fork at the first intersection. There will be an opportunity
to  turn left -- do so. At the end of the passage, pick up the Thermal
     2.  Leave  and bear to the left as you walk. When you come to the
end  of  the  passage  and  are  facing a big, black empty space, walk
straight  into  it.  You  have a slight fall down to where the Minisub
     3. Turn right and walk past the river and all the way to the end.
Go in the entryway on the right. While travelling, keep to the right.
     4.  You  come upon a large room which has an exit on the opposite
side.  Walking  in  this  narrow  passage, follow the right path again
until  you find a pool of water. Jump into it. (Note: The water may be
too hot to enter. Go get the Thermal Lichen. See #1 above.)
     5. The swim underwater seems a bit longer than normal. You should
go  right  when you see an opportunity. Find the exit waterhole and go
up.  Follow the path in front of you to another big room. This one has
pillars of various heights which form steps to the higher level.
     6. Jump up on the stepping stones and over to the other side. You
come  to a large room which appears to be a dead end. Find a wall that
looks  different  than the rest. Use the Stalactite on the wall and go
get Part 3 of the Mutagen Cure.
     7.  Leave and return the way you came to Minisub. Get on and jump
up to the Engineering room.

     You are ready to combine the ingredients of the cure. To do that,
go  to  the  Science  Lab.  If  you  are looking at the map, your last
Minisub trip was on the one from the top right Bay. I found it easiest
to go through the bottom right Bay and then to the Science Lab.

     1. With the entrances to the observation rooms on your right this
time,  find  the water door exit. Once out, hug the right wall. Do not
turn  at  the first right. Instead follow the hallway to the right and
into  another water door. Enter this Engineering room and walk all the
way through it (almost straight) and out the far water door.
     2.  Bearing right again, walk past the first left door. Turn left
and  enter the Airlock door there. Keeping basically straight, make no
turns until you find another Airlock door. Go through it. On the other
side  you  will  want  to take the very first right turn. This pathway
leads  to  the Science Lab where you must use another Polywater Key to
     3.  Walk to the left side of the room to the machine on the wall.
This  is  the NTI Cure Making Machine. Select each part of the Mutagen
Cure from inventory and press the spacebar to insert each one into the
machine. A "thank you" is all you receive in return.
     4. Understanding the aliens has never been easy, but this time it
seemed  it  said  something about needing to terraform the planet. The
planet  cannot  be terraformed while Europa Station is on its surface.
You  must  launch  Europa Station, which must be done from the Command
     5.  Exit  the  Science Lab and take a right. Take the 2nd Airlock
door  you  come to (it's is directly in front of you), then follow the
left  passage.  Hug  the left wall and keep walking straight making no
turns until you are faced with another Airlock door. Once on the other
side  of  it, keep walking straight, ignoring all turns until you come
again  to  an  Airlock  door.  Go  through it, follow the left path to
another  Airlock  door.  You  should  hear  the humming of the Command
center as soon as the airlock cycles.
     6.  Walk  to  the  other side of the dividing wall and behind the
counter  where  the  Memory  Orb once stood. Activate the Power Switch
(left  mechanism  with  red  star-like  design).  Activate  the Launch
Sequence (right mechanism with the yellow circle pattern).

The end

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